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Trump vs. Blumenthal and the Ironies of Opportunism


Trump vs. Blumenthal and the Ironies of Opportunism

Jerry Lembcke

President Donald Trump has the fake veteran story all wrong. The President attacked Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal as a “phony Vietnam con artist” after the Senator expressed support for investigations into Russian involvement in the 2016 election campaign. The President said Blumenthal had lied about having bravely fought battles Vietnam. There is merit to the President’s allegation because Blumenthal was outed during his 2010 campaign for having misrepresented his military record.


We have our own Prevaricators right here on CD, misleading us about their supposed Opposition to the War, only to trip themselves up with the same kind of seemingly minor details.

Small Mistakes reveal Larger Truths.


Excellent concise commentary by Mr. Lembcke.