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Trump Wants Homeland Security to Continue Dirty Work of Voter Suppression


Trump Wants Homeland Security to Continue Dirty Work of Voter Suppression

Brian Tashman

Purging voters is Kobach’s aim.

"Kobach, who gained national notoriety for his relentless efforts to disenfranchise tens of thousands of Kansans, met with Trump before his inauguration and reportedly was a source for the president’s unsubstantiated claim that 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally in the presidential election." (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc)


Kobach already did purge a million or more registered minority voters from the rolls in 2016 to install Trump fraudulently. See GregPalast.com


These kinds of efforts must be stopped. No more partisan gerrymandering, voter roll purges, strict voter ID laws, or voter suppression of any kind should ever be allowed. This is election fraud! These efforts and actions by republicans should be illegal because they deliberatly deprive American citizens of their right to vote and have their votes counted. Any person who is elected because of election fraud should be disqualified and banned from running again for public office. If we do not protect and preserve our right to vote, our democracy is over. If republicans want a strict voter ID system, then they must provide. funding and assistance to every voter who needs financial or other assistance in obtaining the required documentation. This assistance must be provided or else millions of eligible voters will lose their right to vote. No voter ID laws without adequate funding and assistance to voters that will ensure that no eligible voter will lose their rights. We must have a bipartisan system to ensure the rights of every voter. Voters must be given the right to sue if they are prevented from exercising their right to vote in any way. A law must be passed guaranteeing the right to vote for all citizens in every election with no exceptions. Criminal convictions should not deprive a person of their right to vote under any circumstances. If a bipartisan commission or group cannot do this then I guess we will have to get some English speaking people from Switzerland to enforce our voting laws and ensure that everyone gets their right to vote or else the United Nations will have to intervene. Republicans must stop this criminal assault on our right to vote. I, for one will never vote republican ever. Better dead than red (Republican).


It baffles me that more press is not given to the Kobach crosscheck scam and that it has has not alarmed more people. My guess is that we the citizens are being bombarded with such divisive and traumatic events that is becoming impossible to stand up


Actually, Obama suggested this first. A month or so before the election, when it was reported that Russia had tried to hack into a couple of state voter rolls (no doubt this was BS reporting, but whatever), Obama recommended that DHS ought to handle the coming election. DHS agreed, and the then-head of DHS gave a presentation to some group explaining why he and Obama thought DHS should take over the election processes as part of their security responsibilities. Obama did not implement his own suggestion in time for the election, perhaps knowing that the people would object to such Federal overreach. The handling of election procedures, after all, are entirely in the purview of the individual states.

Trump and the Republicans, obviously, agree with Obama that the Feds should take over the job. Kind of a funny position for a bunch of “states’ rights” guys, but the whole country is whack now.


The whole country is whack for sure.


Add one more “K” to the initials of Kris Kobach. What do you get? That’s right, KKK!

I see that Ken Blackwell is still up to his dirty tricks. He is likely responsible for the Bush “victory” in 2004. The Nighthawk never forgets. Remember Ohio?


Nighthawk is right there with you, Pookie! The Republicans have not won an election fairly and honestly since probably 1956. They do not represent the majority! The only way they can win is fraudulently, and by God they’ve done it!


Better yet, the US left needs to join the rest of the world and reclaim this weird appropriation of the color red from the right wing.


Not only is illegal voting not a security problem, it does not exist in the first place. This is just another ploy to support suppression of my sacred Constitutional right to vote. This just reeks of fascism. The fewer people who vote, the better for the ruinous Trump/GOP agenda.