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Trump to Divert Up to $385 Million From Crucial Health Programs To Pay for 'Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse'


Trump to Divert Up to $385 Million From Crucial Health Programs To Pay for 'Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Alzheimer's patients, lower-income preschool children, and HIV and cancer patients are among the Americans whose needs may go unmet so that the Trump administration can afford to detain thousands of migrant children.

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Americans will turn into yellow vests as the austerity screw tightens. No one knows when that point suddenly occurs.


The sooner the better.


Take the money from the fu<king military budget; and, tell the Pentagon it’s just another minuscule sum that they don’t need to bother to track.


The prison industry is controlled by the same folks, US mercenaries/veterans, private contractors that murdered and raped while they ran the torture camps in the Middle East for the last 20 years and overbilled the US billions of dollars and stole even more.
Bear in mind that the US has ended doing background checks for US vets/mercenaries hired to work at these Gulags and as professionals sadist, they really like what they do.
If they weren’t hurting people in the Gulags they would be trolling our streets as racist serial killers cops in uniform and rapist!
The chickens have come home to roost as cops, ICE and guards in the ever-expanding US Gulag industry.


The United States of America spends hundreds of millions of dollars destabilizing Nation States in Latin America so as to ensure Governments there do as the US dictates. When a Goverrnmnet in Latin America introduces social programs to help alleviate poverty, the USA will sponosr a coup because the USA feels those monies spent on the poor somehow belong to the United Fruis Comapnies of the World or the Exxons.

The USA openly states it going to destabilize Countries that do not play along so as cause unrest knowing full well this fuels a refugee crisis. They then have the gall to set up internment camps along their border citing that same refugee crisis THEY helped to create as the reason for it.

No one on this globe in the history of the planet is THIS stupid so the ONLY reason one can come up with to explain this stupid and idiotic policy is…“Someone is Profiting off this”.


Actually he’s taking money from the military, too


Somehow the term incompetent boob comes to mind but that would apply to almost all the appointees of this fake administration.

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Hey. This is the essence of the USA since day one. Genocide, xenophobia, racism, militarism. Now that there is no major war abroad the anger and destruction stays here and is turned inward, and our lives are surrounded/permeated with violence, and this nation as is is set to self destruct. Martin Luther King Jr for one nailed it when speaking of the USA being the greatest purveyor of war. These evils have always been there, but now with Trump it is thrown ‘proudly’ in your face. Sometimes tongue in cheek I thank Trump for stirring the silent masses out of their apathy to fight these evils. It is truly a biblical struggle of good versus evil. I am not saying there have not been good people fighting good causes all along. But now it has become more important than ever to clean out the barn, rid the country of the vermin. Starting with monied interests that power the corruption. Starting with equality for all. Starting with saving and respecting the environment, our Earth, which is key to all life.


The best idea so far!

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Here in Vermont I am working on getting the PNHP, nurses and the League of Women Voters to reach out to low income folks–they typically don’t vote.


Despicable. As usual.


I am ashamed to be an American when the polls show that this hideous barbaric buffoon has a 46 percent favorable rating with voters.

Finally it is revealed; America, especially Evangelicals are a bunch of heartless imbeciles from sea to shining sea.


Also the Bible, Trumpers and their fellow Christian, fascists that call themselves " EVANGELICALS" are in my view, the epitome of hypocrisy! Trump lies; Trump has sex with porno-stars; Trump commits adultery and cheats on his wives; Trump makes all kinds of corrupt, business deals: Trump is anti-christian in soooo many ways, yet not a peep from any of the Evangelical hierarchy that call themselves " CHRISTIANS".


They have a legal scam going, and the MIC lobbyists have a lot of cover, including laws and budgets.


Trump is begging Congress to Impeach him.

Just Do It.


Evangelicals trade abortion for a president that has and is, breaking more than half of the “Ten Commandments.” The republican pretend Christians pull this crap like clockwork. Hypocrisy, I’m sure, to the limit.


More than heartless they are criminals who are fostering rape of children. AS long as they get their profits from wall street they seem content.

Evangelicals be they just ordinary christian or catholics is a different name for hypocrite of the first order.

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I think that’s right. And any honorable follower of the King James bible has to either sell their soul to hypocrisy, or stop voting for sinners.

Catholics do what they want and get forgiven at the end of the month.

Which edict will you be following when your first space ship lands in your front yard?


Leave with the Aliens.

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