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Trump Wants to Slash Medical Research Funding to Help Pay for Border Wall


Trump Wants to Slash Medical Research Funding to Help Pay for Border Wall

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Lawmakers, scientists, and advocacy groups are decrying President Donald Trump's proposed cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), saying they represent another broken campaign promise and a "heartless" attack on critical medical research.


The only walls I want to see are the ones incarcerating this demagogue underground until he is dust.


Unemployment goes up. Scientists, the cream of the crop, will find employment and opportunities galore overseas. Our health will suffer, our future will be compromised. Meanwhile, a small group of slack-jawed drooling morons will celebrate that there is a big friggin wall between us and the rest of the world. And we are letting this happen.


These people are not just mean and cruel but stupid too!


Maybe for the era in which we are headed we don't need any more medical science or technology advancements. We already have too many people and the only technological advancements we need at this point are those that will help to roll back global warming. Make health care administered by death panels irrespective of wealth and stop developing any technologies that don't so something to ameliorate global warming. There is plenty of time to do all of that after we have stopped civilizational collapse.


It is strange how a country that has prospered handsomely from its investment in the sciences can so quickly turn its back on an obvious success. This short sighted move will only benefit countries which are now increasing research investment to court those that are movable from Trumplandia.


As if there was a future in going backwards.


My dream of poetic justice would be The Donald on his sick bed and having the doctors tell him that they had been on the verge of completing work on a chemotherapeutic treatment that would have cured him but during his presidency funding was cut and we couldn't compete the necessary reaearch. Too bad because treatment would have not only cured him but would have relieved that excruciating pain he has been experiencing.


Cutting medical research fits with not providing guaranteed universal health care to the people. What good will all the research be if millions of people can't afford the care they heed?


On purpose. Trump and the upper echelon of the Republican Party, want to make the US weak and ineffective because they see great potential in outlandish profits, The privacy bill is a great example.


Is Trump saying that the National Institutes of Health are Mexico? He did say he would make Mexico pay for his stupid vanity wall.


Does the "other agencies" include the reprehensible programs run by our illustrious military under the guise of medical research? See the Presidential Commission for Bioethics meetings reports.


"Medical research" is often as not a giveaway to big pharma. Big pharma laid their bets on Hillary, and the Republicans kind of want to punish all renegade billionaire industries now until they come around and dish the kickbacks bilaterally or better.

Actual, for real medical research would be outcomes-based, not patentable biochemical-based. Outcomes-based research means that people would live longer, healthier lives. We can't have any of that around here!

In any case, all solar research money whatsoever is cut. The only energy research money left would be for nuclear and clean coal. If some lone maker, er, small entity (by definition, just under 500 employees is a small entity) can just scrub all of the black spots off of coal, that should do the trick.

Hey makers! Hack the fossil fuel industry into a museum! I can help!


My dream is similar- but it involves medieval medical treatments like draining his blood by using leaches to "balance his humours" because we don't need to advance our medical knowledge..... and no handwash sinks because we don't need stupid gov't regulations increasing the cost of healthcare. Let's see how he likes that.


I'm willing to bet research funding for DARPA won't be cut. In fact, it will probably be increased.


The Dark Ages 2.0 - the conservatives' plan for the future of humanity.

What's rump's plan here? To kill off americans by denying health care, then build a wall to keep latino immigrants from working the jobs those dead americans would have held? Who's going to actually be working those jobs? Who will be left? Is rump lining up a nice custodial job cleaning toilets for his sons? I don't think rump has thought this through. I don't think rump has done much thinking about anything- ever. Or is rump's plan to decrease unemployment by killing off the poor? Since ethics is a vulgar word to rump, I'm sure that's exactly his plan taking notice of how well that worked for labor during the Bubonic Plagues. Dark Ages 2.0 here we come.


Yes, for sure. I heard someone say something about mistakes trump is making. They may be labeled as such but they are not accidents, they are planned.
As Naomi Klein stated with the title of one of her books. "Disaster Capitalism"


If all these cuts are made, does that mean I get a refund on tax dollars going to support these projects? (I know taxes service the national debt)


Our future is already seriously compromised.


This presidency is like a soap opera. What's going on in the world they are distracting from our attention?