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Trump Wants to Cut Energy Dept's Renewables Budget. Big Time


Trump Wants to Cut Energy Dept's Renewables Budget. Big Time.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump administration is weighing putting the Energy Department's budget for its renewable energy and energy efficiency program on the chopping block with a proposal to slash it by 70 percent.

That's according to a draft 2018 budget proposal obtained by Axios.


The only "news’ in this article is that Trump plans to cut renewables only 70% compared to the 100% cuts we were expecting.


This is just one more bad decision in a rash of bad decisions that come daily in a barrage of anti-life proposed legislation. It seems to escape these fools that we all live on the same planet and there isn’t any other place to go after they kill Earth. There just isn’t, stop thinking about Mars or Moon. If humans expect to survive in the near future, say 2-3 centuries, they need to stop dicking around and start solving the climate/poisoning crisis at hand. Time’s running short, yet we have a bunch of rich, ignorant, fools living in the past. Waging needless wars with a military that is the country’s biggest producer of greenhouse gasses followed closely by transportation. I’m encouraged that some states are doing something even if Congress is still mining dollars from the energy giants. Come on Washington, do something, anything!


They will continue kicking the can down the road until it falls over the cliff. Watching the Coyote fall off the cliff while chasing the Roadrunner comes to mind except the climate won’t magically reappear in the next scene, not with humans anyway.


The future is in renewables. China and Europe will kick our ass in renewables.

The control the fossil fuel industry has over your future is economic well-being–not to mention a livable planet–is dooming us to failure.


A big thank you for putting climate/poisoning crisis together in your post.
smdh at the R and Twitler hellstorm, on every front. ugh.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, On our continuing path to Hell we will answer the question of the end of the human population. Fire is the way we will end everything. Ice doesn’t stand a chance with the madmen in charge for the foreseeable future. The nice warm evening blue glow from the nuclear missile strikes all around the globe give Terra an inviting welcome to anyone approaching here. If they came to find intelligent life then they would be disappointed. On the other hand real estate development would be a booming business!!!


Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but industrial wind, as depicted in the photo, is a total bust, a scam from start to finish. We are fighting this like mad right now in our community, likewise are people all over the world. Do your homework and discover that industrial wind is not even the beginning of an approach to any kind of solution to ANYTHING. We need solutions that work!


You are making a pretty big claim with no information. In the 70s when I was a kid I would have never guessed wind would overtake solar in terms of US energy production. I’m still optimistic about solar which is closing the cost gap with wind. Both methods spur the need for better and more energy storage but I sure as heck wouldn’t throw one of these two important sources away.

Make sure you aren’t reading fake news. I’d be happy to debate you if you present a cogent argument.


I used to occasionally hear about electricity being generated by tidal action at seashores. Seems it should, if I’m thinking right, be more dependable than windmills. But no surfing allowed. If any emblance of this electricity intensive civilization is to be survive, every possible means of generating that doesn’t involve fuel burning will have to be put in play.

Solar panels will have to be mass produced and distributed and instllalled for free with stiff fines for not using them. Anything that moves could be used to generate: hamster cages with wheels, rocking chairs with a certain number of rocking hours being mandatory to retain legal access to the power stored in the new batteries that will have to be invented and become quickly widely available.

Nighttime lighting may not continue to be practical and, until the new clean technologies can supply enough, daytime only activities will all that will be allowed. We will all have to relearn to entertain ourselves sitting around in the evening telling each other stores of what life was once like during the long gone days of old during the Age of Available Energy.


Look on the bright side. “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Mom said that often. My bother and sister and I were raised barefoot wild on a dirt road so single mom could go to town and work.

We humans will stand free without the federal business welfare system that forces people into dependency and saps their will to work honestly.

We are cosmic powered biology manifest as human and our roots are almost fourteen billion years old. The US is a tantrum stricken logic contortion just a little over 200 years old.

The rule of autonomous democracy on this is zero subsidies for anything. Austeritizers will cut cosmic powered biology free until we notice them naught.

Rejoice in freedom from distortion by central power graft. Cosmic powered biology manifest as human will take care of itself. Thank you.


You better not tell that to dominion people’s gas, who are putting up turbines in the allegheny mountains as quickly as they can be delivered.
And wind and solar are the future, and it’s here, as the gas fields of the eastern US are nearly exhausted. Nobody thought renewables would catch on as quickly as they did. Their market share is expanding daily, and the price of the remaining fossil fuels continues to flounder.


No worries, Europe, China, Canada, and the US are all on board with wind energy, and soon the whole planet itself will be with wind energy, with Denmark currently meeting 40% of its energy demands with wind alone. Furthermore, solar houses, and solar farms, etc., geothermal, hydro (waves, and tidal), and wait for it, rain, and bio-energy are all happening as well, with new renewables also on the horizon. As soon as we can rid the world of the fossil fuel, and nuke energy dinosaurs, the better for future generations of life itself, and this blue, green planet.


Exxon and the other oil companies have paid good money for Trump to provide this service.

Follow the money.


The entire amount allotted to the Energy Dept., even last year, only add up to the cost of a few F-35 Fighter Jets, as it is.


Not to pick nits, but wind energy is solar energy. Ocean-based wave energy is composed of both wind-based and lunar tidal components. We desperately need to get these facts into the discussion. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention that hydropower is solar energy. Let’s add biomass and fossil (not renewable, of course) fuels to the list. Nuclear energy (somewhat renewable) comes from elements fused in other stars. If we could shoot the dumbass right-wing nut jobs into the sun, perhaps we could prolong life on earth.


Donald Trump is stealing the silverware on the Titanic.




The Population Bomb – ignore it and die.


Our boy continues to suck up to the Russian gas station economy. By destroying renewables at home, he kills the economy, pollutes the planet, and endangers our health (while cutting health care and outsourcing jobs). What a ‘deal’!


Need to work at the state, local, corporate and individual levels. Swirch to providers that have a renewable portfolio like Green Mountain Energy and Arcadia Power. Go solar and buy an electric vehicle if you can afford it. Change your older less efficient appliances and ac units for newer and more efficient ones. Promote divestment in your pension funds and faith communities and universities. Is it 2020 yet?