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Trump Wants to Give 62 Cents of Every Dollar to the Military. That's Immoral

Trump Wants to Give 62 Cents of Every Dollar to the Military. That's Immoral

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Rev Dr Liz Theoharis

Donald Trump recently unleashed his dark vision for our nation and our world, in the form of his budget request to Congress.

A budget shows our values more clearly than any tweet, campaign speech or political slogan. It’s what marries detailed, dollar-and-cents policy decisions to deeper political—and moral—priorities.


Trump and the GOP are simply behaving like dictators and tyrants have throughout history.


Rump is trying to buy the military’s loyalty for the day when he has to call them into action to suppress the people who are going to protest his intention to install himself as a dictator-for-life in order to avoid prosecution for his many crimes once he should be voted out of office in the next elections.

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Of the various ways to interpret this unavoidable insult to the overwhelming majority of us, one is the irony of what the militarization of our society actually represents.

We’re all aware of the knee jerk support for all things military in everyday life in this country, with the relentless theme that it serves to keep us safe from the ever present threat of terror, somewhere, really everywhere, out there.

While the reality is that the threat, as this piece and the one by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas JS Davies, point out is the theft of our socioeconomic vitality as a nation by the very sham protectors of our alleged freedom from an outside terror source.

Military spending is just an overly sophisticated means of laundering money, from the national treasury to those who profit from all that, in reality, it truly represents . . . waste and destruction, pain, suffering, and ultimately death, in all its forms.

And let’s revive the heart and soul of our nation.



The US Fourth Reich continues its slide into madness. The damn republicans and some democraps killed the Yemen bill again, Trump demands that Russia leaves Venezuela, US continues sales of nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia, israhell murders another medic and it’s still flooding toxins and decaying dead livestock in the Midwest. We are being run by a bunch of religious end of times imbeciles safe from any form of retribution of anyone.


See what support of the Duopoly has come to?

Anyone here want to bet their life savings, and their children’s futures, that just enough Democrats won’t give their votes to pass this budget from Hell?

I’ll choose the life thereafter before I live to see that scenario.

My father didn’t fight the Nazis in Europe to allow another Hitler to exist here at home.

"Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death."
~Patrick Henry~


The Dems offered a counter that was still in increase to the already bloated war machine. Every single Dem voted to pass the last Pentagon increase.
It is a disgusting, shameful game.


And in 2020, I bet 95 to 97% will vote for the Duopoly.

We have achieved insanity.

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No kidding Sherlock!

It’s because of profits and big oil period.

I think they will all support this budget- except for Bernie.

It may be obscene, insane, immoral and devastating to our nation’s fiscal wellbeing, but don’t be surprised if the D’s don’t up the ante. Just as Bill Clinton & other “New Dem” neolib-neocon hucksters wanted to show they were tough on crime, most of the D establishment now wants to show who’s REALLY the tough guy in terms of militarism.

Oh please, Chuckie and Nancy, prove me wrong!

The 95% will vote for the candidate they think might be 1% better than the other one.

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Actually, the authors are talking about the discretionary budget only. The total budget is $4.4T (on $3.4T receipts, which is bad as it is).

$637B are for defense 14%
$2.2T are for SS, medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare subsidies 49%

You know, not everybody is an ex Bronx bartender. Some people more or less know what discretionary and mandatory spending is, top of the line models also know what a percentage is, but unfortunately those are getting few and far between.

Here’s the real thing:

As we all sit in our homes and watch 2 of the 3 branches of government, the Department of Justice, and the Executive branch, conspire daily to cover-up the criminality of this president, we, at least those of us who possess a sense of moral and ethical behavior, struggle to understand how in our nation of laws, this could happen.

Simply stated, it happens because we keep voting for the same two corrupt political parties to remain in power.

Our children and future generations deserve better.

We who have been taken hostage by those who continually put these ethically and morally deficient politicians in positions of power, deserve better.

Unfortunately our nation most likely must wait for these evil enablers to die off, before more sophisticated humans who understand the real consequences of enabling evil to permeate our halls of government, can choose good over evil.


Social security was already paid for by the workers. That the US Government took these funds and replaced with IOUs does not change that fact.

Your spin is like some garage taking 100$$ from a Customer in exhange for a new battery , putting the 100 dollars in their pockets and then claiming the there was 200$$ in spending , 100 dollars spent by the Customer and 100$$ worth of value for the battery.

Actually it’s more like the garage taking $100, using $50 to fix another customer’s car, $10 to pay off the garage’s debt and using the rest $40 to fix his car.

My point is the govt got $3.4T from the taxpayer, not $1T.

pequeño naranja

Trump, I think, is gearing up for a next world war. It’s kind of ovbious what with the spreading of hate, palling with previous hated advisaries, and his obvious delusions of grandure. He needs to be halted at every turn so as not to lead us and the rest of the world into devestation.

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