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Trump University Documents Expose Presumptive Con-Man-in-Chief


Trump University Documents Expose Presumptive Con-Man-in-Chief

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A swindle and a sham that "preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money" is how people who worked for Trump University described the methods behind the self-titled, now-defunct real estate education program run by the presumptive Republican nominee.


What's frightening is the number of people who will probably consider this as a positive thing. They view it as the American way gain maximum use of capitalism to screw others and amass fortunes and power for themselves. Some consider "Atlas Shrugged" as their second Bible.

Go Bernie!


Kim Jung Un, the tubby kid hereditary tyrant of North Korea just came out favoring Donald Trump for US president. That has to be the worst endorsement a presidential candidate has ever gotten -- we will keep building nuclear weapons until we make one that can blast the US but until we get that, Trump's our guy -- perhaps because he has even weirder hair than Kim does. So far I haven't heard Trump saying thanks but no thanks, but my media access is temporarily severely limited. From what I do hear Trump spent more than an hour on TV lambasting political journalists. Seems like a dumb move for someone who looks to have the presidential nomination locked up, a major case of biting the hand that can and wants to feed you, but he seems to believe the old Abbie Hoffman-Jerry Rubin Yippie concept that there's no such thing as bad publicity. He is definitely testing the limits of that theory. All the Hillary haters who want him to win just so she doesn't are thinking that he's losing on purpose, throwing the fight just to put on a show. I suspect he actually doesn't want to be president, just to revel in the attention he can get by running and getting into the history books that way as the wildest flashiest presidential election loser ever, so the history will have him as something more than whatever it is he is, a media showoff who'll be forgotten one news cycle after he corks off.


For the love of god people. If you are a Trump or Clinton supporter reading this article and comment section, WAKE UP. Neither of these two people are fit to be human beings, let alone candidates for President of the United States. If Bernie loses out on the nomination, this will be the most corrupt pair of candidates in my lifetime, maybe since the inception of the country. I am just at a loss for words any more.


Anti-intellectualism, the long con...


"Isn't that why Conservatives and Liberals vote for Dems and Repubs? It can't be because they want honest leaders."

If the system offers Pepsi or Coke and you want natural orange juice... you're shit out of luck.

Trump's mega millions in free publicity added to his pseudo-populist rhetoric has those angry white guys who IDENTIFY with him lending him support.

Mrs. Clinton's machinery has used every trick in the book (and then some) to thwart Sanders' progress towards the American Presidency.

How far did principled persons like Ralph Nader or Jill Stein get?

To take the outcome of systemic corruption and turn that onto American voters is the #1 meme pushed in this forum.

Regardless of how many times the incongruities of law, the lies of mass media, and the malfeasance of persons in power are exposed, STILL this chorus reverts back to its one-dimensional chorus line: Blaming voters/citizens.


Hillary and Trump keep getting more and more alike.


A part of me wonders if Kim Jung Un didn't do that because he figures it will be easy to entice Trump into war --- and then KJU can let it rip. I don't think he's wrong about. I think WWIII is coming if Trump gets in there.


If there is Homo sapiens sapiens, then perhaps we're mired in something like a multi-billion dollar investment in re-manufacturing hollywood/media version of Homo ignorantus ignorantus. The former: the human being aware of being self-aware. The later the technological politics intentionally generating human beings unaware of being unaware that they've been rendered addicted to their chains forged with meddling in lies upon lies, upon secrecy upon violence.

All of this ironically enough comes down to the shedding of the masks, losing of chains and intravenous feeds unveiling the truth of the stiflingly narrow confines of the tunnel vision of those practicing today's 'power politics'. The only 'future' allowed is that predatory version of 'yesterday'.


Predicted defense of The Donald:

I was just selling my name like banks and insurance companies do with Stadiums and other athletic arenas. I had no idea what they were doing and certainly do not approve of these practices...(blah, blah, blah!)


"Trump spent more than an hour on TV lambasting political journalists. Seems like a dumb move" - pretty sure that's part of how he became the nominee...


Trump voters probably won't care! They are filled with fear and hate and blame everyone but billionaire Trump.

Did Trump University get taxpayers dollars in form of student loans?


I'm not a Trump fan in any way. That said, I've worked at private universities, and many of them work like this. It's all about getting people to register, no matter what.


Really? How are they alike? Why didn't the fascist Harley bikers invite her to speak at Rolling Thunder on the DC Mall?


He's a sociopath. Act 1 - So, America may wind up getting a casino owner, another empathy-lacking misanthrope, another leader-n-liar president. Act 2 - Clinton-2's (sociopathic) double-downing and ill-willed ignorance of Mother Earth. Final Act - We truthseeking American citizens reel at the spectacle of Mrs. Clinton's cavalier impersonation of a supposed protector, who has often sworn an oath of office, to preserve and protect the Constitution - only to give speeches to the bankster antagonists on wall street, who eagerly conspire and build an IMMENSE, colossal political wall, that only money can build, to ward off a DETERMINED Peoples' Democratic Movement.

Only the senator from Vermont, the current sitting Senator Sanders, can bring down this wall with inspired vision of a JUST AMERICA, the mighty Movement of the People, by the People, and for the People! We can reset an American hegemony to Peace and Prosperity, without greed. My heart goes out to the betrayed and still adoring, misinformed & manipulated base of Mrs. Clinton.


And I get the feeling. Social Security will be the big prize to steal from this vulture Capitalist if he get's elected.


Trump trash. Rings of Stupider. I am just providing a few epitaphs that may prove useful in the ensuing constructive conversation. Also, while Bernie is a solar presence, providing light, illumination and a little heat, Trump is a gaseous presence. Rings of Stupider, or maybe Wings of Stupider, that nazi charisma


Donald Trump makes the best steaks. He has the best hotels. The best golf courses. He is the greatest reality TV star. He is the best candidate for the Republican nomination. He is going to make America great again. And he is the only one who is guaranteed to make you rich. And, oh yes, his "university" is the best university in the galaxy. What I like about Trump is that he is humble and non-competitive and he doesn't show any signs of being narcissistic or insecure...Trump for President!! Yay!!


Trump is certainly a con artist. This is what you would expect a pathological liar in business to be. But what is truly scary is how vindictive he is towards anyone questioning his honesty. Right now he can only attack people with shouting and mostly frivolous law suits but what if he had the FBI, CIA, and US military at his disposal. This is a truly frightening prospect. And, he hasn't even ruled out using nuclear weapons in Europe. He seems to be reaching the inner fascist within many Americans. Not only apparently does Trump consider American values to be simply empty rhetoric but there appear to be millions of others out there with a similar view who support him.


So because Hillary Clinton's subservience to corporate power exists, then this criticism of Trump doesn't stand?