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Trump Told His Wealthy Mar-a-Lago Pals 'You All Just Got a Whole Lot Richer' Thanks to GOP Tax Plan: Report


Trump Told His Wealthy Mar-a-Lago Pals 'You All Just Got a Whole Lot Richer' Thanks to GOP Tax Plan: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Trump said his tax bill was terrible for his rich friends. Now he’s bragging about giving them a big tax cut."


Remember, the bunch that bought and owns the government has only one thing in mind. They want it all, now! And their hirelings in government are giving it to them.
*Watch carefully as all of the people’s needs are ignored. There is already a move afoot to get rid of unions. Social Security and Medicare are already targeted as are pensions. It is basically the same program as went on in Germany in the '30s and 40s.
*The Oligarchy’s view is that the “Guilded Age” is the normal way of life. Then, the wealthy lived in ostentation and the poor stood in their rags with their hands out, begging for jobs and food. They hated Roosevelt (both of them, Teddy and FDR), for clipping their wings and giving some of the wealth back to the people that made it possible, We the People. They hated the New Deal, which returned some dignity and independence back to the people.
*You have to remember that we have no value to the Oligarchy except as cheap labor, and our willingness to go into debt for our toys. To them, the elderly and the sick are throwaways. They can’t work anymore, and recovery from illness just means more outlay, so take their homes, throw them in the street. They’ll die off soon enough. With a nation of hungry and homeless, there will be plenty to do the grunt work, and when you wear them out, you throw them away, too. There will always be more, begging for jobs, to work for practically nothing, if they can feed their children another day. Use them and throw them away. The Oligarchy has been doing this for a long time, in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Africa. They’re good at it.
*We the People have got to hit a breaking point soon, where we will not put up with this anymore and throw the bastards out, hopefully into prison for their crimes against humanity.
*Then, will we have the willingness to rebuild this nation and the world before Nature finally decides we are obsolete and decides to try something else in a few million or billion years.
*Good leadership got us out of the Guilded Age, and worked us out of the great depression. We need a gifted leader today to heal the nation, but not by the traditional method of picking the other representative of the Oligarchy owned Duopoly which keeps this madness going. “D” or “R”, regardless of promises, leave We the People poorer, sicker, and less well educated than we were before.
*Time for real change! Now! Before everything is lost to us.


2018, 2018, 2018, we will have a tsunami not just a wave, a tsunami. George Carlin in the clip above is correct I wish I could just give in to the controllers but I can’t. I think many of us are at the point where we feel we have very little left to lose. Is it time to eat the rich controllers yet or does that come when we all feel we have NOTHING left to lose? The arrogance of these morons continues to amaze me.


Actually, most Murkins still have something to lose and citizens of other nations have even more to lose.

Now that they own enough US politicians to control the US, the 1% and corporations will use much of their tax cut dough to buy politicians in other nations so they can rob those nations the way they have robbed and continue to rob the US.


This video is 100% true, but it is not what most people want to believe, so they won’t believe it.


This article immediately reminded me of Carlin’s rant about golf courses, how and why he hated them and the people who play golf. I wonder about the character of the typical Mar-a-Lago member. They have plenty of places to play tennis or go swimming. They probably don’t even care that much about the activities there. Likely (at least before he became prez) they were lining up simply for the honor of being associated with a name like “Trump” and to boast of being privileged enough to pay $200K to hang out with other people, all just as big schmucks as themselves.



Fascism knows no morals. Fascism knows no mercy. May Mar-a-Lago be swallowed up by one of those Florida sinkholes while Trump and his cabal of criminals are feasting on the riches they stole from the people…


One more biggie, TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS. I don’t know about you but I am sick of being pissed on day in and day out.

Trickle down economics = GOP Golden Shower

How much longer are we the 99% going to put up with this shit?


Anonymous needs to play Robin Hood for a few weeks – take from Trump and the Reptardicons and bestow it on the children and others that will be hit the hardest by this tax travesty bill!


trump learned to treat the American people as ‘marks’ to con with his reality tv show. Just entertain them.

So his plan was childishly simple: support redistributing $5 trillion from the people to the rich, including taking $1 trillion from Medicaid, and lie and say it was bad for him and the rich.

It’s absurd how simplistic it is, yet he’s president, and it worked. So who can blame him for his sociopathic approach that’s working? (Other than for being evil).

There’s always been a dangerous of element of trust between the people and leaders. He really breaks it.


Shove them down those underground bunkers; toss a lighted torch in after them, then seal the door so it becomes their GRAVE!


Yes, let’s have an alternative to the capitalist system with a real power base. That should take care of the “duopoly” question and the incessant mantra of growth. According to Richard Wolff we now have a generation of youth who are demanding just that.

From Truthout:


Merry Christmas minitrue - from Calgary. The snow is moving in, the temperature dropping towards minus 20 degrees Centigrade.

Here is a ‘steady-state’ - article - I think the ideas are sound.

The implementation - problematic.

I believe you are right - we are all waiting for a cultural tipping point.

I think there is much we can do while we wait.

Get out onto the land and sea - draw on the strength of the contrast between the cityscapes and what is left of wild nature.

See ourselves as an emergent phenomena of this tension.

Feel our way forward - too much rational thinking is counter-productive - a painful lesson I learned the hard way.

And again, Ciao from a former Sea Cadet.

Here is a quote from my favorite iconoclast, Bill Tilman, comparing his mountain career with his small craft, no engine, sailing career, to the farthest reaches of both the Arctic seas and the southern ocean:

“An essential difference is that the mountaineer usually accepts the challenge on his own terms, whereas once at sea the sailor has no say in the matter and in consequence may suffer more often the salutary and humbling emotion of fear.”

(“The Eight Sailing/Mountain Exploration Books”
(The Mountaineers Press)


Here is that article I promised:


So what???

We live in a plutocracy. WTF else is new??? Why do outlets like Commondreams - like someone with a serious case of OCD, point this out over, and over, and over and over again like a broken record - like just talking about it enough is going to change things? Why this weird almost animistic thinking on the left?

Why not news about action people are taking?

And why no good news - like the complete jury-acquittal of the first 22 of the J20 protestors and journalists on Thursday? Nothing here on that at all,

Less blather, more action, more organizing!


Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this tax bill in particular and the GOP in general is how open they are about their theft of the national wealth and their disdain for the American people. In the past they at least had the courtesy not to rub our noses in it while they did it.


Sociopaths and narcissists


Thanks MS, I had to put my two cents worth there also.
*I’m getting very tired and frustrated, but something keeps me trying.


In the past, they didn’t have control, they were buying it, under the table, in meetings in back rooms. They kept a fairly low profile.
*What you are seeing now is arrogance. They’ve not only bought the government, but they want to spit in our eye now, and dare us to try to do anything about it as they run amok with their new power.
*I hope we still can.


Mini, I hope that tomorrow you and we have a break in the horrors and enjoy something, anything, family, a flock of birds, snow in its beautiful aspects, friends, somethin’ good or special to eat, a squirrel’s chirps as s/he fusses at a compa in the tree…something…

I just wanted to tell you thanks…and that I hear you. A bunch of us are really tired of the daily horror show. But fascism is nasty stuff and when, not if, it graduates to nazism (lower-case n on purpose), it ain’t gonna be purty around here. You made me wonder what age most of us are; I always have the feeling that we’re the 65+ crowd. It’d be great to find there are some young-bloods here and are poised to grab the baton.

Also wanna add a word to your characterization of the horses’ asses as arrogant. They’re also mean, really, really mean.

Ok, two words…they’re also heavily armed. We need neighborhood councils to generate viable strategies and tactics to fight them. Working to put in more Democrats is only going to get band-aids at best by rescuing us from Dump, Bannon, Ryan, McConnell, and Pence. I still see Jill as awesome and viable if only people would open their eyes.


“It is called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it”.

They laughed at that comment on reality when they should have been angry about it. Hmm?

“Resistance is futile you will be assimilated”, and they laugh?