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Trump to Sign Proclamation Deploying National Guard to US-Mexico Border 'Immediately'


Trump to Sign Proclamation Deploying National Guard to US-Mexico Border 'Immediately'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Fulfilling a "disturbing" proposal first floated during a meeting with Baltic leaders on Tuesday, President Donald Trump directed the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security on Wednesday to begin working with American governors to deploy the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border "immediately"—a move some have


So what’s new? MSM influencing the sheeple.


This is happening because they are “jealous of our freedoms” and so are coming for them in droves! (snark)

I didn’t think I could ever be more ashamed of this country but I was sure as fuck wrong. Over the last year, the light being shined on the corruption, greed, and dysfunction of the "Fascist State of (a)merica has gotten MUCH brighter. That’s the good news.

The bad news: It ain’t gonna fucking stop “them” until “WE” get off our asses and FORCE it to stop!
Worse news: “WE” can’t seem to get our shit together to do it!
The WORST news: I don’t think “WE” ever will…:cry::sob:


Nothing new. Bush and Obama both sent National Guard troops to the border during their administrations. They did not directly engage in enforcement, however, or so we were told. Their role was mostly supportive. The difference, here, of course, is that no one yet knows what role the troops will play, this time, or what orders Trump will give them.


Drugs and illegals will keep flowing regardless. Billionaire market will be supplied anyhow.
Flow of migrants will only be stopped when Mexico is absorbed by the USA, and its economy is improved.


OMG …! You mean the orangubrat could seriously be doing exactly what Bush-dark before him did??? Methinks if the retarded dotard had half a clue he would make damned sure he did not repeat even a portion of an action Obama engaged in … what a dank, dark, miniscule and depressing world the prictator inhabits :sob::cry:


Fox FAKE news for dummies: no wonder Chump trump The Loser makes his decisions based on their lame reports.


I seriously doubt Trump has even taken the time to educate himself on what other presidents have done. If he knew Obama did it, I’m sure he would NOT have done it. You’re right.


This character is trying to get impeached. Guess he’s set the low road for his successor, heh? Time to get back to running gambling houses, I guess. Or World War 3? My guess is we get Pense-ed.


Somewhere out there are millions of Americans who actually feel better because he did this. That is what is scary.


Many of those “millions of Americans” would love to mow down a bunch of immigrants themselves. Trump deploying military to do it makes it happen without any of those millions taking any personal risks or getting busted.

Doesn’t faux news’ caravan advancing through Mexico scare remind you of the “FUCK ALBANIA” crusade in Wag the Dog ?


The cheese done slid from his cracker.


The whole idea is one of President Trump’s dumbest. How could that work? How many troops would it take to stand in sight of each other Would they have radios in case immigrant started coming cross and one person even if armed would not be able to stop them and turn them back.

Even if The Great Wall of Trump were built, people could come up the California coast in boats and jumping ship.


That will please his White Supremacist voters that hate all non white people. I would much rather be voting against Trump and his White Supremacist true believer views and audience.


Please don’t Tweet this to Trump, we’ll have a Naval Blockade on our hands.


I recall news articles of the Texas National Guard relying on food donations so they could eat while deployed to the border under Bush.


And if history is any guide a fair portion of those drugs will go to the troops. Heck if history is a guide then some of the troops will be the ones moving those drugs across the border.


I suspect Trump was inspired by Isreal opening fire on peaceful protesters in Gaza.


NThis political ploy will make it harder for existing border patrol people to do their job because the first priority now will be to use the National Guard in some showy way that makes Trump look good. If the troops are left standing around doing nothing, the media will soon pick up and broadcast the complaints. So, what can be done with the Guard? At best, they can be assigned to man second and third checkpoints on people and trucks crossing the border, thereby creating endless delays. That might be a suitable visual. Or they could be dispatched into the deserts in search of the few migrants trying to cross over on foot. That, too, could provide good visuals. The biggest risk is that their guns will be loaded, and that means a fair chance of the NG massacring innocent people or different NG units attacking each other in error. Those would be bad visuals.


If there is no caravan of people coming through Mexico in an attempt to enter the U.S., then what’s the concern about sending the NG to the border? Perhaps they can stop the flow of guns south and the flow of drugs north. What’s not to like?

If there IS a large group of people attempting to enter illegally, why would we not enforce our border laws?