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Trump Trolls Michael Moore; Moore Fights Back


Trump Trolls Michael Moore; Moore Fights Back

- Common Dreams staff

Only thing Trump got right: “While not at all presidential”

The Terms of My Surrender.


Finally! Somebody shut up the tweeter-in-chief at his own “game.”


Yeppers, our retard-in-chief didn’t have the words to respond to Moore’s INTELLIGENT tweets!


I would love it if someone could figure a way to hack into Trump’s tweets and shut them down.


Mr President:



Twitter did kick Roger Stone off of Twitter permanently after his hissy-tweet-fit this last Friday, but so far the prictator hasn’t used the kind of language Stone used …


Too bad!


keep it up Michael. You are one of our best weapons against this awful con guy defacing our white house! thanx for all your great work.


Thank you, Michael Moore … as always.
We should all remember, however, that Trump is about revenge …
be careful !!



**If the twit-in-chief couldn’t tweet it would send him right around the bend … we need to start a petition to have him removed from Twitter!!! :thinking::hugs:


Yeah, like where’s Anonymous when we need them?!


Trump was tweeting in fascist speak which means whatever he says is true by definition. To Trump’s followers Moore is lying and represents the elite which deals only in fake news for its own benefit. Trump will just keep going with his statements which in the world of fascists are deemed to be the truth. Trump’s goal is to undermine conventional sources of information to gain more followers for his version of the truth. That is why he keeps attacking the media outlets that are not going along with his views.


Laughable but so sad at the same time. Trump simply illustrates how pathetic and self-centered this government is - not just the Presidency. Well done Michael.


Maybe we will have to wait for the trial :slight_smile:


Right, we’ve already seen or experienced most of the errors! :skull_and_crossbones::wink:


Marvelous! Moore out-trumped Trump in using language Trump would understand.

Long live Michael Moore!




But then, there’s also the possibility that Twitter is the only thing keeping The Donald’s finger off The Button.


Isn’t MM a GEM!