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Trump Wants Socialism for the Rich, Brutal Capitalism for the Rest of Us


Trump Wants Socialism for the Rich, Brutal Capitalism for the Rest of Us

Robert Reich

“America will never be a socialist country,” Donald Trump declared in his State of the Union address. Someone should alert Trump that America is now a hotbed of socialism. But it is socialism for the rich. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism.


Come on Robert! Our political class wants this social contract. Trump only flouts it, while the rest (save those very few “we know don’t”) play smoke and mirrors and language games from which the MSM obfuscate or double down. It’s neoliberal phantasms or fascism to the last breath of late stage capitalism from here on out. .


That photo! I just want to slap the shit-eating grin off scumbag Paul Ryan’s traitorous face.


Capitalism, socialism and combinations thereof can work if there is democracy. Representative government poisons them all.


Genuine, one-person-one vote democracy in a literate population tends to keep in decent check the corruption and excesses of both Smithian human-scale capitalism AND neo-Marxist socialism – as some current-era Scandinavian societies-cum- political economies have discovered.
In these instances, democracy is only “poison” to the excesses.


Robert Reich has said something I’ve not seen or heard before. His observations are also very important. I hope they gain a lot of public attention!


“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”


We need to stop making this all about the rump. He is simply the current face of the Republican Party. They are the ones who want an Ayn Randian future for this country. Once the rump is gone, they will pick another brutal task master in their attempt to get the job done. Bottom line…every time you see ‘Trump says’ or ‘Trump wants to’, replace his name with the Republican Party.


And it’s those darn immigrants who are keeping them from all that wealth!


I don’t reckon these plutocrats will have any interest in Climate Change until their prime real estate beachfront mansions start having indoor pools in their basements. By then it will be too late to do much but bitch about it. Income disparity will grow until there is nothing left to support it.


Trump is the stalking goat for the Righties. He is foolish enough to believe that he is actually doing a splendid job while pandering to wealth and power. This dovetails nicely with the goals of the day’s Republican Party.which is to serve their sponsors and maximise corporate investment returns. The current reductions in environmental efforts is ample proof even without factoring in income disparity. What good is a nation that denigrates its populace into serfdom while swells lord it over the working poor?