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Trump Tramples on LGBTQ Rights With Ban on Trans Service Members


Trump Tramples on LGBTQ Rights With Ban on Trans Service Members

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Roiling LGBTQ advocates nationwide, President Donald Trump's continued to trample on LGBTQ rights Wednesday, by announcing that transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. armed forces.


Hitler didn’t like them either.


The military should just ignore Trump when he does stuff like this. Republican Congress people are beginning to do it.


I LOATHE THIS DIABOLICAL DESPOT. He - Must - Be - Stopped. No conscience, no intellect, no mind yet he is in the most powerful seat in our government using his power to destroy all in his path targeting any and all programs/progress made by the Obama presidency over eight years, which speaks volumes about the sick, nefarious, demented obsession DJT has with laying waste to anything “Obama.” And our people, our democracy, our environment, our place in international relations are suffering mightily as a result. Will we recover…perhaps, but it will take at least a score of years…and, as for the environment, maybe never in several lifetimes.


With the position of ‘Dismantling the bloated Military to fund Medicare for All’, Chelsea E. Manning should run for President in 2020.

The Duopoly will not find a more Honest and Principled candidate than her.


This is a complex issue that requires more than just opinions. Where is any information that can demonstrate our military cannot adapt to an issue of gender when it obviously has the capacity of indiscriminate actions in other populations around the world. Lets see the decision making process as we could all learn something.


The issue is not whether the transgendered or anyone else should be allowed to serve in the military.

The issue is why people continue to serve as mercenaries in the imperial forces of the US empire.


If they were Mercenaries they would get paid far more and taken care of far better… The way we treat our troops is pretty piss poor once they come back from whatever 3rd world hellhole we send them to fight and die in for fun and profit of the few.

Trump is a COWARD who has to make up excuses to hide is ignorant decisions. He claims its too costly to have Transsexuals in the military… Yet Chelsea Manning makes a good point… our F35 program is already so over budget that we could easily remove some of the overfunding and be just fine.

Its my hope that after however long Trump is in office we get someone with the same zeal for destroying Trumps legacies and policies as our current Dictator in Chief has for destroying Obama’s.


Thanks. Now I have the visual of Trump sitting on the toilet at 4:30am with his cell phone in hand. That is the image of this ‘decision-making process’ you speak of, and it burns! Oh, how it burns…


Did anyone else hear the rumor that two of Trumps Secret Service Detail happens to be transgender?
Maybe it’s a rumor I’ve just started.


Ok, not exactly where I was going with that but there is probably more truth in your contention. My apologies. Yeah, that is probably going to stay with you for awhile.


First they came for the LGBTQ community…

He’s going after the weakest and most marginalized, but isn’t that how it always starts? As his scandals start exploding, expect much more on the Culture War front.


Just tossing more red meat to the religious right, a demographic he couldn’t have won the election without.


Maggot infested red meat that is green around the edges…only fitting for the carrion-loving mongrels.


I do see where you were going with it. One assumes that decisions such as this one are made after a series of meetings in packed conference rooms, during which each attendee brings a different take on the issue and a bundle of documents and/or a PowerPoint presentation to back up their points. A lively discussion ensues and finally some decision is reached.
This is the Trump administration however, and to assume that’s how these things unfold is to go out on a limb.


Yes, that is basically it. I would like to see how gender based contingencies can disable the worlds most powerful military. I mean really. Great response.


I want to say this first: I’m as straight a guy as they come. Love women. Secondly, I want to say I don’t care one bit who loves who, who lives with who, who calls themselves “male” “female” or something else. I don’t necessarily “get it”, when it comes to being gay or transgender, but that doesn’t make it wrong! It just means I don’t get it, yet. And it don’t matter if I do, since I matter no more than anyone else does. I believe in “live and let live” just as strongly as anything, and life is simply, also, too damn short to worry about how someone identifies with themselves/their gender. I try to live, in other words, by the “Golden Rule” (If there still is that same one I grew up knowing)
Finally, I’ll say this: Donald Trump is a destructive monster who also is a LIAR, because he PROMISED to “protect” LGBT folks along the campaign trail. I don’t see how he can last the four years; in fact I don;t see how he could have been so loved by so many folk, I just don;t get it!! But this son of a bitch has to implode, eventually. And hopefully soon.


So, he stated that he conferred with his “generals and military experts”… WHAT A LIE… he took them by surprise… they did not know… what a liar.


I suppose next up is to kick the women out of the military…

Strangio said it best IMO: “Toying with national security, trans lives, and our collective health, for the sake of midterms. We should all be outraged.”

Indeed, everyone should be outraged but rump supporters aren’t smart enough to put 2 and 2 together.


First – just thinking. I keep going back to his campaign promises, where in this case he swore he’d support LGBTQ Rights. Now, with this and other campaign promises, he received the presidency, as stunned as we all were. I don’t think “his base” cares much about LGBTQ rights, but what if they do care and supported him BECAUSE of this and other campaign promises? Betraying his campaign promises may not be so smart in view of midterm and 2020 elections looming.

Second, Trump is a lazy SOB. He doesn’t have the fortitude or maturity to interact with Congress to make laws such as this. He acts as though Congress is beneath him, and they can go through their “tedious” processes, but he will just churn out any law he wants, avoiding Congress. He rules like a dictator, by fiat issued while he’s on the pot. Maybe Congress should make a law forbidding more than five unchallenged Executive Orders by any president. More EOs could be issued, but Congress should be able to challenge them as though Congress had introduced them itself and override his executive orders (as needed in the interest of America) like overriding .a president’s veto.