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Trump to Urge UN to Impose North Korean Naval Blockade, Oil Embargo


Trump to Urge UN to Impose North Korean Naval Blockade, Oil Embargo

- Common Dreams staff

The U.S. notified the United Nations Security Council late Friday of its plan to call a vote Monday on an aggressive new Trump administration resolution to impose new sanctions on North Korea.

The UK's Observer is reporting Saturday:


Oh, yeah,that will surely work to reduce tensions…fuckin idiot child!


Really???!? A blockade??? What is this, another Cuban Missile Crisis, Mr. Trump/Kennedy? My God, at a time when a Cat 3-4 hurricane is literally about to pass about 5 miles from my house in Florida, you’re playing boy soldier/tough guy with Kim-Jung-Nut-case?? Is he Kruzchev?? You really want to show how big a dick you have, and you are, don’t you?




Franklin Roosevelt’s naval/oil blockade of Japan late in 1941 was how the U.S. covertly got into World War II. Korea was a Japanese colony at the time, so this lesson can’t be lost on Korea’s leaders.


And the idiot child has almost total bipartisan support on all of this. The Empire Duopoly rolls on…


Good Luck with Irma. Now tracking farther West. Where are you located? My daughter and partner got as far as Orlando where they have hunkered down.


This proposed Naval blockade of N.K. could very well trigger a third world war. But of course that is exactly what the US warmongers and war profiteers have been begging for! Maybe a coincidence, but how appropriate that the UN vote on this Naval blockade is on 09/11.

I was too young during the Cuban missile crisis when JFK ordered the naval blockade of Russian ships going to Cuba, but if this resolution is approved by the UN this looks ominous to say the least!


I’m in Tampa, the latest track is about 4-5 miles east of my front door. Nature bats last, and she’s kinda pissed right now as well…
Thanks for the well-wishes, and good luck to you and yours


Ahh… now the republicans have their own Hillary. Shudder.


I agree, but of course that would be illegal and an act for war!


What is needed is a war to keep people’s focus on the right issues. No matter that Houston and southern Florida and the Caribbean are being ravaged by massive hurricanes, while the west coast and Canada are ravaged by wildfires, due to climate change. The public is demanding health care for all, a living wage and good jobs, higher Social Security, free college tuition, and renewable energy. They need to be shown that there is just not enough money to do all that and keep them ‘safe’ at the same time.


Psychologists call her ranting; projection. She’s the one wanting war not NK. I guessing the US government wants to break the 64 year old armistice. Yes the war is officially still on with a 64 year old armistice still in effect. What the hell happened to diplomacy? NK is NOT a threat to the US at all. All their leader wants is for the US, South Korea, and Japan to stop their war preparations, and exercises off their coast. Blame their nuke development on Bush II, he tore up nuke deal agreed to in 1994, in 2002. Before then they were following the deal. (They dismantled their reactor that produced the material to be enriched. Similar to the Obama Iran deal, that too is in serious jeopardy.) So in 2002 they started up producing material and tested their first nuke in 2006. The US aggression hasn’t abated since then, so here we are with the US threatening an isolated state that has about 25 million people. They won’t change, so how about… leaving them alone and signing a peace treaty? This would be so much less costly than the other option.


I hope to God that Russia and/or China will show adult leadership and block this insane idea. Lord knows the U.S. seems to have none!


Interesting idea even though it would be called a suicide mission.


I think we have be biggest “nut-case”.


Who is the only American who is friends with both D. Trump, and Kim Jong-Un? Dennis “The Worm” Rodman. Check out Syracuse.com Dennis Rodman. “Dennis offers to help Trump, US ‘straighten things out’ with North Korea.” The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step-Lao Tzu…


Hunker down and stay safe, Vaquero. I’m in Jax.


Democrats have got to remain the alternative to Trump. And this is an issue that needs full attention of our history in that region, namely multi trillion dollars invested in wars invested on the other side of the planet, and for what possible gain. Then the US military lives lost is a much more costly sacrifice for the nation. My biggest concern is that Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are too much alike, they will irritate each other too much to avoid war.


The best to you and the historic city of the socialist cigar makers. Check in after Irma passes when you can and let us know from the ground what we can do.