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Trump to the International Community: Drop Dead

Trump to the International Community: Drop Dead

John Feffer

Donald Trump has a plan to solve America’s drug crisis: kill the drug dealers.

"We have pushers and drugs dealers, they are killing hundreds and hundreds of people," Trump said at a recent White House summit on opioid abuse. "Some countries have a very, very tough penalty — the ultimate penalty — and by the way, they have much less of a drug problem than we do."


Trump, a man who is truly to be known by the company he keeps (and fires).


The International community knows that Trumps days are numbered.


From the article:

As…National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and former chief economic advisor Gary Cohn, put it in a Wall Street Journal op-ed…“The world is not a ‘global community’ but an arena where nations, nongovernmental actors, and businesses engage and compete for advantage.”

Ambrose Bierce long ago defined politics as “A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.” I wonder who would be made more uncomfortable by being found in agreement with the other: the curmudgeon or the crony capitalists?

I watched a Sunday pundits show where most agreed that sooner rather than later President Usurper will cross a line that has been gotten up to but has not been crossed yet that will force the Movers and Shakers of the Deep State to feel that the Enough Is Enough point has been reached and has forced the issue, and they will have no choice but to act.

What they will do and how they will go about attempting to remove from office a president who won’t want to go will be interesting in a deep and scary way.

I personally think that, compared with what we have now, a Pence presidency might not be that bad especially since his first big problem would be to start scrambling to get a reelection campaign started up and going.

After experiencing his predecessor he won’t have the guts to try to put a Born Again Christian agenda into place unless he can get himself elected in his own right so he has a claim to legitimacy.

The midterm elections and what the new warmonger heavy executive staff will do – will Bolton et al push to do something warlike?


Once Trump is removed, if Pence’s hair wasn’t white already, it’ll turn whiter.

Bolton has only one aged unfortunately. He too will face removal. Hopefully, with prejudice.

86ing the guy at the top prior to 86ing his inner circle will be no different than pulling a weed but leaving the root in the ground…the weed comes back stronger than ever.

Hopefully Meuller’s strategy is to 86 Pence and other key henchmen prior to 86ing Trump.

There is no way Nixon would have resigned if they hadn’t undermined his administration, first 86ing VP Agnew and others first.

There will be nothing standing in the way of POTUS Pence turning the US into a radical Christian theocracy.

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Sorry stiffupperflipflop, I don’t have you’re optimism in regards to a Pence presidency. I imagine the Zionists and phony Christians inside out govt. are chomping at the bit to be rid of Trump. He has unwittingly slowed their gallop to the end times. I believe you underestimate their ruthlessness to achieve that goal.

When the values promoted by a culture are based upon material acquisition, profits, and stomping down all competition in the rush to accumulate wealth, then you end up with monsters who devour humanity and despoil the planet. I mean, these people really are caricatures representing the worst possible outcome when these priorities become a mental illness.

Think you going a bit too far. Why is it always the Presidents fault. He’s trying to help the situation by holding those accountable, as he should. I say bring on the firing squad.

Yeah, those old farts are stuck in a Hobbesian nightmare that they keep trying to foist on us. There is something deeply wrong with an individual who only sees the world through a lens of violence, maneuvering to seize other people’s resources, bullying, and plotting to dominate everyone. I think it’s called being psychotic.

I agree. I am surprised that it’s being casually dismissed or referred to in passing. Although I did read somewhere that the Supreme Court has labeled that cruel and unusual punishment in one case somewhere, which makes it precedent for other cases.

What haven’t you read? NO EVIDENCE OF CRAP…let’s focus on mahilda I mean Hillary’s crimes shall we.

Yep the clintons…

“He’s trying to help the situation by holding those accountable.”

The low level drug dealer isn’t the ones most responsible for the importation of the drugs. The millionaire money men that bring the drugs into the country in quantity, then disperse it to the middleman who finally has the low level dealers do the dirty work of selling it on the street, the Money Men are the culprits that deserve the worst sentences.

These are probably some of Trumps friends that he parties with each weekend at Murder-a-Loco.

How about the death penalty—instead of serial taxpayer bailouts!—for the banks who launder money for the cartels? How about the lawmakers who created the black market for drugs to begin with, and who continue to fight the legalization of cannabis?

It’s actually all about fashion: if you wear an expensive suit and tie while testilying before congress, you’re okay. But if you wear a hoodie, your ass is fair game.