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Trump vs. Warren


Trump vs. Warren

Peter Dreier

The president aims to discredit the Bay State Democrat as a possible 2020 rival.

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during a rally against President Donald Trump's proposed tax plan outside the United States Capitol.


From the article. In bad weather when the young Trump had a paper route, Trump delivered newspapers using a chauffeured limo.

Boy, that says it all!


Warren may be best by far, but she doesn’t have the unpredictability, outrageousness, insult laden, nationalistic, fear mongering, war mongering, jingoistic, predatory, racist, elitist, authoritarian, clownish, loudmouth, lying, dictatorial, dangerous appeal and other entertaining qualities we all love.


Thanks Peter, for this chronicle of the Prez’s vendetta against Sen. Warren, and her heritage, be it part Native American or not;, she never traded on it for gain. I read her autobiography and found it engrossing. A Sanders/Warren ticket in 2020 would be so great. Or, a Warren/Sanders ticket…
There are so many of us who would be happy to work hard to see it happen, and take back the WH and Congress for a better future.


I will support her in every way that I possibly can if she runs!


It should be said that DJTrump’s use of the word "Pocahontas"
was meant in no uncertain terms to be insultingly sex-crazed.
Rush Limbaugh made HRC the butt of similarly crude sexist jokes.

Trump and his cabinet end a long session for a hot lunch of pork steak in the break room. Suddenly, Trump begins to choke, sweat and silently plead for someone to administer the Heimlich maneuver. Everyone at the table repeatedly asks, “Do you know the Heimlich maneuver? Do you? Do you?” After no one answers Yes, Melania walks in and says “I know the Heimlich maneuver. But I have an appointment at the beauty parlor now,” then leaves with that Cheshire Cat smile on her face.


Great article. I’ll have to get his latest book.


A lot of interesting tidbits about Trump. I never knew he went to Fordham and never understood how he could have gotten into Penn. Also, it now seems clear he was more or less an average student and not at the top of his class as he has claimed. And his early business success now is more understandable knowing the important role that his father played. Basically Trump is a fraud. The fact that so many Americans would vote for him to be president reveals that his country has much more serious and deeper problems than just about anybody realized. It is really hard to accept that so many Americans reject the basic ideals of their own country and it is these ideals which so many people around the world find to be the most important attribute of the United States. Clearly many Americans want a Christian country, many want a country of all white people excluding Jews, and many want a right wing dictatorship.


I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” in both 2012 and 2016, but “'Beth & Bernie” is a 2020 vision I would definitely support.  Bernie will be pushing 80 before too long, so who will run with incumbent Liz in 2024?

BTW, Pocahontas (not her real name) was a true heroine (at least to us whites) in Virginia’s colonial times, but Tweetle-Dumb is so ignorant he doesn’t realize that, acting as POTUS, he is actually honoring 'Beth Warren by officially recognizing her in his speeches as a modern day heroine in her own right.   And we thought Duh-bya was stupid . . .


If Tweetle-Dumb’s father hadn’t provided him with a lot of money to get started – and a lot more money to hire high-priced crooked lawyers to get him out of trouble – he’d have been in prison for fraud (and maybe for rape) a long, long time ago.


LRX, you and I don’t always agree, but on this I give you credit. One year of Trump in the White House with followers who still strongly support him after in all of his insanity and a Republican party more determined than ever to destroy anyone who gets in their way even to the point of setting them up to die, should be all the proof anyone needs that this country has truly sunk into the cesspool of fascism. There truly is a segment in this country - large enough to get Trump elected - that don’t want democracy.


AMEN!!   A large number of these people are dominionist “christians” who want to do away with our secular constitutional government and replace it with a funny-dementalist theocracy differing from the Muslim theo­cracies of the Middle East only in the name they apply to their god.  IIRC Cruz, DeVos, Moore, Pence, Pruitt, Rubio and Sessions – among many others currently serving in high office, though of varying sub-cults within this movement, are all in agreement with its basic goal of forcing their perverted version of “christianity” (most
of which is diametrically opposite of Christ’s philosophy) down our throats.  If you want to meet some more of them, join AmWay and attend one of their state- or national-level meetings . . .


Even though I have had some issues with Warren, I would easily vote for her should she run in 2020.


It is very difficult to find someone with all those qualities that you mentioned. Fortunately a man named Trump came along to embraced all those qualities and lead us to where we are today, dumbfounded by the evil he is.


I wish all the people the president has attached childish nicknames to would, in their public replies, would refer to him as “Dishonest Don.” That ought to be a Twitter feed, calling out each lie with a truth rebuttal, “Today Dishonest Don said (or Tweated) this but the non fake facts actually are . . .” The Tweater’s handle could be “Factcheck Frank”.


Trump couldn’t win the state he lived in because too many of us knew him for a fraud. He has always been a braggart and liar.
He won by appealing to the racists and fundamentalists, the 1st with open bigotry and the 2nd with his lies about being a christian. But for both he has continued to feed their hate with promises of going after muslims which he has tried to do.


Unfortunately I don’t think that would sway his base at all. They have all drunk too much of the kool-aid that everyone who says something negative or against Trump are the real liars. As for the rest it is like preaching to the choir. Still though sometimes that preaching can reach someone else who otherwise wouldn’t have known how much of a liar Don is.


“…we all love and need to follow blindly as we embrace our sieg heil saluting.”
Pardon my taking liberty with your post that I wish could be a bumper sticker…


Hopefully, it’s not too late to give him that prison cell.


Good point. But man, did my stomach seize up suddenly when you said ‘Amway.’