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Trump Treasury Dept. Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Ripped as 'Pure Propaganda'


Trump Treasury Dept. Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Ripped as 'Pure Propaganda'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

One coalition of advocacy groups concluded that the analysis shows the GOP tax plan "would be great for the economy...in a world where unicorns exist, pigs fly, and Trump has released his tax returns."


Typical and to be expected of the pugnacious prevaricator and his chosen Shylock (the secretary of treachery), both criminals without consciences. Snake oil salesmen had more integrity…


I am absolutely appalled at the Trump administration going way, way, way back to the reverse Robin Hood plan of taxation. Otherwise known as supply side, trickle down economics. That has been, is and will be Republican propaganda to disguise their hideous giveaway of money to their corporate and individual rich donors. Even Mitch McConnell admitted to this being the real plan behind their tax scam recently.

I just plain does NOT work. The rich and super rich start moving their savings./ money offshore where they pay no taxes either with foreign banks, or Trumps favorite scam - offshore shell companies. Trump was able to be worth billions of dollars last year but paid no taxes because most of that money was offshore. When the Panama Papers came out as an expose’ of the offshore shell company scam, Trump’s name was mentioned in the Panama Papers over 3,500 times.

So excuse me for noticiing but this White House has zero credibility. Trump himself is a tax evader.


The main pig to be flying will be Trump, though I’m sure he’ll have a fleet of pigs behind him.



What this is, is “not” taxation, and it’s “not” economics.

This is theft, pure and simple.

In some parts of the world, theives get their hands cut off as punishment.

Hell, if we did that here, half of Washington DC would be without hands.


Well, it’s official: beyond being a smug jackass, “Munchkin” is… a jackass.


This is exactly what a Reptilian congressperson looking for cover needs. Laugh at it all you want but it will be an important document, waved by any fence sitting lawmaker looking for a reason for their yes vote. Faux Noise will herald it as the best economic analysis since Laffer’s napkin.


Why don’t we all write to Treasury that if ANY of these rosy projections do not appear within a year and a half, the authors of this report must resign? We the People have the right to demand honesty and competence. We must demand them. This is as good a place to start as any.

Here is a link to the Secretary of the Treasury:


I gave him four guidelines: job growth in 2018, deficit in 2018, GDP growth, revenue growth, failure to meet any ONE is an indication of either incompetence or dishonesty and grounds for immediate resignation/dismissal.

What do you think?


I think most of us need to get a grip.
We are not dealing with people. People feel shame. People have a conscious. People feel remorse.
These scum don’t have feelings. Trying to get them to do the right thing doesn’t register with them.
They will have to fear for their lives to do what we believe is the right thing. They don’t understand anything else. It’s sad but true.


The “analysis” consists of a one-page document. It contains zero calculations. It is not signed by the Treasury “Secretary.” His story prior to its release was that Treasury staff was working “around the clock” on it when, in fact, a significant portion of said staff was prevented from working on it. On and on goes the sociopathic fraud. Dear politicians: Thanks so much.


Similar to the right-wing PNAC crowd needing “another Pearl Harbor” to enact their agenda (so far, so good), the other side needs “a new Bastille storming.”


I don’t quite agree. These are truly damaged people. But even they cannot
escape the wrath of We the People, IF We are willing to spend as much time
talking, yelling to/at them as we do each other. Becoming a publicly
recognized villain affects even the most ideologically
narrowed/self-satisfied person. Most of these folks think we can do
nothing about anything. We can prove them wrong. Or we can prove them
right. If enough of us speak directly to them, we have a chance, not a
guarantee, not even an even money bet, but a chance that we can shock them,
cause them to rethink their place in the universe. Or we can quibble among


Both of you may be correct. Given enough time and effort, we might persuade (dissuade) them to do the right thing. But, we don’t have the time, and the needed effort may be better spent pushing them out of way to prevent further damage.


OK. How? Everything is about How.


They don’t assume we’re stupid, they understand that the time window for extreme looting is now, and that it won’t close as long as they have the power. Pretending to have a clear economic plan with measures likely to achieve results is all they need to stay in power until the next election.


Hello CommonPaine, I’m way past resignation. The death penalty is more appropriate! These scum need to be thinned out so that there is not even one in existence as they cause nothing but pain and death!!!


Meanwhile on our side if that is the Democratic Party we are some how hallucinating that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (both Clinton-Obama Democrats) would reform the tax system so those who can afford to pay will pay while those who are struggling won’t have to.

Schumer, Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Bill & Hillary, and Obama and Biden all had multiple opportunities to cut taxes on the middle class and working poor over the years and they failed. This same group also failed to stop Bush’s 2 rounds of tax cuts for the rich…and in fact, Obama extended and made many of those tax cuts permanent.

The problem for the US middle class and working poor…we do NOT have representation in government under either party. Chuck Schumer…give me a break. Money boy Chuck was in total agreement with Obama and te Clinton’s to NOT re-institute Glass-Steagall and the Bush Financial collapse. Obama resorted to some highly bogus intellectual (arrogance is his #1 trait) argument.

The Democrats are just as bad if not worse than Trump! We need a new Democratic party…the Clinton’s and Obama’s are really Republicans. Look who they hang out with…very very rich people. Obama is a fake Democrat. The Clinton’s are really Republicans…and Hilary supported Bush’s wars!


I don’t think these people Mitch McConnell and company expect people to believe their case. Their case is pure pretense, and they know the American people know it’s bullshit.

The sub-text is, “This is a plutocracy. There’s nothing you can do about it. We’re helping ourselves. Get used to it!” - Just like the money grubbing royalist of old that we set out to escape from in 1776.


…or, We can start the Revolution now and begin building the Guillotines.


That indeed is THE question. My sense is that we will not be ultimately permitted (freedom, justice and liberty notwithstanding) to effect the change all of us here seek. Incrementally, perhaps.