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Trump Wants to Steal 800,000 Immigrant Dreams


Trump Wants to Steal 800,000 Immigrant Dreams


My name is Gerardo. I am a proud undocumented immigrant and a grassroots leader at Colorado People’s Action (COPA), where we fight for racial justice in our state and nationwide.

I want you to know my story.

I am one of the recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that protects hundreds of thousands of people from deportation who, like me, who arrived in this country as children.


The Sunday LA Times had a front page article about how workers in the LA factories are making about $6 hr making garments for companies Forever 21, TJ Max and Marshalls. A few weeks ago USA Today had an article about how truckers transporting cargo from LA and Long Beach ports to stores like Costco and other large retailers are paid as contractors and make little after paying all kinds of fees.

We are told that we are in a 4% employment economy,yet wages stay stagnant ,and employers seem to have the upper hand.

The corporate media has been pushing a story of dreamers—they are all great people—around 20----they all came here when they were two or three years old–they all want to go to collage. Anything strange about this narrative?How did so many of these kids come here—

The corporate media create a narrative that serves their interest. The corporate media also create a narrative that divides America. And the corporate media create a narrative that serves both political parties.

How about the US stop the flow of GUNS to Mexico and playing a major role in destabilizing Mexico and South America. Or is this counter to corporate interests.

The best economic and security policy for the common people of the US is a economically strong Mexico and South America.


800,000 Immigrant Dreams
Correction 800,000 Illegal Alien Dreams
Ever think about those who waited to try to immigrate legally ??? (IDIOTS)


So, it’s wrong for parents to want their children to have a better life, and more opportunity if they’re poor and cannot immigrate legally?


“These dreamers are teachers,engineers, lawyers and have served in the military” so maybe it might be good for these leaders to return to their country of origin and improve these countries?

Obama criticized Trumps move today----But Obama used the immigration issue to get elected in 09 and failed to follow through on immigration reform. And Obama set these “dreamers” up----because now they are documented.


I agree with your last two sentences, but it seems that many people opposed to or ‘suspicious’ of DACA extend its purpose from supporting the arrival of parents with young children fleeing the drug cartels and economic insecurity much of. which is caused by nafta, the war on drugs, and Mexican oligarchs, to a nefarious scheme for people to flood this country with unproductivity and reliance on gov programs. We need to both end the incentive for violent drug-based economic trade through our federal drug laws and welcome immmigrants with open arms. ‘God’ knows we need new ideas, especially from people perhaps with a less western programming.


rump is once again playing to his base of deplorables. He will tell them, see, I wanted to end DACA and ship all those nasty immigrants out for good, but that damn congress passed a law to keep them here. Be mad at THEM, not me!


Illegal aliens Immigrants steal 800,000 USA jobs.
… but they keep wages down, so that’s why our rulers permitted this.


Democrats and the corporate media have come out strong in support of DACA along with the likes of Amazon? Yet these same democrats and corporate media are all silent about healthcare for all, raising the minimum wage to a livable wage, and a war the US supports in Yemen-killing thousands of innocent people.

Whats interesting to watch is that Trumps move on this was the correct move-----Congress needs to come together and fix immigration-----not use it as a political football. And again all over the “news” I could see democrats and republicans using immigration for political sport. Trump was elected because people have given up on these political hacks-----what’s amazing is democrats and republicans don’t grasp the anger in this country. I see this anger everyday. Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi work for different competing corporate interests-----and the American people are left in the dust.