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Trump U-Turn on Israel Confirms Unified Disdain for Palestinian Hopes


Trump U-Turn on Israel Confirms Unified Disdain for Palestinian Hopes

Jonathan Cook

The grubby underside of US electoral politics is on show once again as the Democratic and Republican candidates prepare to fight it out for the presidency. And it doesn’t get seamier than the battle to prove how loyal each candidate is to Israel.

New depths are likely to be plumbed this week at the Republican convention in Cleveland, as Donald Trump is crowned the party’s nominee. His platform breaks with decades of United States policy to effectively deny the Palestinians any hope of statehood.


With bucks and barks, the tail keeps wagging the dog.


"The Republican party’s most significant donor is Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnate and close friend of Netanyahu. He has hinted that he will contribute more than $100 million to the Trump campaign if he likes what he sees.

"Should Netanyahu offer implicit endorsement, as he did for Mitt Romney in the 2012 race, Christian Zionist preachers such as John Hagee will rally ten of millions of followers to Trump’s side too – and fill his coffers."

Blood money! And who says human sacrifice is a thing of the ancient past?

(What wouldn't an ambitious politician not do for money?)


This is a terrific clip (20 minutes). Our nation's slide into fascism.

Anticipating the Trump supporter's reflex to attack Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic party, I would agree that many of these policies also gain at least some support from too many Democrats. They have been seduced into the DLC and thus do what the money-masters demand that they do:


Cornell West outside the RNC:

"I think our young our precious Palestinian brothers and sisters need to know that there are voices here in the United States of all colors, white and black and red and yellow and brown, some of them are young Jewish voices who are concerned not just about the plight of Palestinians, but know that the day will come when the vicious Israeli occupation will be lifted. Palestinians will be able to live lives of decency and dignity and live lives of self determination.”


I guess we sadly hope that we have a politician who has a moral compass. Those days are long gone.


"The grubby underside of US electoral politics"

What do you mean, the "underside"? It's been topside for a great many years.