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Trump Vows 'Disastrous' Regulatory Cuts, Imperiling Public for Corporate Benefit

What we see is Trump’s dictatorial mentality in action. To Trump the office of the presidency is not a representative one but more like a throne where he decides what he wants rather than him representing the wishes of the citizenry.

Trump doesn’t actually embrace the underlying principles of representative democracy but instead implements a one man rule form of representation.

The rise of the corporate CEO over the public made manifest.


Thank you for the apt biblical reference. The anti-Christ’s minions have indeed seized control of the United States. We have entered the final stages of Koyaanisqatsi, of life so profoundly out of balance that we may finally, mercifully (for the rest of earth’s inhabitants) go extinct. I would gladly accept that fate if I knew that the likes of Drumpf and his ilk would also simply disappear forever.

I live in one of the reddest districts in California and work in an even redder one. Your point is mine though. Any coalition is by its nature going to be made up of different folks with different constituencies. When we constantly yell “sell out” we diminish the nature of building a governing coalition. Take the ACA. As Bernie put it, there was maybe 10% at most in Congress for Single Payer. With those numbers, you aren’t going to get it passed. But there were enough votes for reforms plus a market approach. That’s the reality, and one driven by constituents from various backgrounds and areas (Aetna employees 50,000 people). It’s hard to get big things done for that reason.

But as you note, the converse works too. You take something away from people and they’re going to get upset. The challenge we have, and one I hear on the job, is that right wing radio comes in everywhere, the one constant. If Trump blames liberals for what he does when things get taken away (if he sabotages the ACA), there’s always a voice on to support him and shape attitudes. That’s my one big fear.

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Serfs have always been for corporate benefit.

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What a marvelous idea! Since he doesn’t recognize noxious substances as unhealthy. He could do with a dose of his own medicine.

You said it! This guy only serves himself. I wonder whether his family knows the only reason they benefit from his wealth and general bullying nature is that he sees himself in them reflected back at him. They’ll never be free of him. But if they inherited or accept his life view, I guess I shouldn’t pity them. But I do…

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Yes…I’ve considered that as a possibility. If he knows they see him as a useful idiot, he’ll certainly react out of vindictiveness if not actual overt self-interest. It could snowball into a real hellish mess that will make what we have now seem benign.

That’s how corporates perceive workers…lucky serfs to be privileged enough to bend to every demand of our betters. It’s always been that way. We were all just trained to refer to them and ourselves in democratic terms. That’s the way it is and that’s the way they want it to stay. All this high falutin’ talk about free market capitalism is hogwash, a smelly camouflage so we don’t think about the fact that we live, play, worship, and work for the company and really have nothing of our own unless we aspire to be like them. I do not. I refuse to be dragged back from the promise of democracy to some suffocating feudal past!

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I am glad Trump took the TPP off the table (for now). But let’s not give him too much credit for this. It was the people who stopped the TPP; Trump can now take credit for something the people did, that’s all. Obama did not have the votes in Congress to get it through, so it was not brought up for a vote before he left office. The reason for that is that thanks to watch groups like Public Citizen informing the public, the public was aware of what this particular con was. And some thanks goes to Wikileaks, which published the leaked sections, as well. (Although the public may not have been aware that many of the articles they read on the internet about the TPP were based on the Wikileaks releases.)

At both the D and the R conventions, there was wide-spread anti-TPP messaging from the crowds. When Sanders and Trump spoke about the TPP on the campaign trail, the people knew what they were talking about; the public was informed on this issue. So give credit where due here: to the people, the protesters across the globe, the groups that brought the truth to the public. No matter who won the election, this was the one issue where there was broad consensus - a mandate - from the public. No TPP. I suspect putting the TPP aside will be the only decent thing this oaf does.

Now let’s see what Trump does with TTIP, TISA, and ChinaBIT. Better yet, wait and see if he changes his mind later about the TPP. He does, after all, have some kind of hard-on for China, and may yet be convinced the TPP is just the ticket to show them who’s boss.

Back to the Reagan years

Charles 1st of the UK had similar illusions about himself.

Morality was legislated at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials in the 1940s.

Arsenic used in chicken feed? Are you joking?

That’s exactly what I was thinking- give him a dose of his own medicine with a big ole black smear to remember it by. I’m trying to think of messages to put on signs to hold up during the tire burning but I’m not that witty. If shoving pollution in his face doesn’t get the message across to him and change him, nothing will (or so I assume).

There’s “minimally accepted amounts” of arsenic in human feed. Its better when the minimally accepted amounts are kept low by gov’t regulatory standards. Perhaps the White House Chef will be so bold as to feed trump with non-gov’t regulated food… I’m sure trump won’t mind. I say “lead the way trump and eat that questionable chow.” We’ll stand back and see what happens.

Arsenic is added to chicken feed to promote speedier weight gain and growth. Want fries with that?

And since then everything has been moral, I guess it worked.

Last time I eat Kentucky Fried Chuck-up with Freedom Fries…


One may still hope for change…It did set a precedent.