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Trump Voters and I Have One Thing in Common: We’re Scared of Losing Medicaid


Trump Voters and I Have One Thing in Common: We’re Scared of Losing Medicaid

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

I recently read about a county in Kentucky that is typical of the kinds of depressed white communities that have dominated the news since Trump’s election. Owsley County is 83 percent white, mostly rural, and rigidly conservative.


Did you say... Kentucky?


I had read that article about Kentucky as well. People who voted against their own interests, hoping that the monsters they elected would not really be as monstrous as they actually were, and that their threats were only so much hot air. Now they are feeling anxiety, because the monsters are carrying out their threats? Hmm. What's that saying about using the same strategies over and over again and hoping that by some miracle at one point there will be a different outcome....?


And voting against their own interests in Wisconsin----the hunters and farmers in this segment-----there will be nothing left of Wisconsin flora/fauna/water when the oligarchs are done with it:

Critical thinking anyone?


Republicans are having buyers remorse: http://usuncut.com/politics/dismayed-trump-supporters-obamacare/. How long will it take for the Republicans to face the fact that their "business man" is out to hurt them?
All I hear from Republican friends is "He's a business man, he will run the government like a business". Like that is a valuable asset. No matter that a nation is not a business until someone like Trump takes office.
Just watching the cracks popping up the their great plans gives bit of hope.


The statistics are actually worse than Mr. Wellington stated:

Pop 4,755
98.7% White
Median per-capita income $10,742
Median household Income $15,805
53 percent of personal income is from government benefits
in 2016, 1466 voted Republican, 339 voted Democrat (others not reported)

The election results need to be taken with caution. Those 1466 Republican voters were mostly the 30% richest poeplr in the county. P{poor people generally don't vote.

It is amazing that people would vote overwhelmingly for the party whose objective is to take away 53 percent of their income.

In most parts of the world, especially the Americas, political views and activism only move way left as one moves out to poor neglected rural areas. That is why Fidel and Che built their revolution up in the poor rural Sierra Maestra, far from Havana. They got overwhelming sympathetic support and only had to deal with a few spies/informants. Imagine trying to build such a revolution in the Appalachians!


I don't thinking they are even thinking as far as that. They simply associate the Republicans as supporting the rural values God, guns, and unborn babies, while the Democrats support atheism, abortion, and gun control.


If Republicans indeed are supporting rural values such as God, surely they realize what God in Jesus said about our lesser bretheren: "Whatsoever you do unto the least of these you do unto me." Jesus asked the Pharisees to, "Know what this means, I desire mercy, not sacrifice." (Matthew 9:13) Does God need our mercy? No, but many of our bretheren certainly do. If mercy doesn't mean concern for their health and wellbeing it has no meaning at all.


Boy, this new Repuke Dark Age we are in, sure is fun, isn't it?

"Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!"

The whole country is now a Monty Python nightmare. Thanks Obomb'em! Thanks Hillary! You fixed us all real good.


Thank You for a great article on what it is like to be poor and in need of medical care. I like that Darryl Wellington has written this article so that many different people can relate.... thank you so much!

I am retired as a preschool teacher and only make $ 10,000 a year.... about the median income of these people in Kentucky. If I did not have medicare and a spend down for medicaid, I probably could not afford even my medications.

Recently I saw a research that said many more Americans were insured than ever before. If we have no affordable insurance we will probably resort to going to Hospitals for our care. Hospitals cost more than going to a doctor and many of us will then not be able to pay the hospital. Hospitals could go bankrupt. People will die again waiting in waiting rooms.
This is a very scary situation.


Thanks. In the 1990s, nearly all of the media marketed to liberals began disregarding US poverty. (I get it, they're pragmatic, marketing to middle class consumers and campaign donors.) Along the way, they dumped their former support for Medicaid, while calling on us to support Medicare for middle class retirees.

Medicaid covers medical care/prescriptions for low wage workers, the elderly poor, and the disabled. (For our very poor, there are emergency rooms and morgues.) A portion of the population relies on dual benefits, Medicare/Medicaid. Without Medicaid, many will suffer, some will die.


Maybe a side issue, but Americans don't really grasp what "poverty" is. It says in this article that the median household income in this county is $19,146 per year. Consider that the majority of former AFDC families had incomes in the $4,000 annual range, and we said that they were able to buy designer clothes and big screen TVs, living so well that they had no incentive to find jobs. So, we ended actual welfare aid.

Speaking of health: We're now some 20 years into our war on the poor. The overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen below that of every developed nation (down around age 60). Just thought I'd mention that...


But, but, but, but, but, but, but according to the Hillary haters, she's no better than Trump. The Democrats are the same, there's no difference they say. Oh yeah, Hillary would have repealed Obamacare and worked to kill off Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security just like the GOP (SARCASM ALERT). If HRC were president, we would not be worrying about the repeal of the ACA and Medicaid.


Yes, but when it comes to global warming they forget all of Genesis, and when it comes to abortion-- they throw out the Bible entirely.

Remarkably, Jesus said nothing about gun control, but did instruct people to put away their swords.