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Trump, USPS and Seniors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/15/trump-usps-and-seniors

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This President and U.S. Congress are literally worthless.

The United States Postal Service, on the other hand, is Invaluable.

As a senior, I am willing to invest in the USPS to keep it in operation.


Trump again projects calling US Postal Service at Joke, trump is the joke, a choke hold on American democray. Tearing down American Institutions, laws, justice, balances of powers and privatizing everything is the republican party agenda to gain control of society and killing competition. We all become serfs and the hell with seniors as we want that Social Security fund that us seniors paid into our entire life.


Not to contest the critical need to preserve the USPS . . . .

Seniors should not have stood in the doorway of needed change like Lester Maddox when there was an opportunity to change this country electorally. Seniors should not be betraying future generations. They have given us Hillary, Biden and Trump. Is it too much to ask that they just stay home, watch their MSNBC, and NOT VOTE? (Disclaimer: I am 68 going on 69.)


Yup, way too much to ask, Thinker. We probably don’t get far asking other voting blocs to desist either.

Maybe we should ask that they–we, I suppose–stop watching our MSNBC?

A half century ago the-best-Congress-money-can-buy put the USPS into a downward trajectory when they ended Postal Banking, removed the Postmaster General from the POTUS’ cabinet, and required USPS to operate with no general funds available while continuing to allow Congresscritters to put costly unfunded mandates on USPS, the most egregious being the previously mentioned 2006 mandate for 75 year pension funding that no organization public or private has ever undertaken.

Although the author of the 2006 legislation, slimy Texas Congresscritter Pete Sessions was voted out in 2018, he is now running for the open seat in a different district than he previously corrupted (moving to Texas’ 17th Congressional District).


The last problem I remember having with the USPS was 30 years ago. On the other hand, private carriers frequently misplace my packages.


I would like to see the nations liberal billionaires fund the USPS at least through November so that we can have fair elections with mail-in ballots. That would be the most bang for their buck at this point.


Our culture truly has several distinct classes now, depending on how comfortable, affordable, and available the newest technology toys are that are being relentlessly forced on us by Silicon Valley. Many areas do not have access to high speed internet. Think of rural poor areas and Indigenous reserves. Those that do have it usually have to pay absurdly high prices, again leaving out the urban poor. A good percentage of people aren’t comfortable using SmartPhones or even laptops-too much info causing brain overload. Then there’s the addictive aspect of the mindless games, similar to opiods. Lastly, we are losing our empathy, compassion, and ability to solve problems in a creative manner. Not to mention blocking out the real world.
The Zombie Apocalypse is here. We’ve lost our ability to find directions using our senses, instead relying completely on GPS.
Also, sitting down and writing a letter in cursive uses an entirely different area of the brain, as well as exercises the core muscles. Reading a physical book uses that same area of the brain as opposed to reading it on some electronic device.
I remember a well-intentioned but clueless neighbor trying to teach my late mother to use a computer. She was so stressed out she developed shingles. Only two people out of a population of 75 or so in a senior center north of Flint are computer savvy. The rest of us lined up every morning for the daily mail call.
Yes, I have a cell phone, but it’s a simple TracFone. Yes, I have a laptop but only use a few of its functions. Otherwise, I go with real newspapers and magazines. I need the sensory input of buying my groceries in person, not rely on some pick-up app.
And…may I mention the solar event of 1859, when an X-series sunspot emitted enough solar radiation to blow out the telegraph system of the time. Poles caught on fire and exploded.
No, we need the USPS. Not just for the daily human contact, but for the redundancy in our communication system. We would still be able to contact each other even if the grid was down, the internet fried, the cell tower network banjaxed.
And both political parties are as useful to We The People as tits on a boar. But the privatization plans of the billionaires are being served quite well…

Getting rid of the Post office is insane.It’s so inexpensive to mail letters and the FED X and other people don’t always go to rural areas… and what will happen to Christmas presents----which the post office people will even deliver on Christmas Day.
Dumb move Trump, because every kid in America will hate you if grandma’s present doesn’t get there in time. And what about holiday cards and what Judaism celebrates which often coincides and African American’s Kwansa and seasonal holidays that many religions celebrate? Plus just about every charity mails out requests at the end of the year for funding! HA! So will Trump screw them over too?
Oh wait------Trump is afraid he’ll lose the election—so he’s actually running for a back up job now as the GRINCH—so he can screw over all the holidays.

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These discussions often miss a really key challenge. How on earth will seniors who do not even have Internet access get utility bills, tax bills, medical bills, and mortgage or rent statements? And how will they pay them.

This is even more crucial than Christmas presents to and from grandkids.

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If the USPS goes bankrupt, should as many voters as possible answer all Republican requests for donations with “The check’s in the mail”? Any who want to make this the truth can write checks for $0.01, with a note that they can only be cashed on behalf of candidates that aren’t worth two cents.

Doesnt the privatization of the USPS have something to do with a services agreement? Part of the whirrrled tripe association?

This issue clearly shows how the government does not give a damn about the people or the constitutional role of the USPS.

This is a fascist oligarchy in which we live.

I’m 70. Don’t blame me for Trump. I have never voted for him and never would. He’s a criminal in my book. And you will never stop me from voting.

You should change your name to the Insane Unthinker