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Trump to Divert Up to $385 Million From Crucial Health Programs To Pay for 'Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse'


How do you find the energy and strength to do that? Here in this little town, people are so indifferent that I can’t conjure up the strength. I was never Herculean.


Do not underestimate them thar evangelical catholics. They are quite organized. My sister is the example for me.


These decisions about where tax dollars will go are made by Congress
and its the President’s job to ensure that the laws are carried out faithfully -
in the spirit and intent intended by Congress –

Where is this power coming from to change Congress’s decisions?


Mary –

While I would never underestimate the power of organized patriarchal religions
to confuse the public –

Eventually, the Evangelicals seem to be serving as a “front” in the GOP to cover up
what is actually an Elite agenda …

For instance, Evangelicals are being put forth by the press/GOP as the “moral” force
behind the attacks on Roe. But the reality is that no one has a greater interest and
profit motive than ELITES have in overpopulation, ending birth control and abortion –
i.e., overpopulation equals cheap labor and higher profits for them.

Also consider that originally Evangelicals did NOT agree that life begins at conception.

NOR did they agree with the GOP attempts to deny women therapeutic abortions when
a pregnancy endangered their lives, health or future fertility.

Two other points –

MOST religions support reproductive freedom – and Catholic women and families do as
well here and internationally. Catholic women have just as many abortions as any other women.
Even simple CHOICE – abortion for any reason – has now passed 50%. When Latinas are
included the percentages are even higher.

Additionally, there is also the GOP effort to attack abortion/birth control as a “moral” issue.
But neither the GOP, Trump or the right wing have any morals.

In the end overturning Roe is about Elites – cheap labor – higher profits.

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Also keep in mind that the hypocrisy extends to kind of destroying their own lives –
50% of the religiously fanatical seem addicted to pornography.


Once Upon a Time Congress allocated funding for government programs. But that is all changed. That responsibility Now lies with the president. This is not written into the Constitution, but it is fact.


Goodness, it’s been a lifetime ago that I last heard that. Enjoyed it.


Rock and roll is king, but I could listen to stuff all day long and love it.
Thanks from the tin foil hat club.

Sounds like a Merle Haggard song would sound.


All of that bare leg stuff on Fox?

And sadly, MSNBC women are all being made up like China dolls.

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Our all too political pastor fell to porn after his wife got knocked up by someone.
I left shortly after it was found out, but not before he moved on. Sad

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Happily, I don’t watch Fox and depend upon the outrage of viewers who report
to the rest of us what’s happening –

There is a kind of power that women do have over males – Rump being one example
of being (as he has self-confessed) “out of control” around beautiful women.

But I think too many female actors are losing – not gaining – power by over-exposing
their bodies.


On a once in a while basis I flip on Fox for less than a half a minute. That’s all I can stomach.


gand – Exactly the way I feel – my brain just says puke or run –


I long for the days of Geraldo (safe cracker) Rivera.


… but didn’t Rivera change sides?

I’m coming to love the SPOTLIGHT quote by Robby and others on the team …



Gandolf Without the music of folk, gospel, motown, funk, soul, blues, jazz, there would be No R&R. John Prine has been around since the 60s and has a big following. Other’s have recorded his songs.


We have home grown folk music here and I have to get back into enjoying the live local performances. I was just now listening to your JP post and kept on going. Up to Bonnie Raitt. Thanks again, and yes it all fits together.

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