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Trump vs. the Foreign Policy Establishment


Trump vs. the Foreign Policy Establishment

Andrew Bacevich

Every time I read the papers

That old feeling comes on;

We’re waist deep in the Big Muddy

And the big fool says to push on.

I find myself haunted these days by Pete Seeger’s antiwar anthem of 1967, written when it had become evident to Seeger and many others (although not yet to me) that the United States was engaged in an enterprise certain to end in disaster and dishonor. The Big Muddy was Vietnam. The big fool committed to blindly pushing on was President Lyndon Baines Johnson.


Pwesident Twump’s withdrawal of troops—unless it’s a figleaf for replacing them with Erik Prince’s mercenaries, which can’t be ruled out yet—illustrates the old saying that even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then.


The conservative military man Bacevich nails this pretty well. For a deeper left perspective, check this out:



I don’t know Andy; you have an awfully suspicious allegiance to Trump
having the “nation’s interests” at heart–I mean what nation are you
talking about?
Could the CIA possibly be covering its butt about supplying weapons
to ISIS indirectly through its creation, the Free Syrian Army? And maybe
blaming Assad for those gas attacks was their lie too?
Do you really think this president is questioning America’s Military-Industrial
Complex agenda? If so, why the attacks on Venezuela and Nicaragua?
Hoping for better from you in the coming New Year


Whether it was just campaign rhetoric or not,Trump did ask as a candidate the question I raised on my radio show numerous times - “What if we had taken all that blood and treasure we squandered in the Middle East for absolutely nothing positive and had spent it on America, where would we be now?” The deep state murdered the Kennedys and MLK in the 60s and basically took over the country and have been in charge ever since, one stupid, immoral war after another. The media, CNN, ABC,NBC etc. are all owned and controlled by the Deep State, the Big Money Boys, call them what you will. Thus all we get out of the establishment media is their corporate Deep State propaganda on everything. They hate Trump. He wasn’t supposed to win. They were so sure the Hildabeast was going to win they didn’t even bother to rig the voting machines as they will next time if Trump is still around. Is Trump really anti-Fascist NWO? I can’t say for sure but I have never seen such oligarchical hatred directed toward a president. There is so much manipulation of minds and hidden agendas that I suspend my judgement of how sincere Trump actually is as well as recognizing his numerous and gross personality flaws. However, if he is committed to ending the stupid, immoral wars (which even Obama disappointedly seemed to not), then I will at least support this aspect of Trump. Time will tell all. I also support a NWO but not the current fascist NWO envisioned and being implemented by the deep state money bags who constantly inform us that war is peace. I know these opinions will upset a lot of corporate-wi-fried brains but so be it. Gopherit


I agree that Trump is not wrong to talk about ending some of these wars but Bacevich is also misguided to think that Trump is acting out of some kind of “conviction.” He simply yells anything that pops into hai head in his 24/7 campaign to be th center of attention. If anything, he probably dislikes the old wars started by Bush and Obama but would jump at the chance to start his own brand new war, say in Iran or Venezuela.


superb summary of the state of affairs. Only one other president dared to question the military and we know what happened to him. War is where the big money is made. No accountability. Even corrupt Rummy admitted trillions were missing . Mess with the profits and the zionist media will cut you down.


The excellent Falk interview you link from Znet is now republished as the top story today at Counterpunch.


I’m just an effen revolutionary who embarrasses them into doing this. :-)))


To quote: “Yet note the contradiction. In this instance, it’s the big fool who grasps the obvious: Waging war to pacify the Greater Middle East hasn’t worked and won’t. However unwittingly, President Trump has embraced Pete Seeger’s cause as his own.”
This arrogant condescension makes me nauseated. It is part and parcel of the snotty take on Trump that runs from the NYT to NPR to …Mr. Bacevich.
Trump figured all this out long ago back in the days just after the invasion of Iraq when he began to oppose it all and from 2007 on right into the 2016 debates he called that war a war based on “lies” - not faulty intel etc -lies.
Trump not only told the truth but he told it in ways and in venues like cable TV that reached the equally maligned common man and woman, aka the Deplorables.
And he not only delivered that message and got people to vote for it - he became President despite the all out opposition of the mass media and the blind snottiness on display right here by Mr. Bacevich. And Bacevich declares himself intellectually superior to Trump which is what all these “pundits” are doing as they try to bring down an anti-interventionist.
Perhaps if instead, they supported Trump’s stances in a full-throated way we might be out of the Middle East by now and perhaps be discussing a nuclear drawdown with Putin.