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Trump, Troll-in-Chief, Wags the Impeachment Dog By Going to War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/03/trump-troll-chief-wags-impeachment-dog-going-war-iran


good writing from Juan today.

“appealed to the worst and most fascistic elements in American political life.”

I do disagree. Get out of A square, onto the back roads in Michigan and ‘listen’.
People do not have a safe, easy life there. As you have. Suffering thru great depression #2. Look for any new construction. Only a few new schools. The houses need roofs, paint or siding, etc. The vehicles are far from newer. These are not the enemy. Not fascist nor evil.

Payback is coming and we will have tears.


Overview by Pepe Escobar. I agree with his conclusion. Blowback will be by a thousand cuts.



Professor Cole is talking about politicians like Bolton and Cotton, oldie, not average Americans.

His reference to the average joe supporting Trump is this line: “Up until now, however, Trump shrewdly calculated that his base was tired of wasting blood and treasure on fruitless Middle Eastern wars, and he avoided taking more than symbolic steps.”


Trump doesn’t give a crap about impeachment, which he knows is going nowhere.


After Iraq, after Libya, after Syria, after Yemen - now Iran

All wars in capitalism are in the interests of the capitalist class and working people are the victims and cannon fodder. The abolition of global capitalism and the transformation to world socialism will remove the causes of war.

A Declaration of Peace

I get the impression it gnaws at him in the background.
Rudy certainly won’t let it rest.
Parnas and Fruman are going to appear in court in one month – Parnas wants to sing.
The Senate is still persuadable on calling witnesses – Romney, Collins, Murkowski are wild cards.
Nancy is slow walking things to make everyone sweat a bit.
Public opinion on impeachment is apparently unbudgeable.

And really, Trump is as likely to wag the dog to benefit himself and Bibi as anyone.

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Nothing merely “suspicious” about it. Dog-wagging is EXACTLY what he is doing.

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