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Trump Wants 'Less Expensive, Far Better' Healthcare. Advocates Say Medicare-for-All is the Answer


Trump Wants 'Less Expensive, Far Better' Healthcare. Advocates Say Medicare-for-All is the Answer

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid the clamor over the pending repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), President-elect Donald Trump may have unintentionally offered his support for a solution typically championed by those on the progressive left: Medicare-for-All.

Weighing in on the partisan battle to uphold and amend or scrap the system known as Obamacare, the incoming president tweeted:


May 2015 Trump
"I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid" he needs to be held to this commitment.


As usual, Bernie, in the last segment of this article, sums it up best.


Join a local group for Single-Payer:



Can't imagine Trump ever doing anything to help people other than himself. Narcissists do not operate any other way. For him to support single payer seems delusional unless it's by default and there is something in it for him financially.

Does anyone here have anything positive to say about (un)ACA?

(other than the pre-existing conditions)

It seems like extortion to me and most people I know can't afford it. I know of several seriously ill people whose friends are organizing fund raisers to cover their medical expenses even though they have "coverage".

The MSM is spinning this potential repeal as if it is a repeal of something positive. Is this collective Stockholm Syndrome at play here?

Please fill me in on what I'm missing . . . . my 2017 premiums now @900 a month with a 5,000 deductible (total 1/3 of my income). Any of the other less costly options via ACA left me with literally no available doctors that would see me.


Take the pledge for Single-Payer:



I'm guessing it would have to be unintentional, because it is doubtful he had actually had anything in mind when our twit-in-chief put this out. Does clueless equate to unintentional, or does it take some actual grain of a thought?


Single payer?

"Never gonna happen!" —Hillary Clinton

And just again today, another Democrat told me how badly we screwed up by not electing Hillary (Free Market) Clinton with her pragmatic, incremental change to a fascist state.


the people I know that like it are mostly single women who get the benefits of the expansion of screening benefits under the ACA.

As I usually point out, it's good that they'll find out more cheaply they have breast cancer. It''ll be bad, however, when they find out that treating will be more expensive than ever.

ACA has some real support, and I accept that it has helped a number of people in some way, particularly those with pre-existing conditions that make enough money to cover deductibles.

But it's terrible law for most.


Sadly, he dropped his call for Single Payer, or Medicare for all, after stuffing his "revolution" into the Clinton campaign.

Nice to see how, safely back in his Senate seat he has ended his self-censorship.


And just today another "leftist" told me that a full fledged leap into fascist hell was preferable to that incrementalism.

And all I was doing was arguing against the right wing jerk Trump.


What you are missing is that people with narcissistic personality disorder do sometimes wise up to stuff that doesn't necessarily counter their feelings of self worth if it enhances their stature. I could see Trump, if overwhelmed with public support for single payer, going for it in order to enhance his stature. Especially if that segment comprised a large part of his base.
I could also see it not happening. Depends on the public reaction.


It is a gateway to single payer.


But few people on this Earth can de-rail something as massive as the Clinton Foundation Political Machine. Trump did it, somehow. Bernie, without billions however, was in a David and Goliath situation from the start and everyone knew it.

As it turns out, had Clinton and the DNC not cheated, Bernie might have still have lost the general election to a cheating Diebold voting machine machination, which is controlled by secret software code which nobody is allowed to examine.

Should we jeer the hero when he falls? We knew the odds were long when he stepped into the voting casino. I say we cut old Bern some slack. True, he phucked up and backed the dead horse under obvious duress from the DNC. Could happen to any one of us. It was a calculated gamble that didn't pay off. Our only consolation is that he's now a somebody with name recognition in what's left of the Democrat Party. Maybe he can make some deals. The Donald likes deals.

So at least we still have an ally in the Senate. And a totally wildcard president, which beats a hand of Clintons or Bushes. Roll the Dice I say. No funding to war-mongering NATO, No cuts to Social Security is where we should place our bets.


I've cut Bernie plenty of slack, but don't cut him slack for that period of self censorship.

Just like I have never cut you any slack for supporting Trump, in ways that you have.


My dear Chicken,

My support of Trump was at the expense of nearly everything I hold dear to avert nuclear holocaust with 8500 Russian nuclear missiles (many of them unstoppable, and under the finger of vodka breath mobile launchers and submarines.)

Did we learn nothing from the Cuban Missile Crisis? Clinton's inflammatory warmongering and Nuland's massing tanks and missiles pointed at Russia last year was the same as the MIC's Jupiter missiles placed on the Russian border in the 1960's. That sick, despicable lawyer Hillary, with no appreciation for the science of fallout, was going to get us all killed, or at the very least destroy another seven countries.

And it was only because Clinton cheated my substantial candidate Bernie Sanders out of the DNC nomination that I was force to support Trump. Don't think I'm happy about where we are. But when the airplane is on fire, you don't consider how you could have prevented it. You deal immediately with the problem in cold, calculated fashion.

Trump is hated by the Conservatives. Speaker Ryan hates him. The bush and clinton crime families hate him. That is the chink in the armor which could deliver us. He will have to become a popular president with the people to survive. We've just got to re-program his terminator brain, that's all!

Deep down, he's a New York Liberal (he was a Dem before 1988.) I believe, as do many conservatives, that Trump was just using the Repukes to get what he wanted: To own every tall building in the world.

Let's face it, as a man who lives in tall buildings, Trump knows the government's 911 story is bullchit. He has said so during the debate with Jeb bush. And he's giving the finger to the Intel Empire who claim "the Russians are Coming! The Russians are coming! Let loose the dogs of war!"

Which is a bare-faced WMD lie again, and we all can smell it. They just want another cold war, and now Obamanation has ordered A TRILLON dollars in nukes to start a new arms race his last few days in office! So I think I can figure out who the peacemakers are on this planet. It's not Obama and it's not Clinton. Therefore, I support President Trump and wish him well.

Yes, we may have to sacrifice our civil liberties to stay alive, but it'll be worth it not to breathe more fallout. We might get the civil liberties back, but we will never get de-contaminated.

That's what I think.



Trump is a sociopath and should not be working with the public at all.


Trump wants to build more nuclear weapons and add them to the stockpile. He's already breathing down Iran, North Korea, and China. All this from someone who got out of the draft during the Viet Nam War. Wonder if daddy bought him a ticket to freedom?


People have been talking about single payer ( in more modern times) since FDR. Truman definitely supported it. We did not have Medicare then, but there was support for a government sponsored health program.


I don't know that he is a sociopath but he definitely suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and should be barred from public service just like the tens of thousands others.