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Trump to Eliminate NASA Climate Research, Deems It 'Politicized Science'


Trump to Eliminate NASA Climate Research, Deems It 'Politicized Science'

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump plans to entirely eliminate all climate research at NASA, a move that climate scientists warn will send us back to the "dark ages." Trump instead plans to devote more funds toward exploring deep space.

Trump's proposal is "a shockingly stupid move that would deal a very severe blow to global research on environmental change across the world."
—Bob Ward, London School of Economics and Political Science


At least we can find a new planet to move to after this one is totally destroyed.


Reading other sites include "qualifiers" in their articles about this subject; the cuts would be shifted to "other agencies"......comment that is not included in this article....unless I missed it.
(Not a D or R voter for decades)


Gaven Schmitt, head of GISS and a very smart guy when it comes to atmospheric physics and mathematical analysis (RealClimate.org) seems to be in some kind of stupid denial about the budget process. If the global warming-denying politicians zero his agency out in the next budget, his agency goes.

The GISS's GISTEMP data-sets is one of only three sets of worldwide three temperature data, the other being NOAA's, MLOST and the UK's HadCRUT. But this is not actually redundancy, since all three interpolate and correct the station data in different ways making the data taken together much more robust. Presumably MLOST will be cut too (not necessary for weather forecasting) and when the lunatic fascists take over the UK too, HadCRUT will go.

This is kind of like a politician canceling the near-earth object program because they just discovered a decades-away asteroid impact threat, but the action required to address the threat (continent-scale evacuations etc..), would be bad for capitalism.


Appalling and this is just the beginning of anti-environmental policies that will come from this bunch of right-wing assholes. The oil companies will be delighted with their new stooge in the White House. So, Trump wants to concentrate on "deep space exploration"? The Orange Anus is probably dreaming of seeing his name in yuuge gold letters at the entrance to a luxury resort for the elites on Mars. Elon Musk will help get them there in his private rockets. It looks to me as if the premise of the movie "Equilibrium" just became more believable.
"Politicized science" will be the buzzword phrase for any science this colossal piece of shit thinks will stand in the way of his "Make America Great Again" bullshit.
BTW, the Nazis (whose leader, Hitler, is some kind of role model to Trump who apparently had a book of his writings on his bed table) referred to some of the work done by the scientists of that time, including Einstein, as "Jewish science". Einstein and his wife fled Germany in 1933 along with many writers, scientists and artists because they were rightly afraid of the possible repression and imprisonment by the Fascists. Just what kind of American fascism are we seeing develop under this appalling new "president".


OK, but what "other agencies" do you envision Trump diverting the funds to? I would bet that none of that money will go to other people who study climate science. Why would Trumpo the Klown do that - he has stated that he doesn't even believe in global warming and thinks it is a Chinese hoax!


All the world wide, climate, scientists with impeccable credentials, are just alarmists and politicizing the science?

I agree with Bob Ward: " A SHOCKINGLY STUPID MOVE!


Its a total facepalm day reading common dreams today...
Stoopid is looking like the norm as regards Twumpie and the worst of the worst repubs taking power.
Holy crap.


IF we had a government that was acting on this research, this would be a catastrophe. Make no mistake--it's still pretty bad, but it's not as if other countries can't pick up the slack. Every climatologist in the world is working this issue pretty much around the clock. It doesn't have to be an exclusively American project.
And space exploration is at least a decent consolation prize in the interim. I'm a huge NASA fan (at least in principle) and anything that strengthens that agency is usually a good thing.

It's a hugely stupid thing to do, but it's not a total disaster since all the data so far is being scrupulously ignored by most governments anyway.

And another thing: there's still the NOAA, which is, I think, still the heavy hitter on climate science in the US, although if I have that wrong, please correct.


It's mentioned in the article. Along with the claim that currently within NASA it is politisized and "politically correct environmentalism". Not much of a qualification.


When all the people are destroyed through climate change Trump will be on his own to get in his private jet and fly to another planet.


no offense, but Trudeau's coziness with the fossil fuel industry makes your comment about Trump sound like "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"

another comment from Canada from and Amerikan ex pat.


because that would be untrue. so I didn't say that.
there's a point where you should realize that many of us--especially in a place like this--flat out reject the terms of your (presumably) binary universe.

All that said, if you're a Democrat still trying to make sense of the world after Nov 8, I'll wish you luck on your blame hunt.

Edit: Nevermind, I got the Canada late. So, in short, you don't get any of this anyway.


Yay! CD niche lefty complaints about the DNC seem so worth voting third party over.


I don't know exactly how vital NASA is to the whole enterprise but from the comments of some scientists it sounds quite vital. Republicans like to create their own facts about the world but this is suicidal when the facts are about effects of the laws of chemistry and physics. Electing George W. Bush hindered efforts to address climate change. Trump appears to be bent on being even a greater obstacle. Both Bush and Trump won elections while losing the popular vote. Apparently the majority of Americans do not want these type of climate denying candidates but get stuck with them because the conservative rural states have so much clout in presidential elections. This plan of Trump's makes the oncoming global catastrophe more likely to occur and sooner than it would otherwise.


Taking a look at the earth sciences link today one of the first things you see is an article about satellite monitoring of fires impacting both Brazil and Ecuador in the Amazon region. There are aspects of capacity to make DIRECT observations of interlinked biomes that would otherwise be subject to a dearth of direct time analysis. One example is Brazilian and South American infrastructure development plans of IIRSA that are HUGE! The human rights and ecological analyses have been strengthened by real time satellite imaging.
"Privatization" places the means for these analyses in the hands of interests that have a history of subjecting science to precisely that. Thus no longer BASIC science, it is APPLIED science with an agenda already set and politicized by corporations. These in turn, lest we forget, are premised on maximization of "externalized costs".

The financial model is predatory starting with academia where research is OWNED by corporations because they have since the 70s been throwing their weight around to become the major funding sources and holders of most if not all 'intellectual property rights' derived from said research, while democratization of research for the public good has been atrophied in an ever tightening noose.

Consequences: 1) the nature of basic research becomes skewed; 2) access to KNOWLEDGE is curtailed; 3) real evolution of science, both basic and applied, is subjected to a system that since its inception has predetermined that its failings are to be automatically written into any potential advances.

Is it any wonder that this stunningly wasteful system of planned obsolescence, abstract "economics", so dysfunctional that it must crash every 4-7 years is so alarmist, dependent on such intensive militarism and constant grabbing and destruction? It is science as and conflated with militarized 'scorched earth' policy. But hey, you don't see what what taken, shelved and absorbed so its a 'painless' coup, isn't it? No - it is a feudal path.

If nothing else, Trump as the ordained oligarch's oligarch, surrounding himself with minions of the same will be functioning, wittingly or not, according the to exponential function; will downshift, pop the clutch and acceleration will happen so fast that time itself will take on new meaning as the failures in coherence rip through their own designs.

There is no violent way to resist such a set of circumstances. On the bright side, just as quickly people will be seeking immediate, local, community coherence - and human beings can, when we decide to, become equally stunningly gracious, creative, and above all coherent. Because we need each other and that knowledge comes out of direct felt experience.


Last I looked, America didn't have it's own unique climate in a sealed bubble. This isn't an American issue, it's one which impacts all of us across the globe, so how can you 'LOL' at what amounts to a step towards your own demise?


This is an infantile polemic, most people "believe" in global warming, and you can bet the rich and those in power even most of the "right"believe in it too. They get and stay rich by looking at facts and figures all day.
They know our goose is cooked and want to build a colony on mars, its not a secret, you can even apply to go test it out.
And you know, if you think about it...we dont actually need any more studies and data, it like looking at your bank account everyday and seeing your going broke. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
And thats what can never happen, becuase the "economy" would collapse.(please spare the lectures on how we can have a green economy) just think about how long and how much easier it would have been to eliminate povery homelessness or starvation, we cant even cooperate enough to feed people for godsakes, even though we have the food to do so.
So lets keep the "debate" about whether global warming exists or not going for as long as we can. To bad that doesnt work for the other maladies of civilzation.
Politics in not rocket science but it is a tad bit more clever than many people think.


Posted by the Next System Project
Gus Speth (of the NRDC) delivers the 2016 David Sive Annual Memorial Lecture at Columbia Law School


I read this first in The Guardian - and I post the link for referrence:

Exponential growth on a finite planet has limits, but if we go to space, capitalism can survive.

But do we want it to?

1) We should go to space for resources, solar power, exploration both academic and industrial. It is who we are, what we have always done.

But there is no need to use the current "economic" model, which is in any case not a true economy, but a racket for the accumulation of wealth by the few able to sell their souls for a bank account.

I think, and believe, that some form of Green Social Democracy is a better way forward.

This would probably entail de-constructing the capitalist model to a large extent, giving rights to the environment, and placing the human being's need for a decent job with a decent wage first - always and forever. Frankly, I can't understand why anyone would want a driverless car - driving is something I enjoy?? Whatever !

According to such thinking as "Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene", and the "Uncivilization" Project, our civilization is already dead.

It is hard to argue otherwise, I think.

And so, as nature does indeed abhor a vacuum, something has to come in to replace it.


I don't think anyone alive can realistically say, given the complexity.

But we can each do what we think necessary to enable survival.