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Trump vs Fauci? Undermining Science for Cult of Personality Politics Is Taking America Down

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/14/trump-vs-fauci-undermining-science-cult-personality-politics-taking-america-down


We are not being taken down, we are down.

Down to the lowest place possible, in the world, at home, and in our personal lives.

Why? Because of one man and a political party determined to save face.

The face of Evil is all we get.


We can’t outthink the underthinkers. It is that simple. Americans are cognitively lazy as a rule. Terms like sheeple evolved for a reason. See no mask, keep your distance. Don’t try reason, because it hasn’t worked and will not work. Don’t be Sisyphus. That rock is too damned big and gravity too damned persistent. The Progressive voice is not going to alight the crowd with rhetoric. Let’s go back to things like indie movies. Billy Jack, for instance. Peace on Earth, was all it said…


The national outlook for the outbreak has grown so bleak, it’s much more concise to list the states where the COVID-19 caseload is not ominously surging this week. Particularly heartbreaking for me (I gave up on my own state of California some time ago) are Washington, where it got going before New York, and Wisconsin, where some CD Commoners live – both of which are now surging to new heights, along with most other states, everywhere except the Northeast.

USA as a whole is surging. Eight states are teetering on the edge of getting pulled into the national surge: Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Virginia. Ten Northeast states and DC are recovering from previous heights (with only Maine avoiding a very nasty caseload, so far). The outbreak trajectories of Illinois and Michigan also look to be in this recovering category.

Every other state looks headed for serious trouble, such as running out of hospital beds. I anticipate a high demand for refrigerated trucks, to augment morgues, in 31 states. To start with.

Fauci has taken a look and expressed alarm. He’s told some truth about how this compares to every other country on Earth. Just a little truth is too much for the coward Orangeman.


The courts have long dealt with who to recognize as experts, as non-expert opinion is not admissible in evidence. On the standards they have developed, in no way close would Trump be recognized as a medical expert.

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After 3+ years of Trump, it’s finally occurred to me – Trump is mentally ill. His policies reflect his own personal issues, not the interests of the country, the people, the planet. They aren’t even a rational stoking of his own power – he repeatedly demeans and alienates those he needs to retain it.

This article makes a good point – for all their faults, the founders rejected the idea of being ruled by a king who stood above the law. Yet the US is at a point where the power of the ‘commander-in-chief’ is unassailable. And, of course, many in Washington are happy to stand behind our mad President as long as it gains them power themselves.

I’ve come around to the opinion that sometimes exercise of power that limits my choices is necessary. We all need to be wearing masks to cut the Covid-19 rate in the population.

But acceptance of arbitrary and irrational authority is something different. Trump has been backed in a series of irrational policies, from his wall, to his Muslim ban, to his decimation of environmental rules, to his total hatred of any policy of Obama’s. I mean, this man is sick. And, unfortunately, it’s a reflection of a sick, undemocratic society, that he’s been allowed to run amok to this day.


Psychiatrists think he suffers from a condition called “malignant narcissism” which, if you read up on it, explains a lot of his behavior. It’s worth noting that malignant narcissists are considered to be very dangerous people because of how they have a pathological need to destroy peoples’ lives.


“The Constitution suggests presidents have authority to carry out their charge for the betterment of the lives of the citizens. When expertise is compromised, the presidents authority vanishes.”
eg -ordering the E.P.A. to turn its back on its stated mandate to ‘protect human health and the environment’.”

“Like a feudal estate, a corporation is considered a piece of property- not a human community” - now that ‘human community’ is treated like property by this supremely malignant regime.
“we often heard trump was qualified to be president because he was a successful business man!” government is not instituted to be a business!
The view of government as “business” rather than an uplifting social enterprise is as obtuse as can be - a criminal dedication to vulture capitalism - the true dedication and role of government as protector and voice of the society and people is socialist in essence.

The Constitution and protocol obligates presidents to appoint subordinates with the expertise necessary to help them carry out their obligation to foster the people’s life, liberty, and safety. When they fail to do that they become violator criminals, with trump as supreme example!

"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." - John Adams

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D’Uhmurikuns understand something?   Or at least enough of them to actually DO something??   That’ll be the day!!
(See the following.)

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They’ll be running out of Doctors & Nurses, too.   Please see my post at ~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/warnings-of-possible-cover-up-in-progress-as-trump-orders-hospitals-to-stop-sending-covid-19-data-to-cdc/80135/87?u=unclefester .  (Omitting the tilde, copy and paste the preceding link into your browser’s “address” box.)


Thank you Professor Powers for helping clarify the intuitive knowledge we haven’t quite figured out how to politically loose upon our lands: Cult of Personality Trumps All Politics and Ideologies while taking down Every Doctrine-Shlepping Creature and Cretin slouching toward Bethlehem.

Save for the narcissistically inclined and solipsistically disposed that embody the Ideologically Service-able Zombie Artifact of weaponized Cold War agit-prop Blowback and media meme that yielded to Wall Street and the Feudal Lords of HI FInance\Health\Housing\Infrastructure\Life Sciences\Low Intelligence\National Security State\Space\Solid State\Tech\Telecomm\Transport\Welfare while ideologically meant to be directed at the Commies, who, incidentally also fell to a Cult of Personality in the poisoned poy-son of Stalin, namely the cry of Robber Baron Redeemer and Snake Oil Savior Uncle Miltie Friedman (and his better economist wife Rose Director Friedman) and the Black-White-Gray Propaganda choir of the Chicago Boys front-loaded into The Mighty Wurlitzer: GREED IS GOOD.

If only the barely reconstituted royalist loyalist and most lovable and lazily humane founding father and lifelong scholar of human nature Ben Franklin had been made to confront that aspect of every faith discipline ever concocted or fah-cocted!

When Ol’ Ben Franklin responded to the questioning lady in waiting for suffrage at the Philadelphia Constitutional convention who shouted out her question to him “So what have we got? A monarchy or a republic?” To which BF allegedly replied without missing an electrified beat, “A republic, if you can keep it…”

Like Tom Waits’s narrator in “Step Right Up!” sagely counsels “The large print giveth and the small print taketh away…

Let’s all join the Richie Havens choir and pipe up about NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION----- REMEMBER THAT every time some bank officer, White Collar Criminal With Professional Immunity or bought off pol, rep and Public Servant tells ya "We’re All In This Together" :

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Fauci is also a man of malignant narcissism. He’s a part of big pharma, and you know how big pharma cares about people. To me, it’s not either Trump or Fauci because in my estimation, both are evil for different reasons.

Superstitious beliefs in my opinion are a result of childhood trauma. A need for control trumps emotional intelligence.

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This could be Dr. Fauci’s greatest moment if he gets himself to break free from the Trump administration’s threats to bypass the CDC and falsify covid-19 reports. Do a service to your country, Dr. Fauci! Tell us the truth regardless of any possible backlash from the WH…