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Trump Vows 'Disastrous' Regulatory Cuts, Imperiling Public for Corporate Benefit

Trump Vows 'Disastrous' Regulatory Cuts, Imperiling Public for Corporate Benefit

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Even as he moves to approve risky fossil fuel projects and eliminate healthcare for millions, President Donald Trump told corporate leaders on Monday he could "cut regulations by 75 percent, maybe more"—and he made similar promises to automakers in a meeting Tuesday morning.

The word - ‘Regulations’ - as used by Trump is to us - lead in paint, adequate testing on medications, asbestos in building materials, hazardous chemicals used in furniture manufacture, toxic pesticide residue in crops, arsenic used in chicken feed…

And just about everything that we count on to live a safe and healthy life in our technological world.

I bet he eats organic veggies.


Poisoning the air and water is not going to make Trump very popular. His approval rating is already sinking toward the 20s. Probably no new president has ever been this unpopular. I think he can keep going however unless the Republicans in Congress believe supporting Trump will cost them their jobs.

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I’m sure trump wouldn’t mind if we burned some car tires on the doorstep of his precious hotel.


Trump views the presidency as a shield that renders him untouchable; whereas he can do anything he wants and never be held accountable because the republicans have his back and the people do not matter. One person told me recently when I blogged into another news source that Trump doesn’t care what crying liberals think; my reply was simple, “he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, including you, why would you think you are any different than the rest of us?”

We are at Ground Zero of the Trump Occupation to end the middle class, citizens rights from A-Z, to ravage social services, to end our access to healthcare through repeal and defunding, to end our [consumer] protections, and to bleed our environment of its natural resources while bringing it to the brink of extinction.

I can’t imagine anyone supporting this guy; it’s like hiring Charles Manson to be your body guard and Bernie Madoff to invest your life savings.

This is going to be civilizations greatest struggle of survival and the revolution, as we have already witnessed will not and cannot be limited to the United States. The world must stand with us and fight this virus!


The ongoing horror show sails along. Keep the chairs orderly and the music patriotic. The one item I could go along with is the cutting of corporate taxes, but ONLY if dividend and capital gains taxes are raised enough to be budget neutral. Of course, that will not happen. Since republicans insist that the wealthy must have more tax reductions, government must be shrunk. I do expect smooth sailing for a time, but when the bump in the night occurs, and it will, I hope the panic will be somewhat orderly.

Inho, Trump is in the process of igniting the greatest turnover of the Congress in its history, resulting, unfortunately, in a Third Way/DLC Congress, and so it goes.

There is a segment of the population of the United States gloating at these cuts, which have been put in place over the decades as a reaction to the abuses of capitalist exploitation and decimation. Going back 40 years…Now the Orcs can run amuck once again, grabbing, slashing, burning, polluting, in the name of profits. I feel sick to my stomach every time I read another announcement from this administration.


Not everyone in Congress is going to be the same. Even among conservatives, there are differences. They are just not stupid enough to give up the big game over niche items the same way the Left does. Trump offends conservative Christians but they’re going to vote for him because they want to make abortion illegal and they know his judicial appointments are going to make that happen. They also recognize executive branch appointments are important; the Secretary of Education is going to find backdoor ways emphasize their issues, like creationism. It’s not just the president, but his appointments. They have the big picture in mind and know government is the means by which it’s exercised.


Radiation samples were cut back after Fukushima. Additionally, regulations on allowed bodily exposure and ingestion of radiation were increased after Fukushima.

Democrats were in charge during this weakening of regulations. Thus it is logical to dislike republicans for also doing what democrats do.

These are my understandings and they could be wrong.

What good are more jobs that one can’t make a living at in a country/world that is toxic to live in.


Increased economic growth leads to increased environmental friction and reduced well being of Life. Bumpiness is already occurring.

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excellent idea

Exactly, lindaann,

Humanity took almost 14 billion years to appear on Earth. Cosmic powered biology expressed as human now knows Cosmos.

Jobs designing materials and marketing of plastic fantastics and war toys that kill are suicidal wage slavery for immortal corporate beings that are fictional.

Is modern humanity mature enough to live for good clean fun? The time for a new story is now.

“The point is that you can’t be too greedy.”
Donald Trump


It may be true that morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. It may be true that the law can’t change the heart, but it can restrain the heartless. It may be true that the law can’t make a man love me, but it can restrain him from putting me in harms way or from lynching me


I live in a Republican District in a Blue state, I don’t know where you live, but I know the people I live with, conservative GOPers of the non Tea Party kind, did not buy into radical deregulation of food safety, water safety, and other essential regulations. Nor were they crying for repeal of the ACA, without a meaningful replacement; most understand it was a Republican program in the first place. The religious thing doesn’t ring very loudly where I live. In my Congressional District, if Trump continues on the present path domestically, my GOP member of Congress is out of here. Unfortunately replaced by a milquetoast DLC type Demo. Just a bit of realism from an Illinois Congressional District.

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And he better hire a “king’s taster.” He is also a germaphobe. No one is immune to pollution and its deleterious effects on all our health and well-being…no matter how much money they have. Satan is now completely in charge bolstered by his snarling, slobbering, sycophantic demons…his spawn included.

I don’t want a tiny sentence to go unnoticed.

Trump also vowed to “massively” and “very substantially” cut corporate taxes at the same gatherings with business leaders.

This will amount to a huge redistribution of income from the bottom to the top. Instead of trickle down economics, it will be flood-up economics under Trump and this is just one example.

Who benefits when corporations pay lower taxes? The stockholders. That’s right, mostly those who are already wealthy.

Will the public services that are paid for from taxes discontinue due to lower corporate taxation? As promised by Trump some will and some will not – especially the defense budget.

As a result of lower corporate taxation and the continuation of public services (including aggressive military spending,) who will make up the shortage of revenue from taxation? > > > Go look in the mirror.

Under a Trump regime with full backing of a GOP congressional majority, there will be a massive redistribution of income and wealth from those at the bottom to those at the top. For those who are struggling now, the future looks quite grim due to the direct loss of money in some way (increased taxation, etc.) and/or through the loss of public services … including social safety nets.


As stated in the worst inaugural speech in American history, he is speeding to create “American Carnage” not only with the stroke of his pen but in concert with the horrific and diabolical choices for his staff and cabinet…all with the blessings of an obstreperous Congress.

Watched horrified by the vote on Tillerson and was nauseated…Corker and all who voted (Repugs) for Tillerson (including McCain and Rubio after their grandstanding to appeal to some of their constituents but then caved) totally glossed over all the reprehensible and damning responses by Tillerson (refusing to recuse himself when Exxon Mobil proceeds with operations/negotiations with Putin/Russia, etc.), were unabashedly showering this monster with adulation. While the Dems all remarked about how they were appalled by T’s statements and were voting ON BEHALF OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS AND ALL AMERICANS with concern for national security and destruction of international relations. This vote/hearing/confirmation of Tillerson is a microcosm of just how dysfunctional our Congress (and executive) is…dismantling our democracy one entire floor (not brick, but floor) at a time.

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