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Trump Wants to Sell Our Water to Wall Street


Trump Wants to Sell Our Water to Wall Street

Mary Grant

Trump has announced the details of his infrastructure plan, and it paints a frightening picture. At best, it’s a money-making scam. At its worst, it endangers our families, communities and the planet.

Here are five reasons we need Congress to stop Trump’s dangerous infrastructure scam:

1. Trump’s Scheme is a Wall Street Giveaway


Dear Ms Grant, would you kindly change the headline of your article to reflect the real truth about who is up to what as regards water theft?
Its Trump AND the RepubliCons and the greedy oligarchs.


The Artifice of the Steal


It’s been very obvious that privatization schemes with water, roads and bridges, rebuilding infrastructure, and other necessities our country and citizens need, would become rampant with the passage of the trillion dollar tax giveaway to the 1%. With all this tax cut money being shifted out of the Federal budget into the banks of the wealthy, it would make sense that they could invest it into funding infrastructure needs which would give them a perpetual income stream until the end of time, while the 99% will forever pay at whatever the market will bear.


How about “Wall Street’s owners want Trump to give them OUR water!” instead?

I seriously doubt that Tweetle-Dumb has given any thought to this at all — he’s just a stooge of the M-IC and Multi-NaZional Korporations.  His primary role is to keep us distracted with tweets and chaos whilst they go about their business of stealing The Commons from the rest of us.  And it’s not just the RePoopLickens, either — the DamnocRats are just as guilty when it comes to turning over control of our lives to the oil-o-garchs and pollute-o-crats.   About the only difference between the RNC and DNC is that when it comes to social issues the former lean rather more toward theocracy and the latter are slightly more secular.  Insofar as economics
is concerned, both parties bow down in obeisance to the Fat Cats who own them.


Check out:



Privatization of the public interest is fascist corporatism, business as usual.


The statement that “water is a human right” is erroneous; and naive. The United States and 40 other countries abstained from the U.N. vote to recognize access to water as a human right.

In the U.S., a citizen’s’ right to water is dependent on the state constitution where that citizen resides. If a particular state constitution indicates that water is held in trust for the public, as it is in Vermont, then there’s the possibility that state’s legislature could legislate protection for groundwater as well as surface water, as Vermont has done. Otherwise, it’s doubtful a state can fully protect its water supplies, especially groundwater, from the corporate vultures, especially if the corporate vultures are contributing to legislators’ campaign coffers.


Why Not? Hillary and Obama sold quite a bit of our uranium to a Russian company.