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Trump Unleashes on Bannon: 'Not Only Lost His Job, He Lost His Mind'


trully there is no honour among thieves, con men and liars, the rats are turning on eatch other…this is getting good…


If Bannon and the media push on this, with a little luck, it’ll be the issue-frenzy to make Dump decompensate (fall totally apart).


The president continues to be amazing, The flagrant fact is that he just plain likes feuding Now it’s Steve Bannon who is the object of his disputatious feudism — his allies are now pissing him off. Then there’s new nonsense about Ivanka becoming president which would put Jarad Kushner in actual charge. It’s hard for me to get my head around the fact that anyone could possibly find this an appealing notion. But Jarad may be next on The Trump shit list. He more and more reminds me of bratty Mikey in the old cereal TV commercial: “Let’s try Mikey; he hates everything.” He is president as insult comic only unlike, say, the late Don Rickies, he isn’t able to communicate that it’s all in good fun.

It would be breaking new grounds of ridiculousness but it’s actually becoming tiresome to me. Everybody even his closest associates are saying publicly that he should knock it off with the nasty exchanges with North Korean Kim, that they can only make a bad situation worse — more important now that Kim is edging toward renewed communication with South K evidently from a desire to be part of the Winter Olympics, making for an opportunity to back away from the nuclear war precipice if only Dangerous Donald would shut up. But it seems to me that he likes the precipice and will do whatever he can to keep the crisis going on and the suspense building. Welcome to the New Year.


Well, there is that MSM ( normal media like cable, etc. ) misfunction. But, he’s got a nuclear button😀 next to his putter and the remotes. Not a very comforting fact.
The MacGuffin is possibly Russians electioneering ( intentionally interfering ) in the 2016 General. But, " following the money " will be the net cast, that catches all or most of the big bottom-feeding fish. Even fish that reside in the Congress, DOJ, Europe and Wall Street. Do you like fish? Of the 9 largest fisheries in the world, over half are in a state of collapse. The rest are heading in that direction. A metaphor, perhaps, or a cautionary sign? IMO, it’s the former. Just speculatin’.


You typed the words right off of my laptop! And yes please.