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Trump Vows to Make Paul Ryan's Nightmarish Budget Vision a Reality

Public dissent will be dealt with and few of the Democrats will put up much of a fight. I’m afraid we’re screwed unless and until a strong progressive leader emerges to lead the charge. I have no confidence that change will be orchestrated from the grass roots and we don’t have that kind of time anyway. An individual who walks the walk like ralph Nader, (too late for him), or Bernie Sanders, (too late for him), who the people could rally around needs to take a courageous step forward. We need our own Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, not another status quo democrat. I hope I live long enough to see such a person in charge.


That’s no big deal to fascists. It’s easy to order the populace to STFU when you have many militarized police forces who have been holding regular target practice on the black race…and a super active NRA. And goodness knows how many Comeys there are in the FBI.

Prepare to be economically devastated would be my answer to that…homeless and hungry with no safety net.

Joyous Obama era?

You mean where he passes along the keys to the fascist to various doorways of unassailable power, including the door wide open to re-instate torture?

THAT Obama?

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From my sociology, my understanding is that lower class folks have a 4% chance of becoming middle class. If this all happens, i guess it would be less.

If Trump goes along with Ryan on destroying ssn and medicare after his promise not to…Then look out for TPP…They will call it something else but it will be the same and all the crooked players will go along and sign it in…When it comes to a promise from Trump…lol…Dont expect him to keep his word…He is a first class liar…It is his way of doing all things…


I have a kid in college and onein grad school. And a mother and father I law who need help both physical and financial. Are you going to pay my legal bills and back taxes when I get arrested…?
That sounds great - to protest by not paying a portion of your taxes - but in reality that is something only the wealthy or unencumbered can afford to do… not that I don’t say I wish I could at least once a day since the inauguration!!! Sure I can sacrifice myself and my spouse but we have others depending on us.

This has been what I have been thinking. Maybe they figure they can just shoot everyone down or give them the choice of soylent green or soylent yellow to survive. It is almost like they want to repeat the line of “let them eat cake.” And if they are so opposed to letting women choose should they not offer to greatly expand things like food stamps, subsidized day care, housing assistance, etc. to help new mothers support their children? That is why I have always said these extremists believe in life at conception and death at birth!


Go back and check recent news - many of these state republican controlled legislatures are passing bills to restrict and severely punish citizens for exercising their first amendment rights of assembly and speech!


Maybe you missed this, but you’re not in a dialogue. Your views are beside the point. Argue all you want—your adversaries are glad to see you waste your breath. Better yet if you protest: they’d rather you carry a sign than do anything. They’ll keep you talking as long as they can, just to tire you out—to buy time.

They intend to force their agenda on you. That’s what all the guns are for, what the police and drones and surveillance cameras are for, what the FBI and CIA and NSA are for, what all those laws and courts and executive orders are for. It’s what their church is for, what those racist memes are for, what online harassment and bullying are for. It’s what gay bashings and church burnings are for.

This is not a dialogue. How could you be so naïve? A dialogue—from which some of the participants can be deported at any time? A dialogue—in which one side keeps shooting and incarcerating the other side? A dialogue—in which a few people own all the networks and radio stations and printing presses, while the rest have to make do with markers and cardboard signs? A dialogue, really?

You’re not in a dialogue. You’re in a power struggle. All that matters is how much force you can bring to bear on your adversaries to defend yourself from them. You can bet that if you succeed, they will accuse you of breaking off the dialogue, of violating their free speech. They will try to lure you back into conversation, playing for time until they need no more stratagems to keep you passive while they put the pieces in place for tyranny.

This isn’t a dialogue—it’s a war. They’re gambling that you won’t realize this until it’s too late. If freedom is important to you, if you care about all the people marked for death and deportation, start taking action.

Source: This Is Not a Dialogue

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I am sure you’re correct, they don’t much care. Several have voted in favor of some of the cabinet choices so I have no trust in them. There are lots of demands from groups and people that they quit fooling around and fight His Orangeness, (I love that) or get out of the way. And MSM is hardly worth watching, they are corporate so can’t expect honesty there.


I could be wrong about this, but I have spoken with ex-military and current police. They are not about to engage in wholesale murder of American citizens. Sure there will be some exceptions, but they will be a small minority - the rest are much more likely to turn on the establishment than they are to gun down their neighbors.

I do really hope you will be that fortunate. Some of us will not be so fortunate. It’s interesting that none of the 'progressive" websites are covering this story. :cry:

Shooter of Unarmed Anti-Racist Walks Free; Authorities Silent

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Whaaaat are you on about? Maybe lay off the liquor while posting!

And the blades on our GUILLOTINES!!!

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It almost has to be a civil revolt w/pitchforks as we’ve tried everything else and keep loosing
ground but we will have to wait until enough of Trump voters realize they’ve been had.

Gosh. Surely it can’t all be true; why would an administration want to make the lives of the already struggling yet even a greater challenge… Oops, forgive me, I’m forgetting that we are in Hell here. Jesus tells us that Hell is a place of, “Weeping and gnashing of teeth,” This sure sounds like this world. He also tells us the, “Prince of this world” is the devil. And He tells us we are evil, Matthew 7:11. So it has to be this way, I guess. However, we don’t have to like it, for He says, “He who hates his life in this world shall preserve it for life eternal.” John 12:25.
Only two and a half minutes to midnight, eh? I can’t wait. Surely it gets better after that.

It was never ratified by Congress and no other candidate supported it. Unlike Bush who was able to pass his NAFTA deal to Clinton who pushed it through for him, Obama never had that support

Its called the power of blind grab.

If we had a true democracy there would be no class structure at all.