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Trump Trumps Trump


Trump Trumps Trump

Christopher Brauchli

With consistency a great soul simply has nothing to do. —Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays, Self Reliance


" The proposed budget cut funding for the Office of National Drug Control Policy from $388 million to $24 million, a 95% reduction. If implemented, the office will lose 33 employees."



Here's the thing: DJT only needs to be consistent in two ways.

First, he has to talk repeatedly about "Making America Great Again." This vague catchphrase captures all the longing Middle America has for simpler times. When everyone knew their place. When Jesus was your one true guide. When the USA made the world safe for democracy. When coal mining was romantic. When pussy grabbing was cool.

Second, he has to relentlessly attack all of his critics and perceived malefactors, and the more politically incorrect the attacks, the better. Fake news, Obama, Pocahontas, crooked Hillary, Muslims, immigrants: to Make America Great Again, they need to be blamed, banned, tortured, walled off, and jailed.

By focusing on the two tactical consistencies above, Trump renders all of his contradictions meaningless in the eyes of his base. To his low-info base, Trump is simply outwitting his opponents--and there's now a long list of supposedly capable politicians who he's vanquished--with a tweet-fueled game of 11-dimensioal chess.