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Trump to Working Class: 'Adios, Chumps'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/12/trump-working-class-adios-chumps

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Yep. Another article on economic inequality in the USA. And tomorrow there will be another one and then the next day… another one! And so on and so on. And we all know about it and nothing will change.

I would so love to read article after article about solutions and a massive movement to try them.


Yes, the Trump cult considers facts and evidence to be just as much their enemies as all the people and organizations that Trump has labeled as enemies. They will not abandon their fuehrer no matter how much he screws them…they will simply blame the enemies Trump has contrived.

Mind bending writ large.


And it will continue to change - nature is worth considering in terms of a novelty generating and conserving dynamo. The notions of man ARE NOT the basis of thought . Like the financial market, the consequence of poorly conceived notions, they are derivatives chomping their way to the end of the rope. We either step up to the plate and generate accurate descriptives of what we NEED - or this task will continue to be subverted by twisted premises.


The biggest thing that this country can do to stabilize inequality isn’t to raise the min wage (although this would help in the SHORT term) but to make it easier to join and form a union via the EFCA act. Remember the one that Obama/BIDEN was pushing in the 2008 election? Never even got a hearing in either the DEMOCRATIC controlled House OR Senate. This by no means is the only thing that can be done, but my opinion would make the most immediate difference.


And let’s not forget the tariffs, which make the cost of the tariffed items go up, whether or not they were made here or abroad. US manufacturers raise their prices to match the price of tariffed imported goods (because, why not? Gotta get in on that cash cow), and anyone who thinks prices will go back down after tariffs are removed does not understand capitalism.

And how about that tax cut bill? As a result of the increase to the deficit, Trump and the Republicans are proposing a budget for next year that will largely kill off SS, Medicare, food stamps, public education, unemployment benefits, etc.

Now the Fed is talking about lowering the interest rates again and more quantitative easing (QE). That’s less interest income for savers and more cash for the big banks.

I can’t believe there would be a question that Trump would lose in 2020 based on what he has done and plans to do - but apparently, there are more really stupid people in this country than even a complete cynic like myself imagined.


From the article: "Inequality doesn’t just happen; it’s caused by the deliberate actions of power elites. "

So the solution is simple: get rid of the elites. How to do it is more complicated, but first you start with bringing the understanding of that sentence above to the vast majority of the population. In the old days when the working class was militant, this was known as class consciousness. We need to know - collectively - who our enemy is.


Other things being equal, the smaller the share of corporate revenue that goes to employees, the higher the circulation;s stock price in the stock market. Fantastic.