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Trump to Erdogan: Congrats On Your Dictatorship!


Trump to Erdogan: Congrats On Your Dictatorship!

John Nichols

One of the greatest responsibilities of an American president is to encourage the development of democracy and the protection of basic liberties in countries with which the United States is allied. Presidents do not always live up to this responsibility, but few have failed so miserably as did Donald Trump with his response to a referendum result that leaders around the world recognize as a threat to Turkish democracy.


Everything that I have seen from Trump so far indicates that he supports autocratic government. What is most disturbing perhaps is that a significant percentage of Americans also seem to support this type of government. This suggests that many American have given up on democracy and feel that it has failed them. They don't seem to trust anyone in government except for Donald Trump of all people.


They trust Bernie. Another article shows miserable polling for Trumpians, while Bernie is way up there.