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Trump Vindicates Iranian Hardliners And Victimizes Ordinary Citizens


Trump Vindicates Iranian Hardliners And Victimizes Ordinary Citizens

Trita Parsi, Ryan Costello

When the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was announced in 2015, the Iranian people poured into the streets to celebrate what they thought was the beginning of a new era.


It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the ‘people’ of their country’s have little effect on their governments and how they subject them to various hardships carrying out various obscure objectives, especially militarily. The US has no credibility in any ‘deal’ they make with other nation states as the recent events in the world play out when the real leaders pursue their imperialist agendas. All while the ‘people’ suffer. The multi-$trillion(mostly borrowed) extravaganza in the ME which began after the September 11, '01 attacks has no end in sight; just a bottomless black hole that sucks the life out of hardworking Americans.
What’s the damn goal anyway? Whose to benefit from another war other than the profiteers of weapons makers and the now contractual private actors supporting the actions of an Empire run amok? It certainly isn’t us–the hardworking, the one’s such as myself on fixed incomes, the poor–it’s the elites, they are the benefactors of Empire and always have been since the ancient Akkadians or Egyptians. Things really haven’t changed much over the millinia. Only the godlike technology has changed,the leaders are still megalomaniacal assholes wanting to “rule the world”.


A lesson from the past.

IN the latter days of the second World War, Japan had attempted a number of times to discuss surrender terms with the United States Government. There was a large segment of Government officials that decided the war lost CONTRARY to lies later told that they were all “fanatics” and would never surrender.

The Japanese pursuing surrender had one provision, that being the Emperor would not be tried for war crimes. The USA rebuffed all these attempts and insisted that surrender must be unconditional. This gave more power to the hardliners in the Japanese Government as they claimed that because the US was inflexible on this matter, surrender not an option.

This then lead to one of the greatest war crimes in history being committed on another people when Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

From where I sit it appears the Government of the United States wants to commit this same war crime all over again.


The stocks of US Companies that make weapons soared after this announcement.


It is clearly a set-up, laying the grounds for war. The American people and the Iranian people will suffer uselessly and terribly.

This is the inevitable tragic result of Americans making the choice to turn their Government over to a bunch of zealots, crooks, incompetents and fools; of choosing ignorance, religion and mythology over facts and reason; of choosing mythology over history; of being probably the most gullible and apathetic people on Earth; of preferring war to diplomacy; of being contemptuous towards intellectualism while immersing themselves in fantasies; of their tendency to see everything as a “zero-sum”, “good vs. bad” competition; of blaming all problems on the “other”, whether domestically or internationally: of the “free market” dog-eat-dog, winner-takes-all mindset with which our society is so thoroughly saturated.


This government does not care what the American people think, now for decades ongoing with the light at the end of the tunnel pitch black with pure evil as the reality of forever. If the people had any power it would have surfaced by now. Nothing will change, apathy has infected the moral integrity of the majority. I, me and mine is the order of the brainwashed masses. The rollover is frighteningly pathetic by any measure.


Trumps motivation is not about preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. This is about the real problems Netanyahu has with Iran::Its support of the Palestinian resistance, and the development of missile and other weapons technology. What Netanyahu wants is Iran’s commitment to and ability to support the Palestinians and Hezbollah and oppose it in any way, smashed: by sanctions, war, regime change, or whatever, done for him by the US, courtesy of Donald Trump. What Trump gets out of sacrificing American lives, money, power and prestige for a foreign parasitic power, is its political support, money, and power (of the Israeli lobby and his deluded base).


so, oh we iranians are scared, weep, weep, weep. only supporters of monarchy speak so sheepishly. we iranians are honoured yet again to uphold civilised behaviour. come ye bandits, mendacious and vile imperialists, bring it on. we have faith, we are courageous and we value and appreciate sacrifice. let the entire world know that we persians and we alone are the only cultured people strong willed enough to defend civilisation from the taunts of BARBARIC ANGLO SAXONS and their dogs of war, THE ISRAELIS.