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Trump to Propose Massive Cuts to Safety Nets in 'Utter Betrayal' Budget


Trump to Propose Massive Cuts to Safety Nets in 'Utter Betrayal' Budget

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's first major budget proposal on Tuesday will include massive cuts to Medicaid and Social Security, among other safety net programs, according to new reports.


If they do this, then poor USAns should simply steal what they need - and have absolutely no moral qualms about doing it....


Republicans are not afraid of mr. t??? Of all the statements to issue from this group that has been in lock-step with those who believe the mass of USAns are blocks, stones, worse than wooden men, this statement takes precedence. Rubio and the rest can hardly wait to further sabotage us all.




It should be no surprise that NY Dem politics/politicians - the best money can buy - is Clinton Country and her sycophants in Congress - Schumer, Gillibrand, and Maloney et al, are Clinton's stooges (still!) have not supported universal non-profit health care, always giving one BS excuse after another - "I have issues/questions, etc" when asked why - the answer is they are dedicated to, and still selling themselves cheap, to vulture capitalist/corporate insurance "industry" thieves, for-profit health care/hospitals, and big-pharma! Big pharma gave Clinton more money by far than all other candidates in the recent obscenity - and her DINO lap-dogs still serve the red queen!

An "opposition" including Schumer, Gillibrand, Maloney, Cuomo, Booker, and all the other DINO sellout liars is no opposition at all! MoFo's all!


Off topic...but I was watching his speech from Saudi Arabia and he does have very SMALL hands!


How will his supporters find out about this before 2018. They listen to faux entertainment (Fox) and everything else is fake news?

We have to unleash our anger at corporate media and policies that give them the right to lie, ignore, simplistic uninformed new, no analysis, no bringing up tapes from the past to bring out the truth and shed light on the lies.

Getting money out of politics and changing the corporate ownership of our media.
With all the changes they have no obligations to work for we the people.

This capitalistic system is killing democracy and the people which isn't anything new but it is not a free market it is only free for the corporate shills to take all the hard earned freedoms, wages, rights of workers and they have more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$than they could spend in three generations.


You forgot Manchin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazil and of course Heidi and Caire who have fossil fuel jobs heavy in their district but Manchin has pharma in his family and coal in his state.

I can't go on, so sick of the DNC and the shills who rule the party thru monies received from corporate stakeholders who have no alliance to our nation or any nation.


" Always giving one BS excuse after another."

That is exactly their game! The corruption of the democratic party is that they have pretended to be the opposition party for far too long and are still getting away with being the bogus, opposition party.

Case in point: the DNC knew all along that they would not allow Bernie the nomination for POTUS, but pretended otherwise even though they already had selected HRC. The democratic con was the democratic convention which was just another dog and pony show by the fake opposition party for the gullible!


Show how the Trumpers would put every cent in their pocket legally or illegally while ignoring the sick, poor, old, or any life other than their own. What is the response>. Comments on the horrors of Clinton etc. Are these paid trolls? Are these mindless Trumpers? Are these youth with no clue maybe on drugs? What happened to honesty, ethics, compassion? How about some camps for the Trumpers for re-education?


Yup, all you poor, old and disabled people that voted for Trump because of your latent racial tendencies, enjoy. He's about to cut off the only access many of you have to medical care, food, and housing.
That pressure you're feeling in your anus right now? That's you being fucked by the guy you voted for.




To match his IQ.


Problem is even those who did NOT vote for the Vulgarian will pay the price too.


And a small dick i am sure he's trying to compensate for by acting macho, small brain, no real education. It is not hard to be a one track minded money worshiper and a crook when your daddy leaves you tons of money which snowballs by itself in a country like ours.


It is the end. Maybe the Trumpies will get out the guillotines! RIP - USA.


What's scary to me about this is that the Democrats will oppose most or all of it (no political risk for them in doing so) leaving the GOP to take the "middle ground" between Trump and the Democrats and look like the pragmatists who are able to make the tough decisions, when really they'll be getting exactly what they want.


I've washed my hands of both major parties on a national level, anyway. I rely on SS entirely and, at least for now, can live, pay my rent, my ISP.and a few books each month. A shift in any direction, politically, expenses rising, could prove devastating. If my memory serves me correctly, Trump said no cuts to SS, Medicare. Now with the GOP firmly in charge they want to screw all those that paid taxes into SS and Medicare and take it away. Every check I ever earned had FICA taken out, so what the f**k happened to the money? This is one inconvenient question never posed by those that administer the public trust. I suppose the wars that never end are so much more important than actually taking care of people and ensuring their welfare. Or perhaps a healthcare system that covers everybody, not just those that have good jobs or that can afford a decent policy. Yeah, I'm poor, old and disabled and I didn't vote for Trump or HRC for that matter.


I cannot believe that a sitting congressperson would support a lot of what this knife in the back of the Trump supporters is all about. The budget passed down by the president is considered a wish list, but if this is a wishlist our "socalled" president is certifiably off his meds. His wishlist says way too much about his priorities. Of course after his cabinet and department head nominations there can be no question of purpose.


Americans is stupid but we aren't maroons. At least I hope not.