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Trump Uses Mosque Attack to Promote Muslim Ban as Death Toll Tops 300


Trump Uses Mosque Attack to Promote Muslim Ban as Death Toll Tops 300

Common Dreams staff

More than two dozen children are among the dead


What happened in Egypt by a bunch of wacko’s justifies a wall between Mexico and the U.S…what? Are we going to be keeping a bunch of wacko christians from invading America by building this wall…what? I am having a very hard time finding any logical reasoning here. Even pretzel logic doesn’t work. Anyone care to help me out?


The people murdered were of a Muslim sect. They are included in Trumps ban of other countries.


The mistake is looking for the logical reasoning. It isn’t based on that. Here’s the thinking in a nutshell:

Middle-Eastern Muslim, or Mexican?

For people who can’t tell brown people apart, it seems safest to just wall them all out.

But if someone really wants to blow Trump’s mind, they could inform him there are less than 5,000 Muslims in Mexico, but more than a million in Canada.


I think that, perhaps the way to world peace would be for the rest of the world to chip in and build a very strong wall all the way around the US Fourth Reich, then cover it with a net strong enough to hold in all of the drones, missiles, fighter aircraft, bombers and military transport and cargo planes.
*Imagine, enough silence in the world to hear the birds sing! The air clearing and purifying itself as the exhausts and chem trails are gone! Around the world, people could sleep in without worrying about dying in the rubble of their home! Crops could be planted and harvested, famine could be destroyed, workplaces could be protected.
*Think of the possibilities!


Hate breeds more Hate, especially amongst World leaders capable of it.


Maybe America needs to ban Americans!

Not only is the United States the runaway world leader for gun ownership – it also suffers mass shootings at more than 11 times the rate of any other developed country, according to a 2014 study published in the International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences.


There are two major sects of Muslims, the Shi’ite Muslim majority and the Sunni Muslim minority. There are continuous wars between the two sects, with the Shi’ite Muslims usually being the aggressor against the Sunni Muslims…

A Trump ban on Muslims is unconstitutional. You can’t ban people on the basis of their religion. But I support a ban on people with a proven criminal record of violent crime. They would be banned by proof of a criminal record of violent crime…


The good people murdered in the Mosque were Muslims, the murderers were Muslim, so by Trump’s logic(?) ban all Muslims and while he’s at it throw in the Mexicans and build a worthless wall as part of the ‘grand plan’. Good for jobs, right? I feel sorry for all those good folks murdered in yet another atrocity of senseless violence. I do know that Daesh,(IS) is Sunni, I don’t know the faction of the murdered. Should it really matter? We have a group that inflicts the worst that humans can be on whole peoples that don’t have the same warped views as they do. Most Muslims hate Daesh, as they don’t really follow the Koran’s teachings, I don’t know as I haven’t time to study the teachings, just writings from good sources as my information source. Apparently the Egyptians acted swiftly and killed a good many of these terrorists. These acts seem to be a sign of the times but really, slaughtering innocents? Isn’t there a better way to be heard and if not these terrorists need to be eradicated.


As I have said here before, if Trump gets his wish of building a wall it will invariably be very expensive.and that expense will be added onto a 20 trillion dollar national debt. It would not surprise me to find out in the future if this wall is built that Trump will find a way to personally make profits from its construction and his donors who are construction contractors will get the contracts. This will secure their support and donations for Trump to run for a second term in office.


not appealing to reason, always appealing to fear


I am an INTP personality type and I read a bunch today on new stuff about me. The whole reasoning thing is a personality defect. I apply facts and reasoning to everything just so I can survive, that I’m not doing so good at right now because none of my rules apply anymore :-((( it is as you say based on fear…big bummer