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Trump Vows to Make Paul Ryan's Nightmarish Budget Vision a Reality

Trump Vows to Make Paul Ryan's Nightmarish Budget Vision a Reality

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In Philadelphia on Thursday, President Donald Trump seemed to reassure his party that he supports right-wing budget priorities like those embraced by House Speaker Paul Ryan—whose past budget plans have been denounced as "cruel," "draconian," "a massive cut-off of state funds to the most vulnerable population in the country," "

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I am far from being a Trump supporter but after weeks of having anti-TPP articles on your front page when it was being cooked up should you not mention Trump repealing it? Or did I miss the article?


He’s not repealing it for the people- it’s to benefit him and his cronies with more profits.


We are living in a nightmare, which, if allowed to continue will result in civil war. Eventually, when government takes and takes and takes from the many in order to give and give and give to the very few, revolution will follow.

I am amazed that the uber-wealthy are so stupid as to think they can do this forever. Look at the protests in the streets now. We are only beginning to sharpen our pitchforks.


Trump will be appointing justices to the Court that are going to back his anti-labor and environment positions. He’s putting people in regulatory agencies that share his views. Hell, he’s already meeting with execs from companies around the world. Bayer wants to buy Monsanto and he met with their representatives (outside the view of DOJ antitrust attorneys) just last week. The death of TPP feels like a hollow victory if there ever was one. I’ll just save my applause for later.


There actually was an article announcing Trump’s repeal of the TPP. And excuse me, but STFW?? His speed in deconstructing safeguards and putting foxes in positions of protecting the chicken coops are blistering. And given that he is readying himself to sign off on policies that will gut social safeguards, he is already violating his campaign promises.

Don’t get me wrong. Democrats are equally complicit in the tearing down of people’s rights. And no, I don’t applaud them when they get a few relatively meaningless things right - not when they are busily ignoring what We the People want.

The one good thing Trump is doing, IMO, is making the corruption that seeps through our government blatantly obvious and ugly. The trajectory has been the same by both ‘sides’ of the duopoly.


They remind me of children just breaking into a candy store, stuffing handful’s into their mouths. Not thinking about what it will do to others and eventually, themselves. Infantile in their thinking in a way.


Last weekend was testimony to that. Millions of people all over the world, united as they were should wake them up, ya think? It was a protest and a show of strength they really should take seriously.


Trump certainly scammed a lot of people pretending he was for social programs. The scam artist does it again. If people don’t know by now that you cannot believe a word he says they will never get it. If they try this it would create the equivalent of the Tea Party movement on the left. Republicans in Congress would be verbally attacked whenever they showed up in public. The anger people showed over Obamacare would be duplicated by anger of taking away vital programs. Trump and the Republicans are pushing things as far as they can but there will be push back. You would have think the Republicans won by a landslide the way they are acting. Actually Trump barely won the electoral college and he lost the popular vote by nearly three million and the Republicans lost seats in both the House and Senate. They simply do not have the political backing to get away with this and Trump’s approval rating is dismal, in the low 30s. Big clash on the horizon it appears.


What if half the country refused to pay taxes?


The question is: will there ever be another even putatively free-and-fair election in our country again, now that they’ve learned they can get away with just about anything? If, as I suspect, not, then this sucker will die only when every Homeland Security employee throws up simultaneously and doesn’t show up for work the next day. A “velvet” revolution, as in the lining of a casket.


I like your optimism. Perhaps some day, when my grandchildren are grandparents, things will get back to the joyous Obama era.

And the alt-left will soon chime in to distract any criticism from this full frontal attack. But being out in the open is a good thing, don’t you know!

I mean it is the exact same thing as sneaking through a Chained CPI!!! Right?

For the record, I have called out Corporate servicing Democrats including Obama for advancing such incremental attacks.

But this is NOT going to be incremental.

And according to some around these parts that’s a good thing!!!


Instead of pitchforks, try crossbows. With the Carbon Express Mayhem, and a quiver full of them, you’ll finally achieve the urban answer to the Republican’s austerity budget.:wink: They also help footdragging DINOS to pick up the pace, so to speak. :wink: I recommend checking out Cabella’s or Gander Mountain. Plus, they’re endorsed by The Safe & Quiet Neighborhood Ass. of America-Women’s Chapter. " It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for " Donna Armstrong.:wink:


So true. There won’t be anything like a " free and fair " election until this charade is ended. " gov’t of the insane and rich, by the insane and rich, for the insane and rich " is the plan. Of the UniParty, currently in charge, of course.
Trump is an insane, right wing fraud. " Ipso Facto " and 24/7. " And, the poets down here down here don’t write nothing at all, they just stand back and let it all be "…- Jungleland. B. Springsteen


Watch Keith


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Just because TPTB should be taking massive protests seriously, doesn’t mean they are. I waited to respond to your comment until after viewing the ABC ‘World’ News. It’s the only channel I get with my free antenna, and I only watch it to stay on top of what MSM is and is not telling us.

Anyway, not one word about the protests happening in Philadelphia today. They were all about talking about the obscene ‘wall’ that His Orangeness wants to build - at our expense no matter how much blustering we hear. Reporting on the day of the global marches was minimal. They mentioned in passing that protests were happening in other countries, but no photos, no identifying the numbers or the countries.

So no, I do not think they are even listening, much less taking our protests seriously. No, I doubt they will wake up. They just don’t care. Thankfully, we are waking up, finally. But when Nancy friggin; Pelosi can state with a straight face that she does not believe Americans want to go in a new direction, I am not even hopeful that our overpaid, overpampered ‘leaders’ will show any signs of intelligence in the near future.


What if there were pink unicorns on Mars?

Hard to stop paying taxes when they are taken out of paychecks. I have had the thought that states and cities that will penalized for being sanctuaries should pass laws that employers in their regions should stop paying the Feds.

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Problem with that is it goes the other way too. Worse, the other side has a far bigger mouthpiece. Pass single payer and see how long it lasts with every conservative secular and Christian radio station telling people not to pay taxes.