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Trump Wants to Give 62 Cents of Every Dollar to the Military. That's Immoral

There is no justification for the size and scope of the US military mission. We could have world peace tomorrow if there was the will.

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I don’t think you read my post clearly.
We are on the same page.
I voted Green…

Immoral? Insane, Suicidal and Sick beyond comprehension

Problem is that I have zero hope that the current Democratic “leadership” would change it one cent.
Everyone in the Uniparty “leadership” takes bribes from the same corporations and Oligarchs.
There are only a few outliers in the Democratic rank and file.

Commendable proposal, but what that egregious, military budget to protect the vested interests and world wide economic, hubris and hegemony of the Amerikan, empire BY USING BOGUS ENEMIES! Should tell everyone is: NO CHANCE!

I’ve paid more into SS than I will ever receive from it and ObamaCare was a giveaway to the insurance companies.Trump and his neocons want to seize SS funds for the banksters.

The Republicans in Congress and the Republicans in the Democratic Party along with their brothers and sisters in the MSM will continue to tell us that the Green New Deal and the forthcoming Socialism will cost more than we can afford. That would be a correct statement if you were going to fund the GND the way the Republicans and Democrats would hope you would, by new taxes on anything to do with the GND. Of course, we could fund the GND the way the Republicans and Democrats would go about funding it, if it were one of their pet projects. There is a Military Aircraft known as the F-35 which is way over cost, so we take the money which the Congress has appropriated to cover the cost overruns and apply it to the GND, and we do the same with other War Department and Department of Homeland Insecurity Cost Overruns. Last, but not least, peruse the US Navies budget. The Navy has some new ships with weapons systems that cost so much that the Navy had to stop buying munitions for the ships because they are too expensive for the Navy to support the ship if it went on line!

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Totally agree that this is immoral and was disgusted by the military’s arrogance with their parade. Disgusting to act as though this is 1930’s Germany and we are supposed to be as anti freedom as them