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Trump vs. Sanders: A Concise Comparison for Voters (and Why Bernie Wins Hands Down)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/06/trump-vs-sanders-concise-comparison-voters-and-why-bernie-wins-hands-down


Bernie bluntly tells the truth.

And that is what is needed to clear the rot at the bottom of US American self-image, to heal the deep seated sickness of mind, heart and soul.


Sure Bernie wins but he has fight dnc and the trumpster.


Problem is, Trump is the Ringmaster and the complicit media keep their focus on him because, as we know, “it’s good for CB$.”


The problem for the DNC and the pampered, privileged, capitalist liberal establishment, is that Bernie is electable. That is the last thing they want.


Bernie won’t beat Trump and he won’t bring us a Democratic Congress. That’s why Putin supports Sanders. Without a Democratic Congress, a Democratic president is useless.

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Bernie is the best choice hands down. Now to get him to the White House.


Good article, Ralph, well thought out as usual. However, contrasting Bernie to Trump is a futile exercise at the moment. Better to compare Biden to Bernie - the contrasts would be just as stark and there will never be enough ink about Biden’s transgressions because the MSM won’t allow it.


The preferences of Vladimir Putin are immaterial.

The lack of Democracy in the US is a consequence of US plutocracy and the embrace of a Randian/Friedmanesque notion of universal privatization that had led to the commodification of election results.


Support Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Our lives depend on it. Make regular donations and help any way you can. Peace


By “commodification” do you mean election results are a commodity that the Fat Cats buy and sell, or that election results are exhumed from a commode?   (Not that there’s a significant difference.)


Don’t forget the MSM — a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Oligarchy of which the DNC is only a small, though virulent, part . . .


Bernie understands the ice calving and the melting glaciers tipping point of no return.
Bernie understands thinking seven generations.
My 9 year old grandson understands ice calving and the warming of the oceans.
My liberal Democrat friend spend their discretionary funds taking exotic fossil fueled trips to watch the ice melt.


We must all be stewards of the truth.


At this point contrasts between Bernie and Biden are more important, and on a lot of it Biden has more in common with Trump than Sanders. Ralph should have pointed that out, because the Republicans are sure to. There is only ONE choice; it’s either Bernie or “None of the Above” in November, because the establishment has to lose and keep losing when they try and shove a corrupt corporate shill down our throats.


Yeah, but who in this fucked up country listens to Ralph Nader?

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Bernie needs to clarify that he isn’t the kind of socialist that believes in government ownership of the means of production. He could give a thanks for private enterprise and regulated and taxed capitalism.


Comparing Bernie to Trump or Biden is a good start.

Ralph should follow it up with a comparison of Bernie vs. Bernie.

Which Bernie would do better against Trump and/or Biden?

The Bernie that we have now that took a small step to get the big money our of politics with a greater focus on smaller contributions in 2016 and so far this election cycle or the Bernie that makes a commitment now to run a small donor only campaign for the general election?

Small donor only Bernie as the nominee should be able to get at least 3-5% of presidential election cycle voters to contribute an average of 100 dollars in contributions of no more than 200 dollars from any one donor to his general election campaign. This would total 500-800 million dollars to run the campaign.

But this Bernie taking the next and necessary step could inspire some of the non-voters that will not be inspired by the current Bernie to vote in 2020.

Just 1 in 10 of these non-voters in addition to the voters that the current Bernie would get would add 6% of the vote to the votes current Bernie has.

And it is unlikely the voters current Bernie would get and Vote Blue No Matter Who voters would abandon the small donor only Bernie for making that commitment.

This article by Ralph is a small first step similar to current Bernie’s small first step of greater focus on small contributions.

It’s time for Ralph to take the next big step and follow up this article with an article comparing current Bernie to small donor only Bernie and encouraging current Bernie to take the next big step by committing to run a small donor only campaign in the general election now.

It could be too late after the primaries are over.

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“I hope that real love and truth are stronger in the end than any evil or misfortune in the world”
“There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.” Charles Dickens.


Agree, good article but as of the moment, a concise comparison of Biden and Bernie is much needed. It is clear that a lot of voters only get their information from the MSM. A quick and easy comparison of the policies of Biden vs Bernie would be useful for the uninformed, and those whose jobs do not allow for the time to make a critical analysis of the candidates. There may comparison lists out there, but many are created by the DNC, affiliates of the DNC, who love to gloss over differences, and promote Biden.

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