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Trump to Pick Conservative Talk Show Host for Top USDA Science Position


Trump to Pick Conservative Talk Show Host for Top USDA Science Position

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump is expected to pick Sam Clovis, a conservative talk show host who campaigned for Trump in Iowa, for the position of "chief scientist" as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), reported ProPublica and the Washington Post this weekend.


Satan works in mysterious ways.


The Insanity Of The Craziest President Of The United States Rises To A New All Time High.


Of course, the rest of fruitcake Repukes will go right along with it. I think its time for me to become an expat.


We'd do much better with a REAL Clovis man, even if little more than an atavistic twinkle contribution to the 'fake news' of archeological history, not quite so well documented as Clovis, the founder of the Merovingian dynasty of Frankish kings... at least we could say we put him behind us and moved on to repair REAL life.
So we're now looking at a model of the USDA as 'led' by a shock jock
And how might this contribute to strengthen the argument for impeachment proceedings?

Another Clovis arrangement as, strange, cartoon


This guy looks like he eats truckloads of Monsanto GMO corn and garbanzo beans. Not only is he ugly on the outside, with him ugly goes all the way to the bone. Yet another gimme (quid pro quo) anointee without credentials, experience, or ability to carry out the duties of the position...which is why DJT chose him. The emperor continues to cobble together the most unqualified, inexperienced, loathsome, and reprehensible group of sycophantic loyalists ever in the history of our nation. And we are paying a very dear price for his tyranny.


Clovis comes out of Iowa Congressman Steve King's district in NW Iowa. King didn't support Trump in the Iowa Caucus but, on many of the issues ( immigration, climate change, agri-chemical regs, food regulation, air and water quality regs, animal waste mgmt ), sounds like King. Climate denial is probably a red herring here; or, just red meat for the base.:wink:
This is an area of the country with lots cattle and hog operations, processing plants, etc. It is also Iowa's version of The Burnt Over Area; religious fervor abounds.
At the USDA Clovis will be working to roll back existing regulations on the books for Industrial Agri-Businesses and " the other white meat " hucksters of yore. BTW- Sam's zip code is EIEIO.
Clovis will help the likes of Monsanto, Bayer and push the agenda of The Heartland Institute and ALEC. The usual suspects in other words. Organic farmers, smaller producers of quality stuff, not so much. What a guy.


wonder who our Stergon General is going to be?


Guaranteed they will have Zero relatable experience and basically, another inept Zombie in it for the Money.

How are you supposed to kill a Zombie?

That's right. On all those Zombie shows, they say you have to shoot them in the brain.

Well, what if, they have no brain? Like most of Trump's Administration.

Man, what a freaking Horror Show.


And the clown act continues . . .


I reacted to this obviously very unhealthy [as kindly as I could put it] person representing US agriculture. Industrial agriculture is causing untold destruction world wide, destroying community, poisoning our land, sea, water and food.
La Via Campesina addresses this problem from the grass roots.



clever comment but an insult to fish


Thank you for the link!


Well kiddies, the insane clown-car circus continues!...And here, live and in person, introducing "Mr. pridefully-denying,anti-science, trash-talking, no doubt in my mind that climate science is junk"!...
But what in the south side of Holy or not Hell did you Trumpista's expect???? Noam Chomsky? Nah-you got a guy who looks like the second coming of Rush Limbaugh with a southern accent


So trump has just nominated Sam the Snowman for USDA's top science position. We are living in bizarro world.


Hey, he's from Iowa, where they grow all those potatoes, and he's obese, so he must know about food. In Trumpworld those are two critical scientific skills. In fact, Clovis is as qualified or more qualified for the job than any other Trump appointee. So where's the beef? Elect Bozo the Clown, get a long ride in a clown car. Beep beep!!


Clovis, a poster boy for gross obesity and hate speech...what a disgusting combo. How antithetical to the purpose of USDA and Science. Guess that is the caliber of lowlife that hangs around the DJT compounds wherever...and thus are readily available to answer the emperor's summoning. Speaking of obesity, DJT is ballooning into an ever larger pile of portliness.. Soon, they'll have to widen the seats and aisles on AF-One and kick off some passengers for weights and balances.


cro·ny·ism/ˈkrōnēˌizəm/. noun. the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications. The funny thing is that all i did was google the word and this definition came right up. So the best argument for this being illegal comes from: . If workplace favoritism is based on protected characteristics, then it is illegal discrimination. For example, if a manager promotes only men or gives the best assignments and shifts to employees who share his religious beliefs, that would be discrimination. http://www.employmentlawfirms.com/resources/employment/discrimination/laws-preventing-favoritism-in-the-workplace. All one would habe to do is interject or detract certain words. An example is if you take out the sexual element of sexual harassment, you're left with harassment. But overall apparently chronyism isn't necessarily illegal, oddly enough. But this chronyism through and through.