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Trump Uses 'Disgustingly Racist' Pocahontas Slur at Event Honoring Native Americans


Trump Uses 'Disgustingly Racist' Pocahontas Slur at Event Honoring Native Americans

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Senator Elizabeth Warren said "it is deeply unfortunate that the president of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur."


This is beyond insane. When will this jerk ( Dump) be committed or jailed?


Just unbelievable, the type of people he is pandering to. They would be immediately accepted into Genghis’s mongol horde.


Unfortunately as demonstrated by Bush, never.


I know what you mean. Be crazy and/or corrupt and just dole out the money.


Is this the government of the United States or some right-wing comedy show hosted by Donald Trump? It is just silly, absurd, etc, etc. Trump is great with inane one liners that appeal to every loose wing nut right winger out in the homeland. There is absolutely no dignity or honor. Our country really does look like a joke. Reminds me of when Kelly Conway took off her shoes and jumped up on the oval office sofa during a visit by African-American educators. They are a silly, silly team that is at the center of power of our nation and the world. Of course, the world has to be laughing at…the United States.


Someone has to write scripts for the poor bastard. He stains everyone he’s supposed to honor. Perhaps keeping him away would be better and say he was busy golfing or something. He’s a disgrace to the office, an office I’ve now lost all respect for. Not that I’ve ever had much respect for the holders of the office. But at least they didn’t disgrace it much though.


Scripts are written but he thinks he is so glib and intelligent that he ignores them, which sets speechwriters’ heads a-spinning. Lies, epithets, and disgusting diatribes are his preferred deliverance anyway.

And he chose Pocahontas’ name because it is one of his favorite Disney films…

Amonute and her father, Powhatan weep…


The lunatic fringe has now grown to the size of a very large area rug. And, it’s covering the entire floor of the Oval Office. I’ve got to believe it’s made entirely of boar’s hair, too.


Or elephant hair and hide or jaguar pelts courtesy of his trash tribe trophy-hunting duo.


More offensive was having the portrait of Andy Jackson staring over their shoulders.


Excellent observation. Wonder if the portrait frame carries the inscription of his ignominious quote about the annihilation of Native Americans…?


We live in a country where a 7th-grade dumb-ass has a 37% approval rating.

Apologies to his fellow 7th-grade dumb-asses.


Shameful idiocy from a shameless man. The U.S. has reached a new low. This free-range moron steps in a cowpie every few minutes and opens his mouth to change feet. The Native Americans who suffered this “honor” must have been aghast at this neon display of imbecility.


Deport this illegal immigrant and his family back to Italy, I think that’s where his family is from.


he stains what is left of american integrity daily. I hold the Republithugs responsible for this monstrosity.


Brought to you courtesy of Obama and the democratic party, under whose leadership for eight years, a monumental redistribution of wealth to the 1% from the middle class and poor occurred. We did not arrive at this place in history by accident. This is what’s left of America, and Trump rubs our noses in it every chance he gets.


…thank you for this, the truth is hard to hear sometimes…it isn’t a matter of dem vs repub, it is a matter of true or false, maybe next time you could leave out party, they both are at work here and everyone knows it…


They’re coming out with a movie honoring the boys. It called, " Stumblefuck & Dickhead’s Excellent Safari ".


To compound this idiocy the ceremony is held with Andrew Jackson, the most destructive of all Presidents to Native Americans, looking down on it.
Note that the vets, who are at least 20 years older than Trump, look much healthier that the orange evil clown.