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Trump to Seniors: Drop Dead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/22/trump-seniors-drop-dead


With respect, I disagree with the assessment that there is no plan and, therefore, there is all this death. My conclusion is rather that all this death is the plan and the policy, which is entirely consistent with all else that this administration imposes on the United States and the rest of the world as well–or rather almost all else. I keep forgetting they´re pro-life.


My father volunteered for the Army shortly after D-Day, when he came of age, right after his freshman year. He fought the Nazis in France, southern Germany, and Austria, where he waited with the rest of the 71st Infantry Division at the Elbe River to meet the Russians. He died in my arms some eighteen years ago and I miss him terribly. I will strangle the life out of any Nazi that comes through my path and threatens my country or die trying to honor him and Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty.


The handling of the pandemic in the US shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is no different from existing patterns of state neglect of the general population such as healthcare, education, housing, transportation, criminalization, forced militarization, etc. etc. Aside from the Trump administration, even local or state governments are miles away from the care shown by their counterparts in other nations. The pandemic has just been revelatory of the society we have.


After seeing how many seniors voted for Trump in 2016 I was npo longer astounded at the never ending success that snake oil salesmen enjoy.


It’s not drop dead to seniors, it’s actually drop dead to seniors and others without means.

Trump is a senior. McConnell is a senior. Pelosi is a senior. Feinstein is a senior. In fact, all mentioned are well into seniorhood. Long past time to put an age limit on the president and members of congress, especially members of congress–since they never seem to go away on their own accord…


I will happily lend you Mr. Cane to do the deed, after giving you basic instructions on how to use him effectively. First, go for the 'nads for maximum pain. Then the hyoid bone, so they gasp and try to scream. Instep, for more pain. I shall leave the rest to your imagination and creativity…


I stumbled upon this deep dive into neoliberal strategic thinking – especially these bizarre ideas about “herd immunity” which originated from fascist strongholds in UK. I went ahead and snagged the (brief, but dense) book, but I’ve just barely gotten started. There’s a possibility it might be too Michel Foucault for my tastes. So far Mitropoulos seems level-headed enough, taking in the opportunistic response of global capital to COVID from a broad, multidisciplinary viewpoint – not strictly insulated within only one fishbowl like some academically-informed discourse.

Pandemonium: Proliferating Borders of Capital and the Pandemic Swerve (2020)
by Angela Mitropoulos

“Herd Immunity” Was Originally About Vaccination. Now It Is Neoliberal Violence.


It’s a little refreshing to be told “drop dead” so clearly.

Both halves of the corporate party, as well as the unhealth insurance companies have been telling me the same thing for quite a while.

I aspire to get promoted to “statistic on a government chart”.


Actually they are pro hypocrisy.
Like Maddow says, watch what they do, not what they say.


Looks like my dad died right after yours (2003) Thanksgiving day.
Some people don’t give honorable people their due. Sounds like your dad enlisted for an honorable reason. The same I felt about my enlistment.
Nov.11th is coming and a salute to those who served is in order.


They are honored in the countries where they fought and died. It is more complicated here.

I think the best honor is the memories we carry forward and the knowledge shared.

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Hi Lynn1:
I guess Trump forgot he is a senior too----and he doesn’t have any money left either.
HIs brain was already compromised—but what will steroids do to that brain now?


I wouldn’t contradict that assessment, but I’m not really convinced. The more I see of Trump, the less I see there. I see him as a great big bag of hot air surfing on the misery of all of the people whose paths he crosses. Very deeply ill.


This ranking of states factors two criteria: test positivity from Johns Hopkins, and the relative scale of new cases on 10/21 compared to 9/12 – the low point for USA’s 7-day average before our third surge started 6 1/2 weeks ago (according to CDC). The usefulness of such a ranking, if it resembles reality, is to suggest emulating the states doing best (at the bottom of the list), and scrutinizing the states doing worst (at the top). USA’s third surge is really pounding the “heartland” states.

>                        JH      10/21 / 9/12
>                    positivity   7-day avgs
>                        %            %
>  1. Idaho             31.8        341.1
>  2. South Dakota      34.7        311.8
>  3. Wyoming           15.7        580.5
>  4. Montana           13.5        527.8
>  5. New Mexico         7.1        726.4
>  6. Nebraska          19.2        253.5
>  7. Utah              17.0        283.1
>  8. Nevada            21.4        222.4
>  9. Wisconsin         14.3        330.9
> 10. Iowa              21.4        165.5
> 11. Kansas            20.6        167.5
> 12. Mississippi       17.6        177.9
> 13. North Dakota      10.7        277.3
> 14. Indiana            9.9        234.4
> 15. Colorado           5.5        420.8
> 16. Arizona            9.2        240.2
> 17. Pennsylvania      10.1        200.3
> 18. Alabama           13.8        131.8
> 19. Minnesota          6.2        285.9
> 20. Tennessee          8.9        179.7
> 21. Florida           12.3        117.2
> 22. Missouri          10.1        136.4
> 23. Illinois           5.8        236.8
> 24. Oklahoma           8.9        152.1
> 25. Alaska             4.9        268.4
> 26. Arkansas           9.1        141.7
> 27. Texas              8.3        151.4
> 28. Kentucky           7.1        168.6
> 29. North Carolina     6.3        179.0
> 30. Ohio               5.0        211.4
> 31. Michigan           4.6        228.6
> 32. Oregon             5.9        176.2
> 33. New Jersey         3.2        277.8
> 34. Delaware           6.2        131.3
> 35. South Carolina     6.1        115.2
> 36. Rhode Island       2.3        291.4
> 37. West Virginia      4.1        155.1
> 38. Connecticut        2.0        313.9
> 39. Virginia           5.6        104.0
> 40. Washington         3.4        165.3
> 41. Georgia            6.3         81.3
> 42. Louisiana          4.4        103.8
> 43. New Hampshire      1.4        253.1
> 44. Vermont            1.5        225.0
> 45. Maryland           2.4        111.1
> 46. California         2.6         98.5
> 47. New York           1.2        204.6
> 48. Massachusetts      1.1        213.5
> 49. D.C.               1.3        118.2
> 50. Hawaii             2.4         55.7
> 51. Maine              0.5        128.0

Note that since September 12, only three state-outbreaks have declined, going by new cases.

Even if that is true, Trump the Wrecker is being used opportunistically by various interests - Republican Party leadership, ultra-Zionists, industrial polluters , others - but also very importantly NAZIS, and i don’t think i’m stretching that terminology.

Stephen Miller is still a Senior Adviser to the President, whispering in his ear on a regular basis. Trump may not have the mental capacity to intentionally spur Covid 19 for maximum death - though he may have the chaos-surfer’s instincts to do so.

But Miller certainly can grasp the mass murderous possibilities, the opportunity to rid the country of millions of “undesirables,” while sowing social chaos to facilitate further steps on his path.

Also the propagandists at Fox who have a direct feed to Trump’s mind.

He doesn’t have to be the “intellectual author” of the crimes he’s carrying out. Others here have argued that Trump could plead insanity, while Miller, Barr, Pompeo, DeVos etc. could not.


As we learn more history of this country we will no longer be surprised at anything.
In 1927 the supreme court upheld a statute that enabled the state of Virginia to sterilize people without their permission if the state determined that they were mentally defective. Eugenics, popular in the late 1800 into early to mid 1900s is still on the books as legal and is being practiced today in prisons and immigration concentration camps run by for profit companies.

Buck v. Bell: Inside the SCOTUS Case That Led to Forced Sterilization of 70,000 & Inspired the Nazis has been documented in a few books. One featured on DN, Adam Cohen’s “Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck”.


Quite so. I did not intend that comment merely as humor or sarcasm. Trump is a hollow man of the lowest order, but as with any injured animal it is at that point that he is at his most dangerous. Furthermore, he has spread his poison far and wide. Like the polluters of our air, land, and water, he has polluted our minds and hearts.

This has been a long time coming, and as with the randomly dismantled mail sorting machines it will take much longer to put things back together again. Several Churchill quotes come to mind, e.g.: “We shall not flag or fail.” Perhaps if we do succeed this will be seen as the one time Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” was more creative than destructive.


I disagree strenuously that Trump did not take responsibility. Tonight, last debate, he took responsibility, “I take responsibility for COVID. China did it. It’s China’s fault.” (more or less verbatim, definitely the gist of it)

Not quite like Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs, for which Allen Dulles was fired since he was pushed BOPs to force Kennedy’s hand to have to support it once it was in play. Kennedy didn’t play along. Dulles, the man who man an arrangement with Gen. Reinhard Gehlen in Switzerland before the end of WWII. Gehlen the head of Hitler’s military intelligence for the eastern front and the Soviet Union essentially was allowed to bring his thousands of Gestapo, Wehrmacht and SS into the US intelligence operations, as a core for the new CIA headed by Dulles. The launched the cold war that day in Switzerland, essentially.
Sorry, got off track. Meant to just leave it with being snarky about Trumps’ great “acceptance of responsibility.” He did that without any sense of irony or self awareness. Basically just dropped trou on us all.
He’s probably done more for COVID-19 even than he’s done for blacks, which, as we all know, is more than anyone else in the entire known universe past, present and future. And COVID thanks him.


The disregard of the elderly in care homes during the pandemic goes beyond both party and nation. NYC under Cuomo, Australia, Sweden, UK are the among those who sacrificed the aged and vulnerable to conserve short supplies of PPE.

Our society has become one of abuse of our old, shutting them away in institutions and ignoring the physical and sexual abuse that happens in these under-equipped and under-staffed for-profit businesses.


Much is written about the for-profit prisons (rightly) but a lot more than the care-home down the street.