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Trump Wants to Reframe the Census to Fit His Definition of America, Not Protect Americans


Trump Wants to Reframe the Census to Fit His Definition of America, Not Protect Americans

Michelle Chen

The purpose of an accurate census count is to help the government understand the people for whom it is responsible — full stop. A fully inclusive census is vital for informing policy-making, whether determining how many roadways are required for a region’s population, monitoring local public health trends or ensuring our tax dollars are fairly allocated to school districts.


[White] America First! slogans may work as dog whistles, but fail under the simple omission of the indigenous peoples of the past and the immigrants of the present and future. Dinosaur Donnie, your time is up; do let the [cell] door slap you in the face as it locks shut.


Easy solution: Don’t answer the question. Better yet don’t participate at all in something you consider an invasion of privacy.


The plan to add citizenship question to census forms isn’t just Trump’s for an all-white America, it’s the Republicans’ plan to suppress the count–Undercounting will hurt the largest, most populous areas of states like California and New York, affecting not only voting in congressional districts but allocation of federal funds to those regions–The Republicans are desperate to hang on to their minority rule through gerrymandering and the census is an integral part of that plan.


I think it’s possible ICE will be coordinating the census takers, ready to move in when a “no” answer is given to the citizenship question. In response to this, follow Giovanna-Lepore’s advice to non-citizens and naturalized citizens, and answer yes. Those of us who are natural born citizens, should refuse to answer the question.


Americans’ ignorance of immigration issues is mind boggling.

You know that a non citizen can also be a legal permanent resident, a temporary worker on visa, a foreign student or an illegal alien. The only one that has to get out is the illegal alien. Others are perfectly fine.


You want to call me ignorant, fair enough. With the tactics ICE has used lately, I stand by my post.


Just as the GOP’s recent inequality exacerbation act disguised as tax reform screws taxpayers in blue states more than it screws taxpayers in red states, the immigrant question and other manipulation of the census (that started decades ago) will screw blue states more than it screws red states.

The 1% are the only winners when it comes to GOP legislation and other action…the 99% gets screwed every time.


Yes, but when it comes to screwing the red states alway have their first cousins to fall back on. Even smart dog breeders use more caution that your typical Conservative/Trumpster voter in a Red State.


The census is used to apportion representatives. We must know who is legal and who is not because representation of illegals is not legitimate.

If you’re supporting illegals with full intent, then the problems which come from asking on the census are problems chosen by your political ideals, they’re not someone else’s issue.

ALL actual citizens deserve a govt which is representative of actual citizens, not biased by the illegal presence of non citizens. The lefts deliberate blurring of legal definitions so as to undermine rule of law in favor of illegals is on full display in this article, which intentionally evades the notion that “Americans” with respect to law, are legal American citizens as well they should be.


When your policies are flawed and backwards, setting them straight federally will impact you more, yes. Choose to not have those policies, then you’re choosing not to harm yourselves with abusive taxation or defending illegals.

The 99% isn’t getting ‘screwed’ by having their taxes lowered, even for a short time.

I suppose you could make the case for screwage because social spending is not cut enough to get a balanced budget thus cut results go on the tab, but that’s a slightly different angle than claiming people who are net tax payers, are ‘screwed’ because they’re taking home more money from their own work. Even for a limited time, which was a way to pass it. We can push for it permanent later.


Not really calling you ignorant in particular. It is most Americans that have no idea how their immigration system works.

And the ICE is not that bad, I was on work visa for a few years, crossed US border several times, both land an air, never had an issue. Then i got a got green card then became a US citizen. Not really much to it if you do it the right way. Most people i know did it. A lot of the ones you see whining just think they are better then everyone else and laws don’t apply to them.


Congratulations on becoming a US citizen (sorry it doesn’t mean as much these days). Unless you had you’re interactions with ICE under this administration, it’s not the same as what people are dealing with today.


Congrats on following the process and welcome. I may argue against your ideals or arguments, but I applaud entering the nation legally and following the process. That’s all I and everyone I know, asks.


Every town uses the census data when it comes to planning and other functions. Trump’s order could really mess things up really badly in states like Texas and California where there are large numbers of undocumented immigrants. The children of undocumented immigrants attend public school so the school districts need pretty accurate counts of how many children live in the district. The goal of Trump is to disrupt. This is one more way in which he carrying working toward his goal.


Unfortunately when it comes to invasion of privacy in the U.S. you are considered guilty until proven innocent, after all if you are innocent than you have nothing to hide right?


possible? that’s the main goal to give ICE easier access to their victims. I will refuse to answer that question even tho I am a natural born citizen of this country,


from my dictionary. census: an official count of the people of a country or district, including age, sex, employment, etc. It does not list citizenship!