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Trump Urged to Seek Evidence Before Attacking Syria


Trump Urged to Seek Evidence Before Attacking Syria

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: Evidence Required for Military Decision on Syria

Mr. President,


Attaining and maintaining power for Trump has included an ever growing list of enemies that only Trump can protect his followers from.

In addition to targeted people, Trump’s enemy list includes things like facts and EVIDENCE. For Trump to suggest considering evidence would mean that Trump is complicit with one of the enemies that he contrived.


The Department of Justice has a responsibility to advise the President that he will be charged with War Crimes if he exceeds his authority and launches an attack on Syria without approvals from Congress.


Maybe thats the plan. The NeoCons have their war, and they get rid of the Orange One at the same time. And then they can buy up the Middle East cheap in 10,000 years when the glowing subsides.


“Urged”? Why in Heaven’s name would something as common sense and basic as having concrete proof of an accused’s responsibility for a crime have to be urged on the President? Has Washington lost all of its senses?


For a country that CLAIMS to believe every person (unless black or Muslim) is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, shouldn’t we try, just this once, to withhold our judgment of Assad’s possible guilt, at least until the facts come in? Hasn’t our Government committed enough war crimes already?


No. And it has many more to go in the future. It’s all the USA does now.


Competent, objective, expert, thorough, evidence, careful, considered - and so forth, all words which have no relationship to the Dumps regime. His entire “management” method is tantrum based. I’ve yet to see this guy, as president, crack a smile. Only anger, anger and more anger. Why the hell can’t he have the heart attack he looks like?


Any leader of a nation and therefore its people should have some essential qualities to lead. None of those required qualities exist in the person of donald j trump.

A person of low or zero moral compass, sense of justice, empathy and concern for any person outside his own narcissistic ego, extremely limited education and intellect, no wide experience, mental stability, or wisdom, and finally zero sense of the underlying critical value of environmental protections and respect forThe Wild.

A shallow, thin-skinned vindictive person that reacts and communicates via the only venue his low education/intelligence and language skills can handle…the twitter universe of limited characters…a one way (very short) street requiring no language skills or exchange of ideas.

Perhaps the most frightening and dangerous aspects to trumps world are the people he surrounds himself with…others that will not threaten his lack of all those qualities required in a person of integrity…yes men and women also of limited, shallow, disturbed character, experience and wisdom, also having contempt for the rule of law and justice. for all…