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Trump Told the UN Venezuela Is Failing Because of Socialism. Awkward Silence Ensued


Trump Told the UN Venezuela Is Failing Because of Socialism. Awkward Silence Ensued

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A painfully awkward silence—and some scattered laughter—befell the United Nations General Assembly hall in New York Tuesday as U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to blame the "faithful" implementation of socialism for Venezuela's political and economic crisis.

"The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented," Trump said.

Eventually, some in the hall quietly applauded the comment—but only after Trump waited desperately for several long moments.



Talk about pity applause.


The orange oaf demonstrated just how ignorant and ill-advised he is. His lack of intellect was on display for all the world and its leaders to observe. He was raised in front of and inside a TV and it shows. " Books are only made for burning," a DJT quote.

Hey, DJT the UN is not just another campaign rally for you to rile up like you do your ignorant, racist base. Didja like that display of bloviating buffoonery, Stevie B?


What a bafoon


The lock-step in ideological rhetoric is the perfect fit for malignant narcissism.
I am reminded of the Buddhist concept of the ’ hungry ghost '. The failed mental and emotional capacity of this poor man (both literally and figuratively) is akin to a ghost - there is hardly any there there… save for a linguistic twist wherein the two words search for placation.

Duty to Warn


Venezuela’s problems were not caused by socialism, they were caused by Venezuela being too dependent on one of Trump’s sacred cows…OIL.


Laughing at Trump for being stupid, is worse than pointless. Making fun of Trump is counter-productive. It feeds his disturbed psyche, pisses off his followers, and dis-empowers us. Feeling superior to Trump can serve as nothing but a distraction from the hard work of challenging social and political power.

i feel the same about the “comedy news” shows, Daily Show, SNL, etc. Oh boy look at how stupid Trump is. Does watching these shows help us resist, or distract us in our sense of superiority?

We need to be organizing, in our own communities, to exercise political power, to dis-empower the looting class and the militarists, and to dis-empower bullies at every level of society. There can be a role for laughing at bullies, in more face-to-face social situations. But sitting on a couch or at a keyboard, such “humor” has only dissipating impact. IMHO!


All you European socialist had it easy. Every time a South American country tries to lean socialist they have to contend with CIA interference and assassination. Henry Kissinger is a rightwing hero for ordering the murder of Salvador Allende and the US is still screwing with Cuba even after sixty years. All European socialists had to deal with were US and Russian invasions, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, the Cold War, threats of nuclear annihilation, NATO and the EU. Aren’t you glad the Tiny Fingered Vulgarian has resurrected your nostalgia for the Cold War and the nuclear threat?




Their audience are called " cosmopolitan capitalists " and they snicker and guffaw at the " native capitalists "; who will slit their necktied throats right after they round up and unlawfully detain their LGBTQ friends and co-workers. So funny, these dueling capitalists are, yes?:grinning::cry:


OK and the problem with Chile’s Economy under Pinochet was not that Capitalism had been poorly implemented but that it had been faithfully implemented and the reason there is growing inequality in the U.S. is not because capitalism has been poorly implemented but because it has been faithfully implemented since the Reagan years. WTF does the Donald know about any economic ideology the guy’s a complete idiot who’s never read anything that didn’t constantly mention his name.


Exactly what type of socialism does the country really practice. Is there real democracy like Marx wanted? Are there no rich people making money off the poor? Are the people being fed and taken care of as Marx wanted? Is there freedom for the people like Marx wanted?

These terms like socialist and communism are thrown around without any care to the truth of what they really mean. Now I am not a marxist, a socialist, or a communist, but then again, I am not a capitalist either. But I do known what Marx wanted for people and none of the countries we either name or they name themselves comes close to the truth of what Marx wanted. They are all perversions that use the name.

For instance, we have the People’s Republic of China, exactly how are they a republic in any form? N. Korea does the same. Does that mean they are truthful calling themselves a republic or are they just lying? In communism and socialism, there are suppose to be no class differences. So why are there those who are tremendously rich in any of those countries? Why is there no democracy, one of the strongest and basic tenet from Marx. He wanted to give the people the choice, to run the government. The freedom to do what they wanted. Now with communism, a select few would be chosen by the people to run the government, like a republic actually is. But they would be chosen, not handed down from one master to another. As was/is true of the soviet union, china, and n. korea.

I get tired of people throwing these terms around that Marx would be the 1st person to oppose those governments. It was precisely what he railed against.

I personally feel that like pure capitalism, both pure socialism and communism would fail. Which is why I prefer a hybrid form which would still have it’s faults, but no system will ever be w/o it’s faults. We are an imperfect being, thus perfection, no matter how hard we try will be forever out of our reach. But it is a goal we should strive for and be happy we strive.

But please, call these countries what they really are, led by power hungry people who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. Tyrants.


The drop in oil prices caused by a glut hurt them badly. Rich countries like the saudis (not their people, but the leaders) could endure the drop. But a country like venezuela cannot.


It’s an embarrassment to have Trump speak for us anywhere, much less the United Nations. He must have forgot: there was a room full of socialist governments. What a jackass, stupid fool.


Yeah, these terms are not understood by most. Trump’s denigrating socialism just as the US during the Cold War when it called the dictatorship of the USSR a communist country, and the USSR called itself a communist country to gain favor amongst its population.


Socialism is way more democratic than capitalism, which is in many ways the opposite of democratic. So, for those of you who think it or do it, stop equating democracy with capitalism. Not the same thing. Never has been.


This clown is a total joke to the U.S!!


What are the intrinsic faults of socialism (not faults imposed by external entities such as a militarily powerful country destabilizing the practice of socialism in the country trying to move towards socialism)?



The UN is made to look ridiculous by approving obvious idiocies proposed by the US - such as sanctions against North Korea.

It is the US that should be sanctioned for its bullying of a small nation that is no threat to anyone if left alone.

Really it is the US lapdog nations at the UN that are to blame for the UN’s shameful conduct. If they withdrew their support of the US, the US would fall on its stupid face and the UN would gain the respect it would then deserve.

When the rest of the world tells the US that its idiocies are no longer acceptable at the UN, justice will prevail there.
Until that happens, the UN is just another disgusting US flunky.


They looked into the predator’s shifting eyes and hesitantly applauded Venezuela’s bravery, imagination, and leadership.