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Trump Unhinged, But Clinton's Post-Orlando Speech Also Sparks Concern


Trump Unhinged, But Clinton's Post-Orlando Speech Also Sparks Concern

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Though with markedly different tones and levels of aggression, similarities punctuated the manner in which the two leading presidential contenders have responded to the mass shooting at an Orlando gay club—namely, calling for more war and more surveillance.


When our government of Bush immediately flew out Saudi's royalty who were visiting with the Bush's. No other flights were allowed except Saudi's. Something is rotten here in Amerika. It still goes un answered even though it was brought up a few weeks ago about Saudi's involvement in that attack. Nothing gets done i.e. war criminals, fraudulent bank activities, corruption in government, Panama papers, and it goes on and on and there is no accountability.


And, like so many corporate Democrats and Republicans, Clinton never lets a crisis go unexploited


I guess that Clinton's nostalgia for 9/12 includes her decision in 2003 to support the Shrub's attack on Iraq.

This "election" is a complete joke and the prospect of the news being plastered with these two for the next five months is beyond nauseating. Geez....they're even beginning to look alike at this point.


Somehow, I am not comforted with Hillary's thought that killing more innocents in the Middle East will somehow make us all safer. I guess I don't see the big picture like she does.

How could anyone vote for a person who believes that Increased Violence is the solution to reducing violence?


And of course both presumptuous candidates come out swinging before the facts behind the attack even begin to emerge. Apparently Mateen was a self-hating gay who took out his rage on the very people he had been propostioning just days before.

Square that with "more bombs will cure this problem" - when in fact that mentality (let's kill more "bad" guys) is precisely the problem no one wants to talk about.

When "our" government routinely celebrates the extrajudicial killing of those they designate "bad guys" as a solution to America's security needs it sends the message that killing those we citizens designate as "bad guys" will make our own likes better.

And when "our" goverment routinely and casually slaughters innocents abroad and dismisses that slaughter as "collateral damage" it sends the message that if your cause is just (and you get to decide what is a "just cause") then however many innocents die in your pursuit of that cause, it's OK.



And these are the two selected by the establishment power-elite for us to vote for. One that perpetuates crimes against humanity and one that threatens to perpetrate crimes against humanity.


These incidents always seem to advance memes that the respective Political Candidate and establishment has tried to advance all along, that the need for more war , greater investments in killing the other and mass surveillance of citizens.


The ironies in this story are profound. The Orlando shooter had no actual ties to IS but some of the people Hillary vows to destroy are probably veterans of her ground campaign in Libya in 2011.



What Clinton was referring to by spirit of 9/12 was that several days after the attack George W Bush visited a mosque and said statements about not directing anger toward Muslims. Clinton was really trying to contrast Bush's response to Trump's. The spirit of 9/12 was not a good way to phrase. That was a period where patriotism started to get out of hand and free speech was imperiled. It took probably a couple of years for American to become America again. We are still left with the PATRIOT Act from that period of hysteria. I think the main thing to be learned from this is how dangerous Trump could be. Apparently he is a conspiracy theorist and is suggesting that Obama wants attacks by jihadists to occur. It would appear that Trump has serious psychological problems and can't distinguish reality from his delusions. Or he is simply an opportunist to a degree we haven't seen before. In any case, the Republicans should find some way to dump him because he has no business running at the top of their ticket. Many voters seem willing to vote for anyone showing strength and conviction no matter how wacky they are.


Hillary is being shoved down our throats by her campaign in league with the DNC.

“”The number one reason that Bernie Sanders supporters are told they should vote for Hillary is to stop Trump. Nowhere is there an argument about the merits of her platform. If the primary argument to vote for Hillary is out of fear—then the Democrats have now joined with the GOP in promoting a politics of hysteria.

And for what it’s worth, some voters today think that the lesser evil is still plenty evil. They’d rather sit it out or vote green. The Hillary camp simply has no counter-argument for that.”

Second of all, there is a real allergic reaction to truth in the Clinton camp. If Hillary had joined with Bernie and called for investigations into the many, many, many reported cases of election fraud, the political environment on the left would be drastically different. But rather than deal with the facts, the Hillary camp chose to ignore the rights of voters and describe the calls for fairness as the ravings of lunatics searching for a conspiracy.”

from Salon:The unexpected side effect of Hillary 2016: How she transformed Democrats into “new” Republicans The Clinton campaign has drained many of the ideals Democrats have long stood for)


The thought of either one of these people becoming POTUS fills me with absolute horror. Trump is a complete idiot that couldn't come up with a rational solution to any problem and Queen Hillary is on the same wave length. How far has this country slid down the hill to oblivion only time will tell.


" is beyond nauseating."
NO KIDDING! I have NO intention of following this shameful tete a tete until November..I'll check back in in late October but til then, the ONLY stories I want to engage are ones about Sanders and how the movement he started is progressing...


Yes, it's disgusting how our government has been bought and paid for so all of the criminals that buy our politicians and who ARE our politicians, can rest easy knowing they can't be held accountable for their disgusting, vile actions.


Hummmm, so you wrote Clinton's speech and can school us on exactly what she meant? https://www.rt.com/news/332022-assange-clinton-vote-war/ Julian Assange knows what Clinton means and thinks because he's had access to thousands of her emails and cables. Trump is dangerous, but Clinton is worse. She's an insider with plenty of experience on how to wage war. Cheeto man would learn quickly how little power he has to do what he says.


Both Trump and Clinton are "unhinged" and depraved in their own ways, The Klinton Koolaid drinkers that believe Hillary's fabricated history, outright lies, and claims of "experience" need to get a grasp on reality and the truth before allowing Clinton into the Oval Office - that goes for Trump as well, both psychopaths of great danger for America and the world! More Libya's, more craven support for the war criminal Israelis, more war and death abroad and at home, more corporate, banker deregulation and "free trade" cons and trickle-down mentality ........more profits for the war machine.......more expansion and free-range to the police-state.
The enormity of the lies and deceit, the hypocrisy of both Clinton and Trump and their flunkie sycophants is infuriating!

The only Prez candidates of integrity and morality are Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein - fail to support the issues they and millions of others support at our great peril!


So what we are learning is this guy may have been gay growing up in a household that said he was evil.

Why do we even have relations with a country like Saudi Arabia that executes gay people and treats women as slaves?

A question for both Clinton and Trump-shouldn't we cut all ties with Saudi Arabia? Put human dignity over profit.

And I know the response-we can play a role in changing them by having relations-so how is that working out-----The haters in Saudi Arabia just use the west as an excuse for all their dysfunction.

Cut ties,no more blaming the west----and let them stew in their own hate.

And why ow why are we selling weapons to Vietnam???????


All too true illusion - and how about cutting ties (and subversion of our republic) with the terrorist state of Israel - a major cause of the turmoil the world is in these days!


All the more reason all of us have to go over to www.lobbydelegates.com and leave the following message for all the delegates (I sent it today and was about the 1200th person to do so). It takes about 15 minutes to send to everyone (less if you use copy/paste).

text to work with (i had to shorten it to fit the text field available on the site):

Respected Delegate,
Please reconsider whom you will vote for on July 25th. Voting for
Secretary Clinton is no longer the surest way to retain the White House.
Ms. Clinton is a weaker candidate than Senator Sanders. Poll after poll has shown Sanders defeating Trump in wider margins than Clinton
does. Many polls also show Clinton losing to Trump in key battleground states.
A presidential candidate with a negative favorability rating has never won. Clinton's net rating is a negative 15.5%, and trending down. Albeit, Trump's is even higher; however, why force the American people to hoose between the lesser of two lessors? Sanders has a net favorability rating of at least +10, with more than half of poll voters holding a positive view of him.
Yes, we've seen that Clinton has 3 million+ votes and 100s more delegates than Sanders. However, voting irregularities (and potential election fraud) aside, most of these contests were primaries. In many cases, one would have had to register as a Democrat before campaigns had even begun. Independent voters will be essential to win the presidency. Clinton trails Trump in independent voters by at least 5 points. Sanders beats Trump with independent voters. Independents make up about 42% of voters (Republicans and Democrats make up about 26 and 29% respectively).
None of this takes into account Clinton's weakness as a general election candidate. 60% of queried voters (including Democrats!) don't think she's trustworthy. It 's likely that ~20% of Sanders supporters will either vote third-party or not show up to the polls. This latter possibility is more troubling, as it would negatively affect down-ticket contents.
Lastly, Clinton is under FBI investigation. A lot can happen between now and November (and even between now and the end of July), and it would be wiser to select a candidate with so little hanging over his head.
If you truly wish to defeat Trump, then please vote for Mr. Sanders at the convention!


not sure why the text came out all funky. sorry about that. :-/