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Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu


Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu

Gareth Porter

U.S-Iran policy is closer to Israel than it has been in years.


Big Money calls the shots:


Look out world, Bolton’s got his kneepads back on and Bibi has a smile on his face.


I’ve been saying for years that Netanyahu, and most of the Likud should be in a rubber room, playing with soft toys rather than strutting on the world’s stage creating havoc and misery for Palestine and for the world.
*Now, an adjoining room should be set up for Trump and his warmongering cohorts.
*How long will We the People put up with this insanity, this destruction of all we have created, this plunge into the nightmare of several hundred million citizens being turned into hungry, sick, serfs to do the bidding of the trillionaires who have robbed us of virtually everything, and now our honor.
*It is way past time We the People take our country back and put these parasites away.
*If we don’t, we can already see daily what is in store for us. Write to your Senators and Congressmen and look at the form letters you get back. Almost all of them have either drunk the Koolaid or have gotten huge “campaign contributions” from the Koch Brothers or AIPAC, quite possibly from both and then some.
*We are really running out of time, especially with a madman who’s finger is next to the button, as he dreams of war to make him a man.
*We can already see what the result is if we don’t.


You got that right. Great link!


I think Bolton and company, Israeli minions, feel that the US should pay any price, bear any burden to make hassle free for Israeli its subjugation of the Palestinians and Jewish settlement of Palestinian land. It seems these minions have drunk the internecine cool aid and think they deserve credit in fighting for this, the basests of goals - an insanity of sorts.


Remember there are certain right-wing “christian” sects that believe apocalypse in the ME will pave the way for the rapture.
They do not want peace in the ME and Pence is one of their own.


It would appear that Bolton, Adelson, Kushner and Netanyahu are deciding American foreign policy. This is potentially much, much worse than anything Putin may (or may not) have done.

John Bolton is a true whack job. He has not been elected. He has not been appointed. What the hell business is it of his to have any say on this matter?

It sure looks like Iran is the only sane player in this story.


As trump sells American honor cheap and bends-over for netanyahu and Israeli extremist racism, they commit ethnic cleansing and war crimes to take all of Palestine by force and deceit. Our foreign policy and politics are subverted by AIPAC and elected officials commit treason, representing Israeli interests over US interests and supposed morality - holding first loyalty to a belligerent overtly racist foreign power,

The ethnic cleansing takes many forms from denial of building permits and home demolitions, to violence and murders, including theft of Palestinian water to serve Jews only!. Destruction of Palestinian olive orchards by “settlers” and the IDF are a favorite tool of that racism - economic strangulation to force people off their lands. Our “special ally” is a war criminal

''http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/10/israel-engages-water-apartheid-171013110734930.html - “Following the 1967 war and Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, one of Israel’s first acts was to declare all water resources to be under Israeli military control. In order for Palestinians to build wells, repair pipes or develop irrigation networks, they had to obtain Israeli-issued permits, which are scarcely granted.”