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Trump Unleashes 'Sexist, Odious' Twitter Attack on Morning Joe Hosts


Trump Unleashes 'Sexist, Odious' Twitter Attack on Morning Joe Hosts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just how many adjectives of contempt does it take to describe the latest behavior of the President of the United States?


Yet. Even though the approval rating numbers are said to be low, but not nearly low enough fir mr, I got s .facebooj message today from a web site called "Dinald Trump -- God's choice for Americs "

if that't true then saying that God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform has been proven very true.


As we understandably obsess over this vile man's repulsiveness, the real damage to the interests of the working class majority is quietly moving forward under the leadership of the Koch-funded extremists in the agencies, courts, and Congress - and of course in the individual states.

Wake up! Only revolution is going to save us and the Earths children at this point!


Tweeted like the troll and petulant immature bully that he is. His mental state has not progressed beyond his pre-teen years as reflected in his bizarre, unhinged, cruel behavior...a bully born and a bigger bully now. If stricter gun laws were enacted and enforced, this tyrant would not ever legally own a gun.


Wow who knew that the 1%ers couldn't trust each other to keep their secrets from the rest of us.

Mika and a facelift, here I thought she was a natural beauty.


DT and his team...OMG...we have spoiled kids running the country. Spoiled kids tend to take apart and destroy toys that are too sophisticated for them just as DT and Team are taking apart the country piece by piece.


Let's not forget we can continue to condemn his deplorable tweets AND AT THE SAME TIME continue fighting his, and the repubs, deplorable agenda. They are all really just separate aspects of a deplorable administration. FIGHT ON!!!


‪A shame that potential impeachment doesn't include boorishness, crassness and stupidity.‬


I suspect a large number of voters, in the US and UK, speak in just this way (I only have to read the below the line comments in my own local paper to confirm this - relentlessly racist, sexist and foul-mouthed) and will be even more happy with the President of the United States as a result. He is the complete common man, and the more he is attacked by despised "liberals" the more they will support him in the voting booth.


His base eats this garbage up. Huckabee did a pretty good job posturing tough. That's hardball politics 101.


I don't think it is obsessing over his vileness. It is incumbent on our society to note the depths to which he descends. This is the personality that stands at the head of our federal executive. Of our military. Our foreign relations. Appoints judges at every level. His vileness is not a distraction, it irrelevant to all the issues and crises we and the world confront.


You're dealing in stereotypes. Complete common man? I don't think so. Look at who staffs his administration. Look at who maintain him in the House and Senate. Look at who he socializes with at his resorts. His people can still gin up a crowd for a Trump rally, but when calls go out for Trump supporters to demonstrate the streets remain vacant.


I am really tired of twitter news. This new thing of posting everyone's impulsive thoughts is tiring. I don't care.


I think I've seen a T-shirt with that motto: I Don't Care. But unfortunately you cared enough to post. I don't think you can really care about anything and not care about this mans impulsive thoughts.


I said, "Twitter news." I am tired of news articles that are simply twits and responses to twits. Who cares? It's a poor form of human communication. Unfortunately, it's the limited kind Trumpet uses because of his very limited vocabulary.


These puerile, disgusting tweets are symptoms of a very serious (and dangerous for the country and world), underlying unstable and insecure psyche of someone with a trigger finger on both twitter and the world's largest lethal killing machine, the military with its nuclear arsenal.

What future monstrous event will he spawn if sufficiently "insulted"?


My point was simply that his racist, sexist, psychopathic tweets are not the things that are dismantling all the laws protecting the worker, environment, children, refugees, etc. His cooler-headed appointees whose names most people don't even know are doing that.

But yes, it is a tragedy that our shitty constitution has both conferred on the chief executive vastly too much power and at the same time provided virtually no practical means for his automatic ejection from office.

I sure am wishing right now that the American so-called "revolution" had never occurred. Had it never happened, we would be a parliamentary democracy in the British commonwealth, enjoying single-payer healthcare, strong enforced protections for workers and unions, a living wage for all, slavery would have been abolished much earlier and peacefully and consequently no stark system of racial discrimination that lives on to today, strong indigenous rights - maybe even an autonomous indigenous province, and a small military for defending our borders and/or international UN peace-keeping actions and used for nothing else.

In other words, just look at Canada or Australia to see what kind of place we would could have been had that "revolution" never happened.


You meant to write "it is relevant" not "it irrelevant." Yes?


Trump, the tubalard, LOVES stirring up trouble, and all that will stop him is a revolution, as some others have said. It is hard to be civil when the most potentially powerful man in America jeers and bullies citizens, and it is too much to ask US citizens to ignore his jerkiness. He must not know that Americans WILL hit him hard when he deserves it. And it won't stop until he stops. Why does he believe he is above being criticized for his policies and language? He acts like a spoiled brat.


Oh poppycock. So you just love the right wing jerk Trump?