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Trump Trumpets His Real Plans


Trump Trumpets His Real Plans

Ralph Nader

Even for a failed gambling czar, Donald Trump has been surprisingly quick to show his hand as he sets the course of his forthcoming presidency. With a reactionary fervor, he is bursting backwards into the future. He has accomplished this feat through the first wave of nominations to his Cabinet and White House staff.


I wonder if there are any Green Party people who still believe that Hillary Clinton would be worse than Donald Trump as president. Ralph Nader says a word beyond “nightmare” is needed to describe Trump’s appointees. It sounds to me that he would have preferred Clinton although he would probably never admit it.


As has been said many times in CD posts…ride with the Democrats and you crash into a brick wall at 60 mph., or ride with the GOP and crash into a brick wall at 90 mph. The results are the same, the GOP just does it faster.

The big difference between Trump and the other 16 GOP primary contenders is OVERT racism. The cabinet appointees you are seeing Trump select differ little from the cabinet appointees any of the other 16 contenders would chose had they been elected.


I think that everyone knew that the election of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for the Country.

The only good thing about Trump is now people have something to rally against. Soon everyone will be against Trump. If Hillary had been elected, only half the country would be against her and the current downward slide would have continued with only token resistance.

Where was the public when Obama and Hillary were boosting fossil fuel development? Since Obama was the “Environmental President” he could do no wrong… except fracking grew exponentially under his leadership, Standing Rock was ignored, and only a few tried to stop him. Where was the general public when he instituted his “Kill Lists” which soon will be in the hands of the vindictive Trump? (Or could have been in the hands of the war-mongering Clinton - take your pick).

Now at least Trump’s actions have the attention of the public, and maybe, just maybe, the public will start to pay attention as their country crumbles. But the public has been asleep under Obama as ownership and control of the Country was gifted to the Corporations. And they would have stayed asleep under a Clinton presidency.

It is going to be a hard battle to take back our Country, but the slide was there long before Trump and no one did anything.

Trump’s base will soon erode as deals such as Carrier are shown to be the farces that they are.

Obama and Clinton are Climate Deniers in Actions, just not words. And few fought successfully against their actions.
Trump is a Climate Denier in words so now his actions can be addressed.

In any case, it is probably too late to save the Planet, but will the Public hear and respond to the wake-up call?


They’ll never admit it. All or nothing with them. There’s never a well funded opposition at work that doesn’t want progressivism to succeed, just backstabbing sellout Dems. There are never the difficulties of Congressmen representing different districts and having to account for that legislatively. The Greens, if they ever took Congress, would never face this issue, a fact of life in all coalitions, as love would spread from the populace towards the wonderment of their pure message from all quarters. No, all problems are evil Democrats undermining everything “true” progressives stand for. They’d rather get pure, hard right conservatism so that the revolution can take place.


Thank-you for this piece, and thank-you for your seemingly endless years fighting tireless for all that is good and decent You are real “:lawyer you will like” as another great “likable” lawyer the late Michael Ratner used to say on his radio program. What a president you would have made!


There is not a single true assertion in your post. Please learn something about the government. Why is the Trump transition poised to engage in a criminal witch-hunt against federal workers working on climate issues if we here in the US government are doing nothing about it? And you seem to be attributing absolute dictatorial powers to Obama if you think he could have commanded a stop to oil and gas drilling - which regulatory-wise is all that “fracking” is. Even Norway, and Merkel’s Germany, is still producing and burning oil and coal.

And if there has been only “token resistance” whose fault is that??? Tell me what activist projects and organizations YOU have been involved in over the past 8 years???

And sorry, but there is not a single historical example of “the worse, the better” ever working. The public will pay attention to Trump all right! When he brings then $1.00/gallon gasoline and hyper-nationalist swagger, they will positively adore him just like the majority of Russian adore the macho capitalist gangster Putin.


What is a secret “Kill List” if it is not “absolute dictatorial powers” instituted by Obama?

It is the fault of the voters and Public who let him get away with it. And why do they let him? Because he is a smooth talker who professes one thing and does the opposite.

I agree. Things have been going downhill for a long time and every time we have had a “worse” president than the time before.

The only difference now is Trump is saying what he means about climate change. He denies that it is happening. And that can be countered. People did not fight Obama because he publicly professed to a belief in Climate Change while rewarding his Corporate buddies who continued to destroy the Planet.

Obama talked a good game, but did little to address the problem and actually encouraged fossil fuel use. We got our Heavily Subsidized first nuclear plant in a decade sponsored by the TVA, a government agency. If the money for that plant had been spent on renewable resources rather than the a Nuclear Folly, we could have been a lot better off. And contrary to your post, there is a lot Obama could have done, one case in point being Standing Rock.


But there are obviously some denialists out there that still don’t get that HRC was never going be elected president. Doesn’t matter that it appears she has more of the popular vote; the electoral college, like it or hate it, is a unique factor of this one elected position WELL-KNOWN to all, especially to the politicos of the D party. The electorates of those summed states that hold the winning EC total were not EVER going to elect HRC. Get it through your thick, stubborn skulls. There is no pleasure in this collapse and NO SURPRISE in the callous mockery of Trump. And some of you still do not understand that it was BECAUSE we saw this Democratic fiasco in the making that we are angry. There are moments that - seized - can change the course of events. That moment, not just disregarded, but vilified and sabotaged, was when the Democratic brain trust ignored not just the future, but the energy immediately at their disposal.

A regular poster, I forget who, commented in the heat of the race that his worn-out old tennis shoe could beat Trump, but HRC struggles. Best damned comment of the whole freakish campaign.


As usual, Mr. Nader is right on target. And what he so sagaciously describes as HIS CABINET APPOINTEES BEING BEYOND A NIGHTMARE reminds me of one of JFK’s prescient quotes:

" There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave office, I intend to expose this plot."
JFK 7 days before his assassination.


Who knew Ralph Nader had a podcast too?

It’s pretty good. This week he interviews his former running mate Winona LaDuke about Standing Rock.


Would a Main Street screw over by any other political party be anything more than a screw over? Trump or Hillary same same.


Ralph nader, as always, speaking truth to the people.

The CIA and Brit MI 6-SIS overthrew the Democratically-elected Iranian government of Mohammed Mossadeq in 1953, installing the hated Shah. The CIA has admitted its role. The Iranian people suffered under the Shah and his secret police until the 1979 Iranian Revolution - now they will suffer more under the Pompeo’s CIA, his delusional and manipulated world view, and Israeli fomenting war (fought of course by the US) - expect an Israeli false-flag op (like their USS Liberty attack) - a Gulf of Tonkin scam.

The manipulated are us, and the manipulator (in large part) is Israel and its extremist (some say terrorist) right wing Zionist government agenda - create many smoke screens, and play the “religion” and “anti-Semite” cards to cloak their war crimes, ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, and stifle growing world opinion & BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israeli intransigence and arrogance - under the odious pathology of Netanyahu Israeli subversion of our sovereignty has grown substantially - and American quislings to Israeli subversion hold first loyalty to that foreign power. The Trump regime will only further their arrogance and warmongering, to our great loss!

We can, I believe, see Israeli subversive influence in Trumps Cabinet picks and the groups/entities they belong to (AEI e.g.), right-wing views, militarist aggression in the ME/NA, racist Israeli “training” of US police in US cities especially, and an overall hard-line (nutter) world agenda (read John Bolton) - Israel promoting, funding, and supporting treasonous actions by US politicians.


No. The kill list (which of of course is vile) is directly related to the president’s constitutional role as military commander in chief, along with the also vile (but constitutional) S.J. Res. 23 - the very broadly worded authorization of military force against “terrorists” (real or imagined) on September 14, 2001 and signed by Bush on Sept. 18, 2001.

I repeat, the idea that the federal government is doing nothing to address climate change is nonsense, Obama has done as much as is possible to address climate change in the face of a hostile congress and even more hostile US citizenry (most people where I live regard climate change as a hoax). Do you know what the Clean Power Plan is? Who prevented its implementation? Look it up if you don’t know.

And yes, nuclear is the cleanest, safest, power there is - especially in the mid-US south which climatologically is very wind-poor and large scale wind development is impractical. Once again, look it up and educate yourself - but watch out for fake news (“Fukushima is positively Frying California” a few years ago).

And once again, you seem to not have any idea of how governments work - we have this thing called a “constitution” and “rule of law”. This means that absent enabling legislation and existing laws passed by Congress, a US president cannot arbitrarily make new regulations tell a business or individual what or what not to do.



To speak very generally about the opinions of a wide range of people, a position that very many of us share is really is as it was stated by so many over and over: we did not and do not believe that Trump was not or is not a nightmare; we believe that Clinton was and is likely worse.

You are going to be hearing the same story for 4-8 years: Trump almost certainly does not have enough institutional power even with the Congress and Senate to convince most of the non-Republican spectrum that he is worse than Clinton. This is not more obvious than it is largely because most people find it pointless to vote. Perhaps some people also miss it because they imagine that most voters or even most of the eligible electorate are either Republican or Democrat. There are far more people who believe that both parties are dens of thieves than there are Republicans or Democrats who feel that their parties field decent candidates. The various email releases, particularly the Podesta group, underscore and reinforce this already endemic observation–this realization, I should say. Are Democrats or even Republican officials ready to go through these and investigate and publish and at least pull the people implicated out of power, if not prosecute their crimes? No, both parties have announced that they will not do that.

Trump will do lousy things, many lousy things, and serious lousy things. We agree there, and I hope it’s not rhetorical flourish on either side. That says nothing at all for Clinton, who does not strike me as being less clever than the Donald.

If the Democratic Party is to ever return to making a credible appeal–and not just to the Greens, who are not particularly in control of much of anything–it has to clean its own house. Let’s face it, even if it were true that Russia released the Podesta or other emails, that does not make Clinton’s acceptance of campaign money from foreign nations less than treason or less than murderous.

I would love to see some evidence that some people with some sway within the Democratic Party care. I chastened that I do not, as well as appalled: many of these people have been personal allies. I expected better although at this juncture I did not expect much, and find myself badly fooled.


First of all, yunzer, Obama had all three branches and did nothing but dole out oil and gas permits, something he continues to do throughout. And mid-US south has plenty of sun. You seem to understand government but not politics.


ahh, ray, you say “the results are the same” whether r or d. It must be desolation in your mind all the time because those are the only 2 options.


You do not have a sense of political reality. Most people want their cheap fuel. Any politician who gets too carried away trying to stop cheap fuel is history as a politician. Obama did several things to help us with shutting down much coal use and increasing fuel standards in vehicles, for instance. Hillary would have continued to follow similar steps. Trump will almost certainly take us backwards. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Standing Rock situation has been relatively good. Trump will likely change that.


Your JFK quote is one of those false rumors.


Try not to get your panties in a wad, Don.